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2011 November IVF-ERS ?

Anyone starting IVF November 2011? This will be our third fresh cycle and this site has really kept me sane through it all. Tommorow, I report for pre-IVF labs, start BCP and will pick up the full IVF schedule as well. I'm so excited !!!!!!  


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I'm not...but just wanted to wish you best of luck this cycle!!!
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Hey girl! We too will be starting IVF in November. This will be our 2nd and final try so I am hoping for the best! Maybe we can keep each other sane since I completely lost it during our 1st try...poor Hubby! LOL! I wish you all the luck in the world! I am supposed to call our Doctor on Day 1 which should be around Nov. 8th I can't wait! I am getting so anxious!!
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Well im actually on day 5 of menopur (300miu)  and day 12 of buserilin (25ml) i go for my bloods done tomorrow and will know weather to continue on 300miu of menopur ect then i have my folly scan on thurs! This is our first try at ICSI and im super hopeful for lots of grade a eggys :-) oooo super nervous this has been a long time coming!! Think were looking at AF due on 15th Nov....bring it on, i know she aint gunna show  :-D

Are you ladies doing anything else this cycle like acupuncture or reflexology? Iv been looking into acupuncure but a good friend of mine suggested reflexology aswell i did have a appointment today but not been feeling good so iv rebooked it for thurs! Every little helps eh?! Well acupuncture at £52 a session best or ill be asking for a refund lol.

Wishing both you ladies the very very best of luck!! **SSBD**!!!! x
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Hey girls! we're also starting our 4th IVF. I go in tomorrow for my 3rd and final Lupron Depot shot, then on Nov 8 I go in for U/S and B/W, if all is good, I start stims that night with a estimated ER of Nov 20th!

I did get pregnant with all 3 ivf's but m/c all 3. My dr. ran a bunch of tests and I guess I have Protien c or s deficiency, so i'll be on heparin this time around.

I hope you don't mind me jumping in here, but I'd love to chat with you girls while going through this again.

Good luck to you all!
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I wish you the best Taglas!!  I was wondering if anyone has tried or knows anyone who has tried gestational surrogacy?  I've read that the success rates are about 63%!  This may be something to consider???
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Hello I V Fers i just started my lupron on oct. 18th so i will be trans. in nov. and will like to join your trend 2 fresh cycle one frozen now i decided to give another try i found out i had a polyp on my uterine wall so good luck to us all!!! :)
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