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6 weeks and no symptoms

has anyone been 6 weeks going on 7 pregnant and had no sypmtoms but being tired? this really worried because i had two miscarriages i went to the doctor and she did an internal ultra sound and saw the sac and said its tsill to early to see the baby ...i just feel weird because with my son symptoms started right away...i fear a third miscarriage
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I am 6 weeks along too!!!  Please try not to worry that your not having symptons - you may be just really lucky & feel good the whole time!  I felt good and had no morning sickness & no sore breasts or anything when I was pregnant with my son - & everything turned out just fine.  Each pregnancy is different!  As long as your not bleeding or feeling bad - I think you're OK. Good Luck & keep us posted!
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Im 4 weeks and 2 days preggo and I have no symptoms eiether.... Except being really tired and a bit moody. I had a miscarriage in October and I had really sore breast with that pregnancy. But I know everyone and every pregnancy is different. I'm just like you I'm freaking out because I dont have every symptom and I am so scared of another miscarriage!Just try not to stress like I am doing,because stress is not good for you or the baby. I hope this helps=)
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Don't worry yourself...with my daughter, I had absolutely no symptoms except being very tired for the first 8 - 10 weeks.  I was considered one of the lucky ones, although I really wanted more symptoms to "prove" to myself that I was indeed pregnant.  Once the symptoms started, I was glad for the little "breather" in the beginning.  You can consider yourself one of the lucky ones :)
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I am 16 DPO have no symptoms of AF coming. No cramps, spotting, no PMS an she is very regular always 30-31 days like a clock. I really have no EUREKA I am pregnant symptoms either. I took a HPT today but it is BFN. How long should I wait to test again? What could be a reason I am not getting AF or BP?
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