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7 days late, neg. HPT. pre-menopause???

ok, so here it is... (i apologize in advance for the long post)
my husband and I have been TTC for over a year now, and month after month we get the unfortunate monthly gift.
2 years ago i gave birth to a healthy baby boy, prior to becoming pregnant with him we tried for 6 years only to find out that i was not getting pregnant due to having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. the dr. advised me to change my diet, gave me Metformin to take and i became pregnant immediately. A year after he was born we decided to try for one more before ending the baby chapter in our lives. I continued to keep my diet healthy and am still taking Metformin. My periods have been regular every month since he was born up until June. 2011 when they started getting lighter, longer apart (which gave us a glimmer of hope when we thought we might be late due to pregnancy) only to see a neg HPT and period would start) the rollercoaster of emotions of being excited one minute and sad the next was almost making us want to quit trying, so we did. I threw the calendar away, stopped scheduling our intimate time and even went to see the dr. about possible birth control. he told me to have a blood test done on day 2-3 of my cycle to rule out any hormonal or thyroid problems before we decide to do anything. so here i am thinking my period would start on Nov. 25, 2011 (last period was Oct 23) and, nothing. now, 7 days late no preg. symptoms except frequent urination and some mild cramping & sweating, and took a HPT on Nov. 28 and sadly it was negative. i started having this menthol taste in my mouth and throat about a week ago, looked it up and said it could be a sign of menopause... which could definitely explain my lack of periods and symptoms but im only 31, is this normal??  my next app. with the dr. isnt until Januaryand im starting to feel a little desperate. hoping someone can help...thanks.
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31 does sound early for menopause. Did you already have your day 2-3 blood test or is that scheduled for this coming cycle? Most probably this blood test will include an FSH test, which will help you better understand your ovarian reserve. Basically the higher the number, the harder it will be to get pregnant.

As for your other symptoms, like frequent urination and mild cramping, they do sound like they could be pregnancy symptoms, but I'm not sure about the sweating, and I would think you'd get a positive pregnancy test by now if you last period started October 23 (this of course depends on when you ovulated).

Maybe give it a little more time, and if still no period, and no positive pregnancy test, see if you can reschedule your appointment...or even just go in for a blood test. They could do a progesterone test (to see if you have in fact ovulated this month...if not, that could explain why the cycle is so long) and maybe also an Hcg test just in case you are in fact pregnant.

If it is a non-ovulatory cycle, maybe it has something to do with your PCOS "acting back up" again and maybe you just need to adjust the metformin dose.

Best of luck with everything!
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thank you so much for taking the time to read and reply! its greatly appreciated.
I havent had my 2-3 day test yet as i am still waiting for my period to start. last period was Oct. 23rd. I took a HPT Nov. 29, Dec. 2, & today Dec. 6, every one was negative. very devestating.
I think you may be right about adjusting the metformin dose, but i did ask my dr about it and he said thats probably not the case as im taking about 2000 mg a day which is a pretty high dose. its really strange because since starting the meds my periods have been like clockwork up until Aug then every month since then ive been 2-3 days late but still got it until this month (i have never been this late before) but im thinking a home test should have for sure given me an answer by now? wish the waiting to get in to the dr. wasnt so long, cant see him again until January unless i get a positive HPT. its like being pregnant without the confirmation, late period, mild cramping, fatigue, increase smell, heartburn, gas, and now ive started with a yeast infection (which i rarely get) this just doesnt make sense.
thanks for all of your help. the support really means alot to me.
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