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2ww pals;lj307,ms320,helen72,heathjo,empty

hello ladies,just wanna touch base and find out how everyone is doing.hope the Holisay is being well spent.
has anybody tested yet??
i want to hold on till mon 12dpo.i have been having all the AF signs but i'm refusing to let the thought sink in.i'm really praying for more BFP this cycle.if you have any  news please share with us.atleast that keeps us going.they say problem shared is problem half solved.
  and for those who did not have a BFP this month,it's okay.they say a journey of amile begins with a step.we've started the journey already.we'll get there some day
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Hi guys,
I am at 10 dpo with no symptoms of any kind.  I may test on Tuesday if I have no sign of AF by then although sometimes I feel like not wasting a test.  I may just wait till my first IUI next month.  Me and dh had a talk about our future plans and worked out a way we want to proceed.  This makes it easier this month to face that upcoming BFN.  

Good luck to everyone in tww!!!!  I hope some of us will get some good news this coming week.
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I am the impatient one of the group it seems.   I've been testing since 8dpo and each time comes up neg.  I'm at 11dpo now and 99.9% sure I"m not pregnant.  I have no symptoms at all.  The dizziness I had this week is also gone.   I have one more test and I may test Tues or Wed if AF doesn't come.  I'm officially due for her visit on Tues.  Got the results of my 21day prog. check and my levels were 29.4 so I know I obsolutely ovulated.  Still no BFP.   Not feeling very optimistic today....
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Hi, I'm not part of your group but I'm 10 dpiui.  Don't know about symptons, tingling bbs once in a while, felt a little lower back ache but gone now.  Think AF might be about to rear her ugly head.  Have blood test scheduled for Monday.  TWW is a so hard.
Good luck to you all.
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I think that 10 dpiui is too early for any symptoms.  Please don't loose hope just yet.  
Is this your first IUI?  Are you taking any drugs as well?  
Good luck Monday!  I hope it's a BFP!
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Thanks for the good wishes.  It's my 3 IUI.  Doing Lupron, Gonal F and Ovidril.  Next step is IVF, fingers crossed that it's not necessary.
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Hi everyone.  I am 9 dpo and am holding strong.  I have vowed not to test until at least 16 dpo.  I am really trying to approach this month differently.  I am not analyzing every twinge, nor am I poking my boobs so often as to make them sore (as I believe I have done in the past).  I am so tired of driving myself crazy that I am actually trying to forget that I am in the 2WW (yeah...like that might happen)
Wishing everyone success.  Remember, it ain't over until AF sings her miserable song.
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