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AGP--- Sis-Stars**** W/LUB

Hey Ladies...

So much LuB in the Cyber Room...I'm Lovin' it.

I'm just doing a drop by, but couldn't catch all the replies...thought it was a long one.

KrisssssTa: Go ba--byyyyy...Like Helen said...all ya need is one, but wouldn't that be JUsT PeAchy if both sStaY??!! ;o) Major Buckets...oh wait...Full ON RSssssssssBD shower AGAIN tonight...remember NO drying the special areas. ;o) This is IT lady. btw: You saw that Helen also had valium...I'ma def get some if I have to go again. ;o)

Eraka: Gurrrrrrrrrl...You ain't said nothin' but a WoRd boo!! Stand  still cause this hose has POWER!!! ;o) So glad to see you back on and feeliing better. Miss ya. ;o)

Jen: Hope you are resting & doing SWELL! ;o) Congrats on those beautiful embies too...Fantastic!!

Tij: Hope you are hanging in Gf. All positive energy & Lub your way fr. ya Gurlz. ;o)  

Sal: Hope you have a blast @ the game! ;o) Yeah...like YoU wouldn't...BACON!!! ;o)

Kele: Hey ma'...sounds like your school thing is in place & going well.

Amberlee: Cute Belly Pics! ;o)

Sammy: Soooooo excited for ya...do Big Things ma'. ditto what Sal said about resting & we know you gonna enjoy that ride tomorrow. ;o)

Lisa: How ya doing? What CD you on again?

Miky : We really be missing ya ma'...hope all is well. xoxoxo

Mags: You good? Haven't heard from ya in a minute...hope all is well.

Helen: Congrats on hitting 21 weeks...I think. Amberlee & Kele: Same to ya...Congrats on new week...it is so beautiful...I'ma probably celebrate everyday. ;o) Seems it's been soooooooo long since I got sick & counted weeks. Oh no...I did not mean to put  a sad on a GLAD!!! ((smooches))

Me: Ladies...this is CD27 and I've been cramping for the last few days...not sure what that is, but hope not AF, because I just ov'd CD22. ;o) Alright...I'll be checking in on everyone again soon.
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Krista! WhOoT! I am sending RSSBD flying everywhere! As far as the transfer goes...ditto on what all the other gals said. I didn't get valium but was pleased as punch when the catheter came...whoo talk about full bladder...Good luck lady and pamper yourself for the next two weeks...the AGP demands it.
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Good Luck Girl!!!!!
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Thanks everyone!!!

I feel like I have been a bad AGP sister and have been so self-absorbed this week.  Sorry.  

I've been thinking about all of you though!

Tijuana, sad a little prayer yesterday for your aunt...any word?

BTW, why do you need a full bladder for the transfer?

And no, my clinic doesn't give out valium unless it "is needed".  Don't think I need it.  I am going to accupuncture before and after transfer, and have already gone and rented a stack of movies.  I'm all into Civil War books right now so I rented a couple long Civil War movies, a miniseries, and of course "Baby Mama" (is that the name of the movie?) with Tina Fey!  I am officially ready!
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Sounds like you're set!!! Just sit back and grow little baby grow!!!!
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Krista-The full blader is so they can pinpoint exactly where your uterus is.
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I hope I don't pee on myself!
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Hey yall!!

Yeah Krista!!! Praying that embies stick REAL GOOD!!!! I had to pee so bad, they will give you a cup to let you fill that up, but nothing over that. I always went over and just drank more water after I relieved myself. You will be just fine!! I am so very happy for you!! FCI doesn't require you to rest an hour...five or ten minutes I think...I went home and relaxed.

My aunt is doing great. The surgery went well. She is at home resting. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

AFM. I am okay. Still sick as ever. Had one drop of brownish blood on my liner, but hopefully that's normal.

Well I am pooped. I will talk to you all later!!


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Ladies, I'm sorry I've been MIA for a while.  I actually had a bad reaction to the steroids after all.  At least, I think it was a reaction to the steroids.  Had me very freaked because I didn't know what was wrong with me.  Spent a few days with my whle body vibrating and feeling not quite dizzy but like I was standing on the deck of a boat... you know? ... unstable.  And nauseous.  Oh, and I could barely stay awake for more than a half hour at a time and couldn't concentrate on anything.  It was absolutely hideous and rather frightening.  Particularly as my doctor kept telling me I had done it to myself and it was just anxiety!!  I KNOW I can make myself sick due to anxiety but I do NOT make myself dizzy and unable to sit up or stay awake!!!
Finally, after blood tests and God knows how many different anxiety meds, he told me to get my blood pressure checked.  Never crossed my mind!!
Went to get it checked and the poor chemist who was checking it for me did it 3 times, mumbling under his breath the whole time and after the third he said "You must go to the doctor NOW."
Turned out I had really low blood pressure.
I can not tell you how unbelievably relieved I am that that's all it was because I really did think that it was MS related and things were taking a turn for the worse.  As it is, my neuro's convinced me that that is most definitely not the case and I am indeed feeling better every day.  But it's only since yesterday that I can in fact sit up and do stuff.

There's been a lot to catch up on so please forgive me if I miss something and don't address everyone but...

Savanha, thanks for the new thread and I sure hope AF stays WELL away from you!!!

Krista, I SO have everything crossed for you.  btw, I never remembered to go in with a full bladder so mine was only ever kinda half full and it was no problem.  And you have so got nothing to apologise for in the self-absorbed arena!!!

Sally, the pic of the kittens is SOOOO sweet!  I found a new born kitten a few years ago and I used a syringe to feed it baby formula and kept it in this little box with a zip lock bag full of warm water wrapped in a piece of tshirt.  I would feed it every 2 hours even through the night.  She grew up to be the most amazing little cat in the world.  She died really young - she was only 4 - because we don't have vets in this country... we have butchers instead.  It broke my heart but left me with a love for kitty cats that I never had before.  PS: I swore I would only feed her till she was able to fend for herself too!!!!!!!!

Tij, I am amazed at your attitude with everything you've been through.  I pray that your little bean will stick around and become a great big bean.

Miky, where are you???

Hugs to everyone!  It's the weekend here and I'm celebrating the fact that I can look forward to this attack ending and moving on!!
(God am I relieved!)
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I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. I really wish I had you when I was going through those failed IVF cycles.....I did have others on medhelp to help and support me which was a blessing........but you ladies are AwEsOmE as well  !!!!!!!

Thanks Savanha for starting a new thread...I miss you too.... You are such a hoot.....I gained three punds back since surgery and feel like a pack of sugar but once I am able to start walking and exercising again...I'll do a lil bit better :)

Krista: I am sending RSssssssssBD shower your way AGAIN....

Helen....you are so sweet and I have been touched by your kind words since the beginning of my journey.....those pics were so cute, thanks for sharing. You are truly glowing.

Juana: You know what I told ya, keep the faith. You could not have said it any better....Wat's for you, is for you. Know that we are here for you and I am only a phone call away. Take time for "YOU" and remember that He will never put more on you than you can handle. I know it doesn't seem that way when you are going through (Lord knows I felt like that often) but know the laaaaaaaaaaadddddiiiesssssssss are here 4 u!

kp1212: No need to apologize....we are sistahs  :)

Amberlee: I like the pics...keep us updated with more when you can :)

Well, I have to cut this short as I am late getting out of here for work......I will catch ya later.

Have a good day!


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Magda - Girl, after all you have been through, I am sure that you will be blessed with your BFP soon! Glad you are feeling better, I dread thinking what could have been.

Erakal - Thanks! I know I can always lean on you and this wonderful group of women. Our bond is unbreakable!! I know that one day some or all of us will meet face to face!!!

Sam - hope all is going well with your retrieval!!

Sally - The kitten looks adorable. You are going to be a great mommy!!

Savanah - You know you rock...nothing ore needs to be said!! Praying that AF gets out of your town!!!

Krista -*POOF* - That's some more of the stickiest baby dust I could find for you!! Work it GF!!

Evie - hope you are resting well after your IUI!!

Jen - Same for you!! You better be getting some rest!!

Kele - When is the yard sale??

Helen - Hiya sweetie!

Amberlee - Have you finished squirting your DH...you are so wacky...I thought about that driving home from work and was cracking up!!

Jenea - Glad that yournieces and nephew are being taken care of..That should help you rest easy.

AFM, I am still feeling very sick and am eexpieriencing mild cramps and some back ache. No mores spotting and still praying!

I have a board meeting to attend ...so boring so i probably won't be back on until later this afternoon/evening.

Enjoy your Friday ladies!!

Much love!!

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Good morning ladies!
*enters room flinging RSSBD around like a mad woman*

Magda-Sorry to hear that you had to go through all that, but I am happy that you seem to be on the road to recovery and the road to a BFP.

Krista-I'm sure you won't pee yourself. I should post a pic of my transfer day...all you see is this little comet looking blur (the embies) and a huge dark blob which was my painfully full bladder.

T- I am so relieved that your aunt is doing well. The yard sale is Sat and Sun 9-4 and anything that is left will be brought to the Salvation Army. Can't wait to get all this stuff out of my place.

Miky-Where are you......?

Sal-Nothing is sweeter than a purring kitten...well maybe a cupcake is.  lol

Me-I'm doing some homework this morning then hopefully finishing up the boxing of the yard-sale things and pricing the bigger items, then to do a thrifty grocery trip. Talk wit all my sis-stars later.

*leaves room tucking baggies of RSSBD in everyone's pockets*
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Good Morning Everyone -

It is a miserable overcast, rainy, dreary day here in miserable Columbus and as I am sure that you can figure out, I am feeling miserable as well.  Purely an emotional misery - actually not feeling anything physically!  I am 6DPO and just trying not to think about it!  I've got a big game to focus on this Sat. (OSU v. USC - GO BUCKS!) and a bbq to attend!  So hopefully, I can keep my mind off of everything!

Magda - I am sorry that you are facing so many obstacles on your journey to a BFP! I'll keep saying prayers that things go better for you, each day!

Krista - I hope that you have a smooth transfer.  BTW, my transfer was NOTHING, especially compared to the MISERABLE retrieval that I had!! :)  Good luck and stick, baby, stick!!  I'm sending you "GORILLA GLUE" - the toughest glue on the market!  Use it liberally all over the uterus so that those babies stick anywhere that they land!! :)

Juana - Your spirit is an amazing thing!  You are truly an inspiration and I wish you nothing but the best and healthiest pregnancy - I am praying that they were wrong and everything is going to be just fine!  How many weeks are you, again?

I am sure that I will be lurking alot today - only one baby to watch and nothing to do with the piddly rain dripping down!
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