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3rd day on clomid i have a question help!!!!!

Ok, here it is, I'm doing a clomid test,I'm on day 3 and I feel very cranky and very excited sexually, is this normal? This is not my first time on clomid but it is the first time I felt like this, also what is "tsh" and "fsh" what are the diffrences? I have done Ivf once but the truth is I never asked my doctor. WHY? I dont't know really. I noticed that alot of people are so informed and knowlegeable on this I thought why am I not? now I want to know and hopefully you girls will educate me and tell me what the numbers mean. Thank you guys for your inspirational stories and your support. Right now I'm just doing the preliminaries and trying to loose weight so that I can start my ivf in april,(long wait!). I know I will be needing your support and I would like to start by becoming friends with you guys so when the time comes I have a strong support group so that I can confide in and express my feelings knowing that you understand what I'm going through. every body is so nice and helpful on this forum.I have three sisters and they are both so fertile, talking to them about my infertility is like them telling me the pain they had when they dilvered thier babies. I think the most hurtful for me is when we discuss issues regarding raising children, if they dont agree with what I say they respond with "YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND UNTILL YOU HAVE YOUR OWN CHILDREN" that hurts so much. maybe they are right,there are things I probloby won't understand untill I have my own, but don't throw it in my face. thank you for allowing me to vent. I look forward to your response. baby dust to all.
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i forgot to ask sorry, when is the best day to test of ovuloation after clomid?
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Hi there....can't help with the hormone question...I don't know it off of the top of my head, but just do a google search, that's what I did...I took Clomid days 3-7 and started testing with OPKs on Day 10. I think it says to wait three days after your last clomid pill so you don't get a false positive because of the hormones. I had no idea when I ovulated and I didn't want to miss it, so I started early. I got a positive OPK on day 17. Good luck:)
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I have been taking clomid off and on for 5 years now.  Took a break all last year b/c it gets very stressful.  I know what you mean about others around you saying wait till you have children.  My neice who is 19 is having her baby on 1-15-07.  When i found out I was hurt.  I am the adult and she is the child why not me.  I also have friend that tell me all the time just wait till you have kids it hurts.  Question about clomid you take days 3-7 and on day 10 you can start the ovulation test.  First time I was on clomid I felt nothing.  Second time I was crazy, mean and frustrated with my DH.  I also had alot of hot flashes.  With clomid it hard to say how you will fell from cycle to cycle.

Keep you in my prayers and lots of baby dust.
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TSH is your thyroid, and FSH measures your ovarian reserve. Here's a link to a good chart, but there an error on it. Normal FSH levels are 6-13, with 13 being a diminished reserve.

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Ok, FSH is Folical Stimulating Hormone. They like to see this level under 10, my doc told me anything 10 and higher is a red flag for diminishing ovarian reserve (how many and the quaility of your eggs)
TSH is Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
This is to check your thyroid levels, I am not sure what is a red flag, but my lab work says normal range is .30-5.50.

I hope that helps.

What kind of side effects are you having with clomid?
I will be doing the clomid challenge test next week when AF arrives and so I am very nervous about taking clomid, I don't want to become a raging b*tch :)
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This is my first cycle on clomid 50mg a day fortunetly I havent had any of the side effects except for a hot flash once in a while, although i dont know if its from the clomid or a small cold I'm getting rid of.  I hope this is month for all of us.  I go back to the doctor on monday for them to check the follicles I think.  I am also on folitism.
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thank you guys for the info i am doing some more reasearch and i will be testing  day 10 on tuesday well i will keep you informed. baby dust to all
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I am on day three of Clomid and my period just stopped. could i be pergnant
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