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AF showed up. Another battle lost

Hi All,

As many of you know, I was going through an IUI+ Injectible cycle and  was in the 2WW with quite a few of you. My period showed up early this morning. Today was supposed to be my blood test, but now I don't feel like going to the doc at all. Maybe I'll go tomorrow. Feel so numb that I can't even cry. I have decided to take some time off from all this and focus on other things before I decide what to do next. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of you who have given me your support and comfort all this time. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

signing off for now,
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Sorry to hear your AF came also, SUCKS so bad! I am deciding to give another try this month with clomid, trigger shot and 2 IUI's, we will see.  All i know is that my days go by very slowly, anyone else feel this way?  What cycle day are you?, i am currently cd 9, are you with me or close?  Lots of luck  Fit4fun
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I am in the same boat...AF came two days late yesterday.  I didn't want to even go in because my HPT was negative.  I would rather save my 85 bucks on next cycle, if I even do another cycle.  Anyone doing it again next time?  I am giving up and buying a convertable...adoption is like 30 grand!!!  It is out of the question. We all need to stick together ladies.  Sad faces and all, this time is THE time!!!!  
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Sorry to here of your unwelcome AF!  i understand how you feel, my doctors appointment/bloodtest was today and I started yesterday as well, very dissapointing after clomid and 2 IUI's this past month.  I am thinking of you and will try again this month, i think this is my last try though.  fit4fun
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So sorry to hear about the very unwelcome guest - af!!!! Mine showed this am too! awoke me from sleep with cramps, and knew it was for sure all over with!   Well enjoy some wine and coffee and some time trying not to think about it!       This ttc thing is such a roller coaster, but it will be a happy ending and all worth it in the end!  Good luck to you and your in my thoughts and prayers, it will happen!!!!! Keep me updated!
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