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16 Days post iui no period negative test


I am 16 days post iui I was inseminated on the 21st my flo app says my period should start today and usually my app is right on point. I took one of those strip tests and got a BFN this morning its now almost 4pm and still no period this may be tmi but ever since my insemination i have had no discharge at all but recently i would say for the past 2-3 days i have been getting just a tiny bit of discharge besides my discharge change i have had 3 vivid dreams since my insemination I mention that because i usually never dream, i do have PMS symptoms but it is all just so confusing. Does any one have any advice or this sounds familiar , could I be pregnant ?
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Hi there, so how did this turn out? Were you pregnant? I do think there can be a slight delay for when you pick up pregnancy on  test. Enough hormone has to be circulating to do so so yes, you could have still been pregnant. Let me know what happened though!
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