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2 Week Wait Pal - Audrey, LJ, Deb, Nikki, Toni, Amy NEW POST

Girls we have to, yet again start a new thread.
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well im not in my 2ww yet i think i will o tommorrow beacuse my opk gets
darker everyday.i started taking fertility blend for women this month.thought
i would try something different!!!so i dont know if the pills are making my
cycle longer.one thing i do know is that i have had ewcw for the last 4 days
now which i never had before.so the pills are helping in that way.i will let
everyone know how it turns out.i wish everyone lots of bfp this time!!!  
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Hi Nicki. How are you doing? My levels were 15440 today and I am going back on Friday to re-test. It was supposed to be tuesday, but I don't want to wait all weekend to find out if they are dropping or rising.
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Nicki don't worry. Just because what's happening to me doesn't mean it will happen to you too. Actually if you go by your retreival dates you will be 7weeks on sunday not friday. Keep that in mind when you go for your u/s. I am sure everything will be fine. As for me I have some brown spotting and feel very nauseaus. Don't know if I should go to work or the hospital. I just told my boss yesterday what I was going through, funny thing is that I felt great afterwork yesterday. I am very scared, don't want to tell DH.
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LJ- well the fact that your nauseous is a good sign.  And spotting early on is also normal.  I would stay home from work.  Stay home and try to relax. You must be going crazy.  I'm so sorry sweetie.  I'm glad you're going back tomorrow to see the levels.  I have faith.  And I'm keeping the faith strong for you!

And I get so confused with how far along I am.  If I go by the day of my last period - it was March 30 so it would make Friday 7 weeks.  If I go by my ER then I'm only 5 weeks on Sunday.  By ET date 5 weeks on Wednesday.  How do they calculate?  I thought it goes back to the day of your last period?  I always think to myself how many days old they are and I count that to the day of my ER which would make them 5 weeks old on Sunday.  

Thanks for trying to put my mind at ease.  I know it doesn't mean it will happen to me too.  I just thought I would enjoy this more.  And I just can't seem to.  I'm be checking in on you all day.  Let me know if you need anything.
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Hi girls,

Still praying for you sweetie!  I am so sorry that you are going through this right now.  Please keep the faith as I am keeping it for you too.  Please let us know when you can.  I am taking the day off tomorrow, so I will be checking for your post all day.  Here for you!!  XOXO

I know it must be difficult not to worry, hon, but I agree with LJ, you will be fine.  Hang in there!!  Countdown to Monday!!

I really need your prayers. They have asked DH and I to be foster parents for the 16 yr. old pregnant girl from church (Maria) I was telling you about.  We need to find out if we can do it since she is here illegally. So strange that the day I found out about my BFN was the day they called me to ask if we would be interested in meeting this girl.  
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Wow Audrey. That is really something.  Wow.  That's a big decision for you and DH.  So I guess that would mean you would help the 16 year old and the baby, eventually when he/she is born??  You spoke of her a few posts ago right. You said she wants to keep the baby?  Since she is here illegally I don't know how that will work.  I can't imagine the state would help with support but like I said, I don't know.  That is big.  Huge.  You think and pray on it.  I'll pray for you too.  And there is some irony about the same day as the BFN.
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