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4AB Frozen Blastocyst tranfer and negative pregancy test on day 11. Any hope?

Hi all, I am very shocked and devastated that my home pregnancy test this morning was negative as I truly believed this time our ICSI treatment would work and the embryo would implant. This embryo was from our second batch where the fresh 4AA that was transferred resulted in a positive but ended up as ectopic at my seven week scan as they couldn't find the pregnancy.  It was in my right tube and as a result, I lost this tube.  
As this was a frozen blastocyst I should really be seeing something on a home pregnancy test by now?  I used a clear blue digital and two other brands. All said negative.  Is there any hope for me?
This journey is so heartbreaking.  
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Hi sweetie.  I know it is hard waiting. They do say to test at day 14 and that is for a reason.  I know that by day 11, most women would get a positive test if pregnant but not all do. There IS still hope.  Do you have an in office check for your HCG level on day 14?  

I'm sorry about your ectopic too!  That really stinks and I can feel in how you write your post how much you want this baby and for this round of IVF to work.  Let's wait to see what the result is on day 14.  I'll be thinking about you and hope you come back and let me know how that test goes.  hugs
Hi, thank you so much for your lovely reply. You’ve made me cry again... but it a good way. I tested again this morning and it was still negative. I will let you know how the 14th goes but I think by that I’ll be a lot less emotional. Thank you for taking the time to respond lovely xxxx
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Hi.  I don't know what your final verdict was on day 14.  I hope it was positive but if not, please know you will get your baby and hopefully soon. hugs
Thank you xxxx
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Hi, honey. May I ask what your final verdict was?
Here's what I experienced when saw bfp for the first time of my life:
I never tested before 13dpo. I've been having lots of symptoms before. But I didn't expect the cycle would bring any positive results. I know this might sound strange. But really wasn't too optimistic after the first failure..So as for the symptoms: Nausea from around 6dpo. Tiredness starting from 4dpo!! Muscle aching, mild cramping (Never bothering!). Poking/tugging feeling in uterus at 11dpo. Small amount of pinkish/brown CM at 8-9dpo. I really doubted whether I should test or not before my official beta. Went med with waiting and tested on 13dpo. Got bfp.
Hope you'll share some perfect news with us. Hugs.
Hi lovely, huge congratulations on your BFP! Amazing news.
It was a negative for us unfortunately.
I hope you enjoy every second of your pregnancy xxxx
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I am so sorry for your negative result!  I can't give any answers regarding IVF as I am new to this nightmare as of a year ago when I lost my last fallopian tube to an ectopic pregnancy.  Please please learn how to chart your cycle and be disciplined to do it every single month!  I had my first ectopic 2014, lost rt tube.  had 2 babies naturally after that.  then lost my left tube to an ectopic in 2018.  The doctors were cavalier and said "don't worry...there's always IVF"....but I had lots of surgical complications including damage to my ovaries....so my egg quality is not to good now.  Once you have your first ectopic your chances of having another go way up...I think like 10-20% chance per pregnancy.  So please always be vigilant even when you are not going through IVF so you will never end up like me.
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