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6 days post a 3 day transfer of 3 ‘good’ embryos

Hi I am 6 days post a 3 day transfer of 3 grade 1 10 cell embryos. I have no symptoms. Our doc said we have a 50/50 chance and the 2ww is brutal. I’m so emotional. Our doc said the embryos were good but I’ve read that at day 3 embryos shouldn’t have 10 cells. Anyone ever been in this situation? Thanks
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I have not but it sounds like you have done the very best you can.  Time will tell and a 50/50 chance is actually pretty good odds.  Let's cross fingers and toes!!  When are you allowed to officially test?
Thanks specialmom.  I test next Tuesday and Thursday.  Will know Friday 28th if pregnant.
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It's hard waiting, no?  But stay positive, do some nice things for yourself, rest.  Don't look for symptoms.  I know some people get them but I never did.  I only knew from a test or otherwise I had  nothing strange going on. So, stay busy and please come back and tell me what happens!
Thanks... woke up this morning at 2 to period like cramps and back ache...  Not bad but just enough to feel like period is coming. This is exactly what happened a couple months ago during anouther IVF cycle that failed. I know every pregnancy is different but just doesn’t make me feel positive. Thanks for all the support.
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So, how are you today?  I do know plenty of mama's who had what felt like period pains and thought their period was coming and they were actually pregnant.  So, don't think it's over yet!!!
Thanks.. well period feeling come and go and yesterday had a couple weird pains in uterus area. They only lasted a sec but were very strong lightening feeling ( only way I can explain it). No other symptoms... just been emotional. Friday can’t come soon enough.
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Ya, I know it is really hard to wait.  Hugs.  Friday will be here soon!!!  
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So.. the anticipation is killing me so decided to just take a HPT. I am 15 days post trigger shot pregnyl 10,000 I think and 10 days post a 3 day transfer. The test is very positive! Not sure if I should be excited or not.  Do you think it’s still the trigger shot?
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OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!  Be excited!!!  Friday will be here for confirmation but to me, it sounds like you have been successful!!!!!  YAY!!
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Good luck! We are trying for our second and I just had a Frozen Embryo Transfer and having cramps and back pain. I know cramping is normal but I have never known it to be this intense.  I am keeping everyone is my prayers and ask that you please do the same for me/ send me happy positive preggo vibes. I go on 10/8 for pregnancy test.
Oh yes, for sure.  Wishing you the best!!  When can you find out for sure?  
Thanks! On 8/8
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Good luck and lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way. I know this journey is difficult.
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This is my 16th day past trigger and still bfp!!!...Find out in two days from doc if it’s the real deal.  Hope that trigger shot isn’t messing with me.
Thanks and good luck to you as well!
How did it go yesterday?
I’m pregnant!!!! My first beta was 200 and second was 500... it’s superearly but so far looks good. My nurse said all period like cramping was the embryo embedding and uterus explanding.... find out the 15th how many took. Very excited but also being cautious. Thank you for all your support.
Congratulations Mama! How exciting! I will certainly keep you and little one in my prayers...I go on 10/8.
Miasol16, Thank you... wishing you the best on the 8th.  
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I'm excited for you!!!  Please stick around as I feel like I know you now.  lol.  We have pregnancy forums and I hope to follow you through your pregnancy as it is a wild ride in and of itself!  And miasol16, I have great faith you will also be positive!  Can't wait to hear!
Thank you @specialmom
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I haven't been to this situation myself. Our clinic performs it day 5 blasts. Our nurse explained there could be this difference with terms of first symptoms 'cause 5day embies are more developed than 3day obviously. So the patients might feel their first symptoms a bit later than those who transferred blasts. Also you should keep in mind NOT very woman experiences symptoms!! They might feel just nothing and then successfully get their bfp. So let me think you're one of those with her embies pretending to keep themselves in secret lol. I know 2ww is always hard and too emotional. And this is the time when you're trying to see every other change in your body and look for some similarities among others. That's all ok. That's natural. But don't get obsessed over it. May god give you more strength to survive this period. Keeping you in my prayers. All the best!!
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