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2 Week Wait Pal - Audrey, LJ, Deb, Nikki, Toni, Amy NEW POST

Girls we have to, yet again start a new thread.
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well im not in my 2ww yet i think i will o tommorrow beacuse my opk gets
darker everyday.i started taking fertility blend for women this month.thought
i would try something different!!!so i dont know if the pills are making my
cycle longer.one thing i do know is that i have had ewcw for the last 4 days
now which i never had before.so the pills are helping in that way.i will let
everyone know how it turns out.i wish everyone lots of bfp this time!!!  
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Hi Nicki. How are you doing? My levels were 15440 today and I am going back on Friday to re-test. It was supposed to be tuesday, but I don't want to wait all weekend to find out if they are dropping or rising.
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Nicki don't worry. Just because what's happening to me doesn't mean it will happen to you too. Actually if you go by your retreival dates you will be 7weeks on sunday not friday. Keep that in mind when you go for your u/s. I am sure everything will be fine. As for me I have some brown spotting and feel very nauseaus. Don't know if I should go to work or the hospital. I just told my boss yesterday what I was going through, funny thing is that I felt great afterwork yesterday. I am very scared, don't want to tell DH.
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LJ- well the fact that your nauseous is a good sign.  And spotting early on is also normal.  I would stay home from work.  Stay home and try to relax. You must be going crazy.  I'm so sorry sweetie.  I'm glad you're going back tomorrow to see the levels.  I have faith.  And I'm keeping the faith strong for you!

And I get so confused with how far along I am.  If I go by the day of my last period - it was March 30 so it would make Friday 7 weeks.  If I go by my ER then I'm only 5 weeks on Sunday.  By ET date 5 weeks on Wednesday.  How do they calculate?  I thought it goes back to the day of your last period?  I always think to myself how many days old they are and I count that to the day of my ER which would make them 5 weeks old on Sunday.  

Thanks for trying to put my mind at ease.  I know it doesn't mean it will happen to me too.  I just thought I would enjoy this more.  And I just can't seem to.  I'm be checking in on you all day.  Let me know if you need anything.
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Hi girls,

Still praying for you sweetie!  I am so sorry that you are going through this right now.  Please keep the faith as I am keeping it for you too.  Please let us know when you can.  I am taking the day off tomorrow, so I will be checking for your post all day.  Here for you!!  XOXO

I know it must be difficult not to worry, hon, but I agree with LJ, you will be fine.  Hang in there!!  Countdown to Monday!!

I really need your prayers. They have asked DH and I to be foster parents for the 16 yr. old pregnant girl from church (Maria) I was telling you about.  We need to find out if we can do it since she is here illegally. So strange that the day I found out about my BFN was the day they called me to ask if we would be interested in meeting this girl.  
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Wow Audrey. That is really something.  Wow.  That's a big decision for you and DH.  So I guess that would mean you would help the 16 year old and the baby, eventually when he/she is born??  You spoke of her a few posts ago right. You said she wants to keep the baby?  Since she is here illegally I don't know how that will work.  I can't imagine the state would help with support but like I said, I don't know.  That is big.  Huge.  You think and pray on it.  I'll pray for you too.  And there is some irony about the same day as the BFN.
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Noooo!!!!! I am soo very sorry...that's devastating!  I am praying that you and DH find the strength to get through this.  You are a very strong woman and have been all of our strengths since December.  You are truly an inspiration!! We are all here for you!  God Bless.  XOXO
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Audrey that is really exciting news. I think somethings are just meant to be.

As for me it's bad news. I spent the evening in the hospital as I was having some pain. They tested my hcg levels and they dropped to 11000, but there is no sign of bleeding at all or miscarriage yet. I am going back to the hospital today for a final ultrasound, but I know it's not good news. They have advised me that the baby has passed away, but they want the ultrasound to be 100%.

Nicki hang in there, Monday will be here in no time and I am looking forward to your good news.
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LJ, Audrey really said it best. I will also say prayers.  I am just so terribly sorry for you and DH.  And, you have been our leader and rock and it's making me sick to hear that this is happening.  You must be so very upset.  If you need anything we're all here for you girl.  Super big HUGS :(
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Whoa that is steep - $100,000 is a lot of $$$.  Didn't realize it was that expensive.  Glad AF came for you.

Sorry your furbaby is not doing well but glad to hear there are something to make him feel better.
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Thanks everyone for their support. DH and I are off to the hospital now. Take care. Hugs to everyone.
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H all,

I am so stupid I didn't see the other post was maximized and I was wondering why nobody was writing.  Glad I found you again!

LJ - that is terrible I am so sorry.  It just has to be devastating after how excited you were and how much you have tried.  Much much worse than a BFN.  I can't express how badly I feel for you and DH.

Nicki - LJ is right tho, you have to stay calm because all is fine with you and it will stay fine.  I don't really understand how the calculations are for how far along you are either.  I still thought is was from your last period but I don't know for sure.  Don't stress!

Audrey - that is cool about the foster care thing.  I am not sure how that works since she is an illegal either.  It sounds like fate tho.  Is she sure she wants to keep the baby?  I think Nicki is right that she wouldn't get support.  Let us know what happens!

Got all the results from my puppy's tests yesterday and he is pretty sick but there are some things we can try to make him more comfortable.  He is now like a walking pharmacy.  I got AF today so am happy because I can start the mock cycle.  I also looked into surrogacy but that plus the egg donation would be over $100,000 and my insurance doesn't cover anything.

Please take care all and you are in my prayers!
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Tonight I will ge going to a "Rosary Bowl" at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  People from all over at meeting at the Rose Bowl to say the Rosary for peace in the world.  I will also be praying for my crew ( you gals) lol!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!
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Ultrasound confirmed the worst. The sac was still growing - showed that I was in my tenth week but the baby still showed 6w 3d, no change since in size since the may 5th ultrasound. I waited 9 hours in the hospital to be told that I could wait 6 - 12 hours more for surgery or opt to come back for a scheduled surgery on Sunday. Plus there was a chance that the doctor who did such a bad job on my tubial ligation 12 years ago would be the one performing the surgery if I waited. We chose Sunday. Anyway DH and I are hanging in there, debating whether to try again or not. I can't imagine not trying, but it depends on my health. My blood pressure has been extremely high and my kidney function has dropped. Hugs to all of you. TTFN.
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Audrey- that's really incredible.  the lord works in mysterious ways.  That is really something. time will tell what happens with that situation but i'm glad you have your start month all lined up!

LJ- this is all so terrible what you're going through.  It's been a string of bad news for days.  I can't believe your now having these other problems.  Probably b/c of all the stress from everything.  Hang in there. I know this is probably the worst week / weekend of your life.  So sorry your going through all this.  XO :(
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Thinking of you.  Please give us an update when you can.

Only 2 more days til Monday!  About Maria...yes, we'll have to see what they say.  Immigration laws have gotten so much stricter, I'm sure you've heard about all the marches.  We're hoping that they might be more lenient with minors and that she may qualify for a student visa and temporary citizenship.  We'll have to see what the social worker says. As far as her baby, at this point, she's saying she wants to give her baby up for adoption to us, but we are not going to count on that.  She could easily change her mind after the baby is born.  If we provide foster care, it is to help her and not with ulterior motives to adopt the baby.  We have decided that January 2008 is the month to start the process through an agency.  Will keep y'all posted.

Hi Deb,
So sorry about your baby, but so glad you're keeping him comfortable.  It must be soo difficult! : (  Praying for him too!
That's great that AF came and you can start your mock cycle.  Please keep us posted...how does that work?

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I am so sorry I am at a loss for words, Nothing I will say will make things better but I am sorry as well. Don't make any decisions right now just deal with what you have on your plate..
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I know today must have been a very difficult day for you and DH.  Praying for you...please let us know that you are o.k.  Hugs
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I am finally home after a very long day. I was a terrible experience but I am glad it's over. I am doing okay phyically and mentally. I thought all of you laying in there in the hospital bed waitng for an operating room to come free. I plan to take care of myself and get better then hopefully try again some time later this year.

Nicki good luck with the ultrasound today. Everything will be fine.

Hugs to all of you, thanks for being there for me.
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Excited to hear about your us today!  Please let us know as soon as you do.
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Glad to hear that you are back at home and doing better.  I know what you mean by "terrible experience."  I felt like I was having an out of body experience...like is this really happening?  It does get better day by day.  

Keeping you in prayer.

Can't wait to hear about your U/S!!!!!  We are all excited...

Hey Audrey, Deb, and Amy-  How are you all?

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Thanks Nikki for beign excited to hear.  Sometimes when I post, I feel happy for me but so sad for some of the terrible pain some people on the thread have experienced.

LJ- how are you doing?? You've been in my mind SOO much this weekend. I'm sure it's what Nikki said, that it will get better each day.

Hope the rest of you are doing well.

I had the U/S this morning.  It went very well.  Both measure at .9 (centimeters??) I don't know if it's cm, mm??? I'm so bad at all this ****.  They are slightly less than a 1/2 inch in size and the heartbeats were both 137 beats per minute.  So they are only checking proges. now to see if I can discontinue it.

And I figured I'd ask you girls first.  I was going to bring into RE next week to give to someone that doesn't have insurance (which I did once before), but wanted to ask you girls first that might not have insurance.  I have 2 boxes of Menapur left with I think like 15 vials per packet - so like 30 doses, 1 packet of Bravelle with 5 vials and 5 doses of cetrotide. Plus a cr@p load of syringes.  Do any of you know if you'll take menapur on your next cycles?  If yes, you're welcome to mine.  I also have a full thing of proges. in oil.  
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Awesome news sweetie!! Everything sounds great, Congrats to you and DH.

How are ya?  So true, time and the help of God does heals all wounds!

How's your lil guy doing?  The Rosary Bowl was amazing!  There were soo many people, Cardinal Mahony and other priests, famous actors and other speakers who gave inspirational talks, music, food, and the best part, people formed a living rosary on the field and the Hail Marys were done in different languages from around the world.  What an uplifting event!!
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Hi all,

LJ - so sorry for all you are going through.  As always though, you are an inspiration for the rest of us with your positive attitude, even during such a horrible time.  Please take care of yourself and I am glad you are thinking of trying again.  My heart goes out to you.

Nicki - how exciting!  From one extreme to the other on this board.  That must have been so cool hearing the heartbeats.  I am smiling just thinking about it.  I can't imagine how great that feels knowing you have those two little ones growing inside.  Relax and get lots of rest!

Audrey - I hope all works out with the fostering.  I think you are doing it with such good intentions that things will work out for you and DH one way or another.  Let us know what happens after you talk to the social worker.  How was the Rosary Bowl?

Nikki - good to hear from you and that you are doing well after such a trying time.  This is sure a challenging process.

Take care all!!
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