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I am 27 years old and have never had my periods, about 3 years ago i was seeing a gynie, and they figured out that i had amenoria and had the bone age of a 12 year old, they put me on the pill (mirelle) to see if my periods would come on and they did, but i was taken off after three months, and nothing has happened since then.  is there anything i can do to bring the periods on, and keep them regular, i would like to fall pregnant but feel i wont if i never have a period, and does it really help if im on the pill to bring on my periods, will i ever fall pregnant
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You mentioned amenorrhea and I was wondering if you perhaps are very slim/and or exercise  a lot.  I stopped mine for 5 years when I was exercising all the time.. I cut back and started to gain body fat to start again.  It worked.  there are various reasons why you may have this, I really would suggest you see a specialist. Check out a reproductive endocrinologist in your area.  You may need more hormones than just birth control.
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I was going to ask the same questions as sasparilla. Also, I had a roomate years ago that was a very strict vegetarian. All she ate were fruits and veggies. Not even beans or nuts. She rarely had a period and when she did it only lasted for hrs, not days. I agree that you need to see a specialist. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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you should defintely see a RE if you wish to have babies...u r 27...start now.
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thanks all for the response, i eat normally (small amounts all day) cant handle a big full meal, and dont really exercise that often, im lazy :) and yip im very very slim, 37kg's not for the lack of trying to gain weight, i monitored what my intake for the day was (calaries, fat, sodium and so on) for about 1.5 months, and one day i would pick up 1 kg, and the next day loose 2kg, then pick up again, its a rollercoaster ride.  once again thanks for all the replies, i will have a look in my area for a reproductive endocrinologist (sounds scary)
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i have made an appointment with the local RE unfortunately he is only available in 4 months time.  Who can advise, is a male or female doctor better, i would definately feel more comfortable with a female.  but i hear that males are more gentle
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CMCBED.. It sounds like you might not have enough body fat.  It's good you are seeing an RE.. sorry it will take so long.  I think whether the RE is male or female is a personal preference.  Mine is male  and I honestly think the majority of them are.  Good luck!!
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