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2nd IUI August-any fellow 2ww-ers?

I am going in for my 2nd iui tomorrow morning. We have been ttc for 5 years, I am 40 DH 43, unexplained infertility except for low AMH and advanced maternal age.  We had 4 quite large follicles at the scan- 18, 25, 27, & 30. Not sure if these are too big but hoping at least one sticks and gives us a take home baby!  

Are there any 2IUI success stories out there? This was my first cycle on injectables, looks like I responded well.  
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I'm on 4th IUI  and 2ww ;) DH and i have been TTC for 2 yrs. good luck
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Me ttc for five years.....currently on first iui ....any tips.....
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Me ttc for five years.....currently on first iui ....any tips.....
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The only tip I can tell you is keep busy, dont over think things even tho its hard and GOOD LUCK!
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Any updates, ladies?  I am 7 dpiui right now, not feeling much in the way of symptoms, except some cramping around 4-5 dpiui and somewhat tender breasts. It's hard because I am on progesterone which mimics preg symptoms.

Amysypuernova- I wish I had tips.  I think once you've done your iui, and you are taking your vitamins, you have done all you can. This cycle I have let go and realized whatever is going to happen will happen, out of my control.  
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Me too going for 2nd iui after 4 days hopefully, need to do a fs today after which the doc would fix the day for iui.
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