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2011 November IVF-ERS ?

Anyone starting IVF November 2011? This will be our third fresh cycle and this site has really kept me sane through it all. Tommorow, I report for pre-IVF labs, start BCP and will pick up the full IVF schedule as well. I'm so excited !!!!!!  


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I'm not...but just wanted to wish you best of luck this cycle!!!
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Hey girl! We too will be starting IVF in November. This will be our 2nd and final try so I am hoping for the best! Maybe we can keep each other sane since I completely lost it during our 1st try...poor Hubby! LOL! I wish you all the luck in the world! I am supposed to call our Doctor on Day 1 which should be around Nov. 8th I can't wait! I am getting so anxious!!
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Well im actually on day 5 of menopur (300miu)  and day 12 of buserilin (25ml) i go for my bloods done tomorrow and will know weather to continue on 300miu of menopur ect then i have my folly scan on thurs! This is our first try at ICSI and im super hopeful for lots of grade a eggys :-) oooo super nervous this has been a long time coming!! Think were looking at AF due on 15th Nov....bring it on, i know she aint gunna show  :-D

Are you ladies doing anything else this cycle like acupuncture or reflexology? Iv been looking into acupuncure but a good friend of mine suggested reflexology aswell i did have a appointment today but not been feeling good so iv rebooked it for thurs! Every little helps eh?! Well acupuncture at £52 a session best or ill be asking for a refund lol.

Wishing both you ladies the very very best of luck!! **SSBD**!!!! x
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Hey girls! we're also starting our 4th IVF. I go in tomorrow for my 3rd and final Lupron Depot shot, then on Nov 8 I go in for U/S and B/W, if all is good, I start stims that night with a estimated ER of Nov 20th!

I did get pregnant with all 3 ivf's but m/c all 3. My dr. ran a bunch of tests and I guess I have Protien c or s deficiency, so i'll be on heparin this time around.

I hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but I'd love to chat with you girls while going through this again.

Good luck to you all!
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I wish you the best Taglas!!  I was wondering if anyone has tried or knows anyone who has tried gestational surrogacy?  I've read that the success rates are about 63%!  This may be something to consider???
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Hello I V Fers i just started my lupron on oct. 18th so i will be trans. in nov. and will like to join your trend 2 fresh cycle one frozen now i decided to give another try i found out i had a polyp on my uterine wall so good luck to us all!!! :)
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Hi girls!
My AF should arrive in a few days and I'm getting really impatient...
So, I will start with b/c pills on day1, then I will have saline sonogram after my period - if everything is ok, they will start me on Lupron (2 weeks) , then estrogen (about 2 weeks) and finally progesterone (a few days before transfer).
We are doing embryo adoption- there are 3 frozen embies waiting for us - we are transferring 2.
Good luck everyone and let's get the party started!!! :-)
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Hi Everyone!! I'm so happy that we will be supporting one another!

waiting4mybaby- Yes, we will most certainly keep one another sane! Don't know what I would do without you ladies :)

Amy _  I was prescribed menopur and had a trying time with mixing the med last cycle. How is that going for you?

Lydia-   Praying that you have a successful cycle . How does the heparin work in conjunction with the IVF meds and how often are you reporting for PT/INR PTT.

Robo-Hi how is the LUP treating you? Also, did you get the polyp removed?

Melram- Thank you so much!!! No I've never tried gestational surrogacy nor do I know anyone who has. I must say those success rates are very impressive!

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I feel the need to share more often and decided to join you!
Our future moms thread is kind of slow right now and I almost feel bad for posting so often lol.
I am soooo excited I found you guys!!!
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Hi Juana

LOL youre so funny! I enjoy reading your post :0 I read your post about the maternity clothes, you are so correct! Besides, after all the meds, I'm so...... bloated, I have to wear bigger clothes at least 1 mo post transfer.
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lol :-)))
I've gained about 10 pounds since April....which is very weird because I used to be underweight and couldn't gain at all... Well, fertility meds REALLY did help. I only wish that the fat could be distributed more evenly around my skinny body....but no! It's all around my stomach, hips and tights! I look like a spiderwoman ;-)
How were your labs, by the way? Did you start taking any meds?
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Wow good to have soo many ladies to share this experience with! In previous months i really dont know how id of kept sane without this forum, of course DH doesnt understand after all hes a man and doesnt do hormones and feelings LOL.

Yeah the mixing is going ok, my belly is really bruised though i look like a pin cushion! Been for bloods today she said if i dont hear off them this afternoon carry on with same meds until my scan at 8.40am thurs eeeekkkkk i soo cant contain myself!!
The only thing im finding is the hosp im at arnt very helpfull neather do they explain things...so this is where were at, i have my folly scan thurs thats all i know i dont know round abouts when egg retreval is or when DH should abstain from i can never get any answers so hoping one of you ladies will help me out in what i should be expecting soon??I hate suprises id rather know now what and when things are going to happen its driving me crazzzyyyy!!
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I think very few people understand our struggles. Some of them just don't get it - I lost a friend not a long time ago because of my forgetfulness - she just couldn't forgive me my memory lapses..;-)

Thursday is right around the corner, hang in there (I know it's easier said than done - the hormones are probably driving you nuts ;-)). .Is it your first IVF?

I can tell from my experience that acupuncture helps a lot (I'm not familiar with reflexology).  In April this year I've had only 1 in 7 chance to get pregnant with my one lonely embryo transferred and I got pregnant! I have miscarried a few weeks later but even acupuncture won't help with genetic abnormalities.. Anyway, my doc was VERY surprised that I got BFP the very first time I tried IVF. I pay $65 and it takes me 1/2 hour to get there.
But I think it's worth the money.
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I am sorry to hear about your miscarriages..I have had 2 in past and know that it's a very traumatic experience.
But you are fighting again!!!:-) I don't know why but I have the feeling that this Fall/Winter will be lucky for many!
I will probably have my transfer between 7-15 December (we are transferring donated embies) so I will be right behind you.
Good luck!!!
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Welcome Ladies! Seems like we will have a lively bunch and I can't wait to chat with you girls! As far as our situation I am currently waiting for Aunt Flow to arrive so I can call the Doc on day 1...I never been so excited for her to come! LOL! When I call Day 1 I will have to make an appt for blood work on day 3 and start BC then the process starts! I am so anxious I am going crazy!! This will be our 2nd and final try with IVF so I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed! I wish everyone the best and hope next year our babies will finally be here :)

Juana105 I agree! Something is telling me this will be a lucky fall/winter as well! I wish we were only 1/2 hour away, we travel an hour and 1/2 to our doctor :( But I love the mini road trips with the DH <3
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I started spotting so my AF will arrive today or tomorrow.
I've picked up b/c pills from pharmacy today thinking that they will have to wait - hmm....they won't!

I know! Something is in the air! Love and hope I think ;-)
Hour and 1/2 - wow! I mean I would still do it but I wouldn't like it too much (I travel alone). Do you do it more often when you are closer to er and transfer?
I usually go 3 times a week before and after the transfer - I like my Korean doc very much, but don't like the amount of money I'm leaving him...;-)
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Well didnt hear off nurse today so just carried on as we were with injections im hoping no news is good news!!
Cant contain myself for this scan LOL.
I rang today because was getting really frushtrated she said i should be finishing meds soon and have my retreval early next week ((WOW THAT QUICK)) mite sound daft but this really has been a long time coming!! Iv had 1 m/c in 2006,1 ruptured ectopic in 2007,one ectopic 2009 and one m/c 2010, iv attempted to start the ivf process twice before but each time found out i was prego naturally, I only have 1 tube so its looking like thats our prob, my AMH is 6.5 a little on the low side for 26 :( but atleast i still have some eggys left :) the m/c and ectopics have been really hard to deal with so im totally with you ladies who have been through the same.
This is our 1st go at ICSI (DHs sperm falls just below coverline) I am entitiled to 2 cycles on the NHS but after my last m/c (nov 2010) they refused me IVF treatment for 12months as ivf is apparantly only avaliable if no pregnancys in 2years then they wanted to send me to m/c clinic, i broke down in the appt and my doc said i could have 1 cycle if no joy or m/c then go to m/c clinic then 2nd cycle!
Super nevous for how many eggs we will be expecting, Last month i had 14 follicles that was before treatment not sure if that varies everymonth!

Sorry for the essay ladies i do tend to ramble!! haha!

Hope all is going well :-)

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Hello, ladies,   I'm new to this forum,  also new to iui, I had my first trigger shot on 10/19/2011.  Am in my 2 wk wait,   I'm very nervous and scared at the same time,   I have read your blogs and you ladys r so brave....I am always on edge, always thinking about getting pregnant or asking myself what I'm doing wrong...  Please send all the prayers up that he send us a little angel soon..:-)
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My prayers are with you! When is your beta?
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And I thought that I was the talkative one ;-))) Just kidding!
I'm sure you will have many perfect quality eggs!!!
I'm sorry to hear your story...You have been through a lot!
But, as mentioned before, this fall/winter season will be extremely lucky for all of us trying....says psychic Joanna ;-)
We survived many heartbreaks and now it's our turn!
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WOW! I'm so happy to see that our thread is growing! As I, I know we all could use the support. Sometimes friends and family just don't understand what we go through. :) I feel this is our time.

Queen-  Welcome and praying that you get a BFP.

Amy- Wow!!! Retreival next week that's awesome ! Sending tons of SSBD your way.

Juana- So happy to hear you got AF!!! So far I had pre-IVF labs. I start LUP on 15NOV if all is well with the 01NOV sonogram.
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It's so funny....I should have my sono done around 1st or shortly after 1st of Nov. If everything is fine, they will start me on Lupron soon after that, so we will be going side by side ;-)))
It took me some time to come back and do ivf one more time...but honestly, it was my former RE who discouraged me.
Now I'm with new clinic, new doc and new hope :-)
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Hi, Just wanted to wish you strength on your embyo adoption. I have heard about this but haven't looked into it. My DBF and I just selected an egg donor but I have heard that frozen embies available for adoption are far more affordable. how did you find out about the program? I wish you all the best and oodles of baby dust. This is an emotional journey for us all!
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I must say im a good talker but i am an even better listener if allowed to ramble i do LOL.

Aslong as were all still alive and kicking i think theres hope!

It has been a tough journey for me but im hopeful that were getting somewhere!! eeekkkk dont think ill sleep tonite god help DH when we have egg retreval and have them put back, I know because of my age i can only have 1 at a time put back unless i only get 2 fertilised then i have a choice but tbh think im going to go for just the 1, weve had a testing time so far and could do without a difficult pregnancy with multipuls ((although every1 of my family are winging that i should have 2 LOL)).....suppose we will see on the day!

Hoping for lots off follys tomorro and that there full of good eggys :-) next update will be tomorro! Cant wait 2 finish these meds im sooooo bloody hormonal!

Also i little note i always fall pregnant naturally Oct AF doesnt show in Nov so i know this is my most fertile month ((or maybe because its cold we spend more time in bed LOL))

Wishing you the very best of luck with your emby adoption! If and when we have children we spoke about this at the hosp i would have loved to adopted my embys to other women but over here in England all the laws have changed and now a child can contact you when they reach 18 where before they couldnt, so unfortunatly think this will unfortunatly put alot of ladies off so iv decided any spare embys will be frozen and if i dont need them i will donate them to research.
Have you had IVF with your own eggs? (dont want to upset you so you dont have to answer that question if u feel its inapropriate)

Sooooo glad i have you ladies to try to keep me sane, im not at all looking forward to that TWW!! Let the mind games commence :-D


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