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1ww after IUI, progesterone levels and slight vaginal shooting pains

My Dh and I spent 2 years on clomid roughly 9 years ago without any luck of becoming pregnant. Had a few surgeries and LOTs of tests to see if they can find a problem with either of us.  We both received a clean bill of health.  We decided maybe adption was the best avenue for parenthood.  

I qualified for an infertility clinical trial 4 months ago which covers ALL fertility treatments with an IUI for 4 cycles.  We are on our 3rd of 4 allowed attempts with a "fertility drug (pill form)" plus trigger. Unfortunately first & second attempts didnt work.  
I just had my ultrasound and blood draw 1 week after IUI, my progestrone is 28.9. I showed debris from two collapsed follies.  Any corelation of progesterone levels and pregancy??

I'm also having some vaginal sharp, by very tollerable pains today out of the blue.  Sigh.... Could I finally be pregnant finally?

cycle 1 - 50 mg of mystery drug, 1 follie, progesterone 1 week after IUI 15.9 BFN
cycle 2 - 50 mg of mystery drug, 2 follies, progesterone 1week after IUI 29.7 BFN
cycle 3- 75 mg of mystery drug, 2 follies, progesterone 1 week after IUI 28.9 ??

I'm told to "stay hopeful" pppppfffff
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I am also in 2ww after IUI , I have 7 days to wait util blood test. My proget was drawn today at 29. What this tells is that your progest is high enough to sustain a pregnancy. They typically like to see it over 20. Best of luck to you as I know I worry too! :) We will both get our BFP!! Not to worry.
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I really hope so too! I have six more days to go before the blood pregnancy test. Fingers crossed! I'm trying to stay positive and relaxed....but its hard knowing we only have one more chance if this one doesn't work.
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It was a very random event...a friend mentioned in passing that another friend had gotten pregnant in a trial. He and his wife decided not to have children after trying for a few years. He just happened to have kept the contract info. It took us two months to go through all the tests to get in. They're giving you one of three of the most popular fertility drugs to see which has the fewer occurrences of multiples. I think five states are in it.
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Hi Progesterone  levels have no correlation to being pregnant or not, all the indicate is that you did ovulate.

Hope this is your month.  It can take a few attempts to get pregnant with IUI.  Really hoping this cycle worked for you.
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Sounds very promising!!!!!! how did you find out about the infertility clinical trial for 4 months? been marrid 11yrs trying for 6yrs considering adoption also.
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