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3 years after marriage but yet to conceive

Hi.. Good day .

We are a couple (33M 75kgs and 30F 73kgs) married since 2017 and live in Qatar (Gulf). We have been trying for a baby since our marriage but unsuccessful. We both visited doctors and performed various tests. My sperm analysis impression was Normozoospermia. My wife's report is below received a week ago.

TSH :  1.70 mIU/ml
FSH :  12.0 mIU/ml
LH :     5.6  mIU/ml
Prolactin:    12.9   ng/ml

As per the clinic performed the above tests, my wife cannot release her eggs based on the above results.
There were no further explanations given and we don't feel the clinic reliable as they were only concentrating on drawing huge money from us but not explain the problems and solutions to us. We then approached one of our family doctors in India and provided additional reports taken a year ago. She advised that my wife's eggs are smaller in size. My wife has been taking pregnacare and I take Co Q-10 which were prescribed 3 months back.

Could you please advise on the problem and solution for this? should we take any other medicines?
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So, that report would indicate that her TSH is normal (thyroid test).  Her FSH  (follicle stimulating hormone) seems elevated.  This number fluctuates during the month.  Is your wife still having a period? This may be the factor they are looking at telling them that you are not ovulating (if she doesn't have a period) or that the egg reserve is depleting.  LH or luteinizing hormone changes as well during a woman's cycle.  One thing this does as well is trigger the release of an egg.  That one is tricky to judge her number because that fluctuates depending on the part of her cycle the test was taken. Looks okay to me. But get the ranges off of the lab report or from her doctor to check.  Prolactin also looks normal.  Again, different labs, different normals so the range of her lab would help.  

Women can take medication to increase FH BUT that doesn't help if she has a depleted egg supply.  My best advice?  Consider something like IVF if she still has viable eggs which she should at her age.  And also, ask if her pituitary gland is healthy (they are checking that with the prolactin test but I don't now there normal ranges).  If she as an issue there, that would need to be addressed as well.  Keep at it.  Only 5 % of couples who want a baby can not have on with fertility treatment.  
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