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3rd IVF failed :-(

Hello girls...just had to share that my 3rd IVF has failed... I don't know what to do anymore...they think it is genetic issues or implantation stuff..Obviously, since they said my cycle was perfect..great eggs, sperm, and embryos....what the heck???!!  I just needed to vent.......Jacquie
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Hey, Ive been thinking about you lately and was keeping my fingers crossed.  Im so sorry it didnt work out for you....so unfair!  Do you have any other options or is this it?
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What KIND of genetic issues and WHY won't they implant!  Damn them all!  Don't you dare give up!!  There is a reason behind everything and it has to be our mission to get to the bottom of all these WHY's and not just throw in the towel!!!!  I am sooooooo sorry that the 3rd one failed.  If your insurance covers IVF then DO IT AGAIN!!!  We are going thru round 2 paying out of pocket.. IF our insurance covered it I would do IVF until my dream came true.  RE told me the more tries the better the chance... but do take time for yourself to mourn, give your body a little rest, then sit down and come up with a Plan B.  I would get a list of questions and go talk to your RE or go get second opinion and tell them you want to know WHY.  They MUST find a reason.  Just like them telling me my eggs are old.. well hell I can GET PREGNANT and had 2 good embryos in my last IVF so WHY WHY WHY?? I am paying these professionals enough FIGURE IT OUT!!!  I still feel like they are missing something... OK I am not being much help yelling at your RE and mine but dangnabit we gotta figure this out for you.... for all of us!!!!!!
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I am so sorry. I am also going through my 3rd IVF right now.  2 Failed IVFs before. I looked around for doctor and found out that there are tests that can be done to figure out why embryos dont inplant. Doctor said that I need to do Immunology testing. Natural killer sells. We did not go with that doctor, because my insurance wouldn't cover. If this IVF fails I will do immunology testing and if it is positive then do the Treatment (immunoglobin?) But please dont give up. Good luck
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wow.... I'm really sorry...  I keep writing things and deleting it, because I can't find any consoling words that could come close to softening a blow like this. So I'm just gonna leave at, I'm really sorry for your loss... Whatever is meant for you, I hope you find your way...
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I've heard from almost all of the SIRM doctors that if you're having failed IVF cycles then you need to look towards immune issues and I would definitely do the NK Killer cells test thru Millenova.  Here is another great site about immune issues:

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For some reason I cannot read any of these comments/reponses...I am not ignoring you guys...I just can't get to them....what is going on with this site????
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I'm so sorry:(  I feel like crying.  Is the doctor giving you any reason for these failed IVF's? I'm not sure what to say.  Please stay strong and I am here if you need me.
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Sorry to hear about your loss. I feel the same way . Just went thru first IVF. Everything Great just like yours. My acupuncturist said  3 days after tranfer they were still in amazement over the quality of my eggs. If everything was perfect why didn't it work???? Just don't understand. Not giving up. Going to try again. Will find the funds somewhere, our insurance doesn't cover any infertility tx. That also I think is unfair. It's not like we chose to have infertility problems. Any way, good luck to everyone. Debra
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Does anyone have any NEW IVF meds to sell????

Im looking for Bravele/Menopur/Lupron/HCG Shot/ among others. This is my 2nd attempt and are trying to make it affordable.

Please respond asap!!!
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Hi, I have Menopur vials never opened that comes with the saline. I have a Follistim Pen too that has never been used. My first IVF failed and now we are doing a 2nd IVF but a FET, so I don't need the meds that I have left.
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I am so sorry to hear your 3rd ivf failed but i do know how you are feeling as i just got word today my 3rd has also failed. I dont understand when everything seems that it is right before the transfer i had 5 eggs transferred all at 8-4!! I need to know what to ask my dr at this stage there must be more tests they can do as obviously something is preventing it from working - anybody have any ideas??
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Gee So Sorry... I remember my third time. I was crying my heart out and felt like it was my fault. I didn't have this wonderful support group with me. I failed my 4th time 3 days ago but I really didn't feel the grief I had felt before. Reading everyones symptoms here and all the support I just felt like it was just not time. It'll come when it's meant to come. I went into this positive so I could get positive results. I received great advice that I had not done but I will take all this great information and will aplly it on my 5th try and on my 6th and I will try until at least one little embryo will be strong enough to survive and live full term and will breath the air i breathe. Stay positive and continue positive and don't stop... ;o)
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I believe it is worth it to do genetic testing and Natural Killer.  I went to a specialist in Chicago and she did what seemed like a million test.  It came back with 4 genetic issues, 1 immune issues, a small thyroid issues, and now what we are doing monthly test my NK is a little high.  All together I am on many meds.  I suggest your doctor does testing for blood clotting as well.  My doctor does an ultrasound of my artery for my Uterus and Ovaries every month to make sure blood flow is enough to produce healthy egg and have successful implementation.  Send me a message and I can tell you more about all the testing they did.  It cost about 2K but now that we know it is genetic my doctor bills all my treatments for genetic issues, not infertility, and my insurance will now pay for it.  : )  Short run it cost but I save at least that much every month.  Hope this helps.
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