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3 M/C's and 1 CP...HELP!

Ok ladies I need some answers before my 1st genetic counseling appt. I have 3 m/c's and 1 chemical preg. in a year. I have 2 DS already one who is 10 and one who is 3. My 1st m/c was 3-3-09 and I had a d&c with that one, My 2nd was 8-18-09 natural, and 3rd was 1-28-10 natural also and those all happened between 6 and 7 weeks. I recently just had what I believe is a chemical pregnancy on 3-3-10. My period was 2 days late when i got my 1st BFP, then 2 days later I started spotting and the pregnancy test was still only faint. Well on the am of 3-3-10 I started bleeding heavily and was passing clots(more then normal and larger) but my BFP was darker then the 2 previous ones, I continued to bleed heavily for the remainder of the day and then spotted for like 5 more days. All the pregnancy tests were still + until the 3-6-10 then they were all negative. I knew I was pg because I always get nausea and vomiting very, very early. My Dr had me do a series, I think about 10 blood tests after the 3rd m/c, but I won't get the results back until the 26th of this month which is my 1st genetic appt. My question is has anyone else had a similar situation?? I am scared to death that they will tell me I can't have baby's no more. I am thankful with my 2 healthy boys, but don't feel complete. I don't want to keep putting myself through the physical and emotional pain of a m/c, but I want another one so bad. My Dr did not say to stop ttc, but I guess I won't try this month until I get answers. I have no problem getting pg as you can read I have been pg 4 times in a year, I just can't keep them. What will the appt. be like. My Dr. did not tell me much other then they are going to ask questions about my family and any disease's they have had.
So if anyone can relate please respond...Thanks Michelle
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Thanks for responding so fast. I am pretty sure I got tested for both of those, My Dr seems to think it may be Factor 5 Leiden. Best wishes to u as well, how long have u been ttc????? I will keep you posted....Thanks Michelle
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I don't totally know your situation in regard to what your blood results will say but can tell you that I was tested after my first m/c & found out I have a blood disorder.
i have 2 mutations of MTHFR-c677T & also have PAI-1.  I am told once I am confirmed pregnant again that I will have to start taking Lovenox (blood thinner) immediately.  I believe in my heart that I will be able to carry a  child. I dont have any yet.  I also have to take folbic acid (prescription) along with a baby aspirin EVERYDAY forever.  Best Wishes to you!!
Please let me knw what happens.  
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