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44 yrs old & TTC 6 months after Miscarriage with Now Abnormal Periods Since Loss

I have always gotten pregnant easily with my ex. BUT, I had my 1st miscarriage 6 months ago and my cycles that are usually 21-31 days apart after a period, have been light and drawn out, lasting weeks at a time, and I have also missed my period in December but have started up again with light, brown spotting. I take my waking temp, chart my CM. My unfertile window used to be 96.8, now it's 97.2 at least with very little eggwhite or watery CM. It's now usually sticky or creamy. I've taken many pregnancy tests and I am not pregnant, but I am wondering how long it will take for my body to go back to having normal cycles and CM. My body is normally a slow healer, but I never thought it'd take this long for my cycles to go back since losing my daughter in July. I want another baby before it's too late. Has anyone else gone through this? What can I do to improve my cycles and chances of getting pregnant?
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I am so sorry for your miscarriage and loss of your daughter. That's painful. It takes a bit to heal emotionally from that as well as physically.

So, you take your temperature. That was very informative for me. I stayed in a pretty regular spot until I ovulated and then I went up one degree. Then I started to come back down right as my period was starting. EXCEPT when pregnant and it didn't come down. I know you know this. I would look at your regular temperature now as your new normal and chart it the same way you were charting before. What you may be seeing is that you have no yet ovulated since July. Have you spoken to your doctor (assuming you have). Sadly our bodies begin to work against us and our eggs become less in number and quality. This does not mean you won't go on to have a healthy, full term pregnancy. However, I think you need help of a doctor. The average couple can take a full year to conceive. I would not wait that long. I had my first son at a few years younger than you and my doctor told me at my post baby birth check (six weeks after I delivered) to not wait. To begin trying and give it six months. And then seek help from fertility if I didn't get pregnant.

Have you had your thyroid checked? That can cause abnormal cycles as well. It did for me in my 20's. I think you need a full work up to find out where you are at and if you need any additional help. They can go as far as to see how many eggs you have to work with. Do you have any living children?
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