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2WW (Week Wait) - Shoulder/Chest pains

Hi, I am in the 2WW. My blood test is scheduled for this Saturday, 11/20. This is #5 so I am praying this time sticks. I had two no shows and the two chemicals. This time around I have two new symptoms, a weird shooting pain in my right shoulder and random chest pain (not breast tenderness). I am wondering if anyone else has had these symptoms. At first, I thought it might be stress, but I am much calmer this time around. I have the "been there done that, whatever happens happens attitude."


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It would be the first i've heard that these types of pains are associated with implantation or early pregnancy.  Typically when I have chest pains and shoulder pains, it's associated with severe heartburn, which I experienced last week.  Regardless, I send baby dust your way!
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Thanks Angebelle. Spoke with my doctor and he said sometimes the pain is in the ovary, but is misdirected to the right shoulder.  Could be just the stress of the 2WW as well. I keep telling myself I am not stressed, but my body knows better. ;-) Are you in the 2WW?
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Fellow 2ww-er here and my test date will be the 20th also. Trying to keep my cool and so far have been able to resist a hpt. What procedure/drugs did have you had? This is my first IUI and the first and second day after the IUI I had the worst back ache ever. Now I just feel normal pms symptoms :(   Good luck to you and hope your symptoms are a good sign!
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How did your test go? I am in my 2ww, I think I O'd on 11/17/2010. But anywho on 4dpo I had shoulder pains, didn't realize that could have been a sign of implantation. I sure do hope so. Baby Dust 2 U!!
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I tested on the 17th (which was day 10 piui) just because I could tell that my mood was changing which is a definate sign of Aunt Flo arriving BFN, then I tested again on day 14 just to be sure, then Aunt Flo actually made her appearance.  Next IUI will probably be this Friday.  Anyone get BFP's yet??
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I did test PG, but my beta was low. I got AF on 11/20. I am sulking now, but will most likely try again in 2011 with a new DR. This was my 5th try, 3 IVFs and 2 FETs. I have had 3 chemical PGs. I am able to get PG, but just not keep it. I have no problem producing eggs, usually 12-19 each time and the quality is good ...8 cell and CMs. I am going to try Dr Zouves and do genetic testing and check out the immunology side of the equation. I am trying not to think too much about it and enjoy the holidays. I am working on getting healthy and trying not to dwell on the failures and what I still desperately want. It is much harder than I thought. Some days I just want to crawl into a hole and be left alone.
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Thanks for the update and I'm sorry to hear AF showed and I hope that your next doctor is able to help you TTC. Just keep praying and remember your not alone.

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I am new to the forum but I had my very first IUI on 11/18 completely natural no meds at all and am in my TWW.  Yesterday I tested (which if I am doing this right since I am new to all this would be 11 dpo) just because I was anxious and I got a BFN.  I am due to test on 12/2 and AF is also due at that time.  I hope that I get a BFP I have had strange symptoms and I am truly hoping that it is not my body playing with me.  I have a little pouch that I have never had before, bloating, nausea, cramping since the IUI, and my temp has been up for a while.  This has been the longest wait in my life.  
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Hi, I hope you get good news on 12/2. Waiting is so hard.
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