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21 day Progesterone level !!!!

Finally after 3 months of provera and clomid.....i went for my 21 day blood test and my proges level was 7.4 the last two time its been 0.1.....so were making some progress ;)
I've been reading and some stories say that you can't get preg inless your progesterone level is atleast a 12-40....does anyone know if thats ture are have gotten preg with a lower level ?

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Wow, Thanks. I hope things do improve for you. I did a progesterone test and it was 24, but I doc said that anything from 4 up is fine, but he would prefer to see me over 9. Thank God mine was over that if what your saying is true. I really hope things improve for you though, good luck. :-)
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Hello I'm in the same boat regarding ovulation, I 'm on clomid too and go for my day 21 test next friday. When I conceived my son natuarly(miracle baby) my progesterone level at dat day 21 was 6.8 so it is possible!!! I didnt even have periods when Alfie was conceived thats why he's our miracle boy!! best wishes, we're having one shot at ivf in july.x
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I was pregnant and mine was only 11....  Mine was not taken on day 21 but was taken at 14dpo and I had a pos preg test.  If I had done it day 21 I am sure it would of been a 7 or 8.
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Hello all,

Had my first IUI and now 8dpIUI. Was on 100 mg Clomid and hcg trigger shot.  I went for a progesterone test yesterday at Day 21, and found out today that it is 46.17.  I have no idea what that means.  But I've heard that anything over 10 is good.  However, was wondering whether it was an indication of possible pregnancy.  Been surfing the internet like crazy trying to find out the answer.  Waiting on my nurse to give me an answer as well.  I will share with all.  Lots and lots of baby dust to all of you!!!
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A high progesterone level does not indicate pregnancy. It simply indicates that you did ovulate.  
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Thanks Quinns, yeah that's what I've been reading too.  I guess I will have to wait 6 more days, it's just killing me.
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Best of luck to you! :)
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I am still feeling FULL. How early before ovulating do you see signs of bloating, and lower abdominal cramps?
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So i had my ultrasound today to check my uterine lining as I am 7dp3dt. I also had my blood work taken. My uterine lining is measuring normal, and I asked if she would call me with my progesterone level. She said no because even if it is low it is not indicative of anything. She said because I am on the crinone suppositories it is only absorbed locally and not into my blood. I am just not feeling very good about this anymore, I really feel like AF is on its way.
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How early do you notice conception sign
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Often times I hear women say that they feel like AF is coming and then they are pregnant.  Hang in there girl, lots of babydust to you.  :-)
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