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2 WW only one embie survived the thaw.

So I went for my FET yesterday so excited, We thought maybe out of 7 we would at least have 4, but on the way to the transfer my RE nurse called to tell me we only had one....talk about bursting our bubble...we cried! I hear it in my head, your 44 and you shouldn't have wasted our money and said forget about having another baby!  I really thought we should cancel it and save our money. The RE on call sat us down and told me the embryo was a beautiful 9a fair she said if this one survived all this than why not give it a chance.Please pray for us...this is our last try, we're out of money. I only hope I can get through this 2 ww.
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Remember that it only takes one... one perfect little embie to make one beautiful little baby. Lots of prayers for strength to get through these next two weeks. Baby dust to you!
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Thank you....I keep telling myself that!  
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That little embryo is a fighter! : )  Look at it that way.  It was strong enough to survive the thaw... it will be strong enough to implant and reward your efforts with a wonderful healthy baby!
Keep the Faith!!!!!  
We're all here praying for you! Remember that!!!
Relax, take it easy, and let that lil one implant : )

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Thanks Mel...I'm trying to keep the faith....I'm praying for my little fighter!
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Have faith, trust in God.

It only takes one and sound like this one is striving to live. Now take care of yourself, rest so that the little embie can stick.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am praying for you... the little one is a fighter and survived the thawing process... I pray when we do our FET in september ours thaw well, we only have 2 and for us this too maybe the last chance.

Stay strong.
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Please try to relax. I did 3 fresh cycle IVFs and never got pregnant, but our first FET I got pregnant and my son is 2 now. All you really need is one strong embryo and you have it. Try not to stress too much about it. Hopefully you will be posting your BFP soon. Good luck.
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I am so lucky I have all of you, together we have strength and hope!
Love Melanie
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I will pray for you, too. Good luck and try to relax (I know, easier said than done)...
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I will be praying hard for your strong little bean! Sending tons of super super super sticky baby dust! :)
Big hugs,
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i am praying for u..it really only takes one!
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praying for you and your little embie!!
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Good luck Melanie, I will be praying for you...this embie made it for a reason!  I will be thinking of you as you go through the 2ww...
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