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2WW - The possibilities

I just thought I'd start a new thread on the 2WW of possibilities . i am 3DPO and really have NO symptoms yet. did any one feel like that when they eventually got pregnant or what are the expected signs one must feel if one eventually is to get pregnant that month  i dont like this waiting period at all!!!!

Please people jump on here and share with us

Babydust to everyone!!! ***************
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It all depends, for those who use Progesterone after IUI or IVF it can often mock symptoms of pregnancy. But some signs can be sore boobs, lots of extra veins on your boobs, AF cramping, implantation bleeding, implantation cramping, stomach upset, sensitive to smell and of course nothing! I hope you get your BFP!
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When I got pregnant with Quinn the only symptom I had was some minor AF like cramping when period was due. I was positive AF was on her way. Decided on a whim at 13dpo to test and it was positive.  

I am 10dpo right now. I hate the 2ww... :) it is pure torture.  This time I have terrible breast pain. Can be PMS tho.
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I'm 5 dpo and so far nothing... It is not a good sign, as when I had my BFP (sadly, chemical pregnancy) in April I had sore boobs at 3 dpo. But as they say, everybody is different and every pregnancy is different...
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I am on my third round of clomid 50mg, first month horrible s/e (bfn), second month mild s/e (bfn) and this month it seems like I am like ten times more relaxed.  I did noticed I seem to pee alot during this 2ww, and have developed a cold sore, not sick though, very very tired, gassy and bloated but that has been all three months, and another weird thing was I was having the sneezes for the last three days.  I also couldnt stand the smell of butter today.  I am only at 4 dpo.
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I'm on 9dpo after my first round of Clomid 50 mg. Not feeling any different than usual except my nipples have been really ouchy for days. Since the pain started around ovulation time, however, I'm just chalking that up to the Clomid.

Fingers crossed for us all...
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HI ladies am on 5DPO and nothing reaally significant aside from slighty tender breast and little cramps below my abdomen. Honestly this whole thought is driving me crazy. i just cant stop thinking oh is it implanting itself now to my linning or am i going to see AF this month? God help me.
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Well I'm 5dpo. I have major bloating and sore boobs. I really hope this is it.
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6DPO some bland taste in my mouth just wondering if this is the meatllic taste most women talk about . i wish us all a BFP
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Hi Everyone, Im new to this forum. I am 3 dpiui # 4 taking menopur. 2ww is a killer. Not only can I not stop thinking about it, but I also want to eat everything in site =P. So far no symptoms... I guess too early to tell. Im really hoping this is the month, but after 3 failed IUIs its hard to stay positive...

Wishing everyone a successful BFP!!!
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I'm 8 days past transfer (5 day blasto - transferred 2) and this waiting is driving me crazy.  I've been a bit moody and had some cramping. I thought it was too late for implantation cramping, so I keep thinking AF is coming.  I haven't taken a HPT yet, but I'm tempted to take one when I get home from work.  Anyone else experience the cramping so many days after transfer - it starting around day 6 I think.  My b's were more sore earlier in the week, that seems to have gone away.

Wishing everyone the best of luck!!
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Well I broke down and took the HPT.  It was positive, but the second line is much lighter.  Isn't that a bad sign? My blood test is tomorrow.  I am 8 days past day 5 transfer.  We transferred two.
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I guess you just be patient to take the test tomorrow . although ladies say no matter how light the 2nd line is, there is a high possibility u have a BFP. wish u tons of baby dust kip me posted pls.
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