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AGP Dance off continues

Season....6 I think.  Here we go dancing with the follies!  

Magda leads in season number 4 with a whopping 30 follies.  Go Magda!  Heather Jo won season number 5 of the Implantation Follies, Lexima came in a close second!  Mary, Fiona, Jen, and Sam are gearing up, gathering speed and twirling with such grace and beauty it's anyones guess how this will turn out.  Lisa won the Libido round, but is hoping to join the Implantation dance this time around.  Helen, of course is twirling, though she's on the bench for short recovery period from a mild ovarian injury, heal Helen, heal!  Jackson, is temporarily on the side lines as well.  AF is currently holding her back.  Da*m beeatch!   But, she also has a mild injury delaying her entry into the follie dance we are all praying for a speedy recovery and hoping to see her twirliing again very soon.  Dee, well what can we say about Dee.  She's been our commentator, judge, secretary and comic relieve.   She's worn so many hats, we are all just very impressed.  This'll be her first entry into the follie dance with the coach Lupron, and (not sure) coach Follistim, or is it Gonal F?  I know Gonal F's fees run a bit higher.  Either way Dee's in good hands and we are all pulling for her.

OK dancers,  set your shoes, breath deep,  and.......DANCE!  Let the Follies begin!
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Lisa:  You seriously crack me up.  I feel like you should be writing for a comedy show.  Don't stop teaching though, because the little ones really need positive people in their lives.  I wish you had been my teacher when I was young -- although that would have been strange since I am older than you.  I know what you mean about hiding your head during the 2ww.  I found that this was, by far, the most difficult 2ww I have endured.  I think it is still the whole shock from the cancelled IVF.  Last week, I really felt AF knocking on my door.  My security system must have scared her away, since I've had no sign of her for days now.  I will not POAS - the beta on Monday will tell.

Helen:  You must be tired from all of the dancing and twirling you are doing.  Hope you are staying hydrated :)  I very much appreciate your kind thoughts, especially in light of what you are going through right now.

Magda:  How stressful was that with DH.  Like you aren't under enough stress without a cardiac scare.  In terms of subcutaneous injections, my RE specifically told me to use my belly.  She didn't give me a reason, nor did I ask.  She said it, so I did it.  I did notice on the medication instruction sheet they showed administration in either the belly or thighs.  My meds ( Ganirelix, Menopur, Follistim) did not list the arms as an option.  If I get the opportunity, I will do some research on the absorption of injections given at different sites.

Fiona:  Hope all goes well tomorrow.  Please let us know what the final results are.

Dee:  Thanks for updating the list.  Can't wait to hear the latest results of your b/w on the 19th.

Heather:  What can I say to my favorite mom of 3.  Hope the nausea is under control.   Rest, rest, rest adn take care of yurself.  When you are not resting, please log on and let us know how you are doing.  ((HUGS)) (cyber of course)
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Thank you Mary for the nice compliment.  I know I keep myself pretty amused most of the time.  Glad you can get some comic relief as well!  

I think I'll post this question on the forum to open it up a bit, but want to ask you ladies about implantation bleeding.  I know it occurs in only 20% of pg and that it occurs between 6dpo and 12dpo.  BUT, has anyone had it earlier?  I had a bit of spotting at 3 dpo.  Not even enough to mention.  Not even really spotting, just very, very faint pink on the tissue.  But, today at 4dpo, I had definite pink spotting and I feel like AF is on her way, cramping, lower back pain, emotional.  It's a bit early for both AF and implantation. So, I was just curious is anyone had implantation bleeding that early.  (I know my head isn't too far in the sand for me to make note of this.  I'll bury it again soon.)
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Hmmm, I don't know what that can be.  Lexima had implantation bleeding but it was much later in the game.  Last time I had IUI my doc had difficulty finding my cervix opening and I had some mild spotting early on.  However, if you did not have some spotting right away after your IUI this is unlikely to be due to the procedure.  I am really not sure what can be causing it.  If this is implantation you can probably get a very early BFP though :)
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Magda--You poor people! I am so glad dh is doing better!!!! Maybe you guys can take a short little weekend vacation or something. Be sure not to let dh get too overheated or take hot baths, showers, use heating pads. Raising body temperature can increase the heart rate and bp. He also needs lots more water right now. My prayers are with you both.

Fiona--You are on my mind and I am praying for success tomorrow :-)

Mary--Hey--don't touch me! (HAHAHA) Thanks as always for a laugh at your dry wit, and also for your sentiments. Good girl for not POAS yet!! I am glad AF seems to be keeping her distance also.

Lisa--Your creativity never ceases to amaze me, even in the face of the 2ww and weird spotting :-D All I can say is whatever is going on with you is something different than usual, and maybe that in itself is a good sign.

Helen--When will they check on this cyst again? I guess it is "good" it has been there a while already so it goes away sooner. I have gotten corpus ltuem cysts off and on for years, and they always resolve pretty quickly, especially after AF. Is this the type you have?

Dee--I have another u/s March 26th, so you can add that to the "list"

I hope all this twirling you guys are doing pays off! Poor Helen and Lisa, you must be more nauseated than I am!!!!!
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Lisa - can i have some of your libido. The nasal spray has absolutely killed it for me. Re: the implantation bleed - from my googling most people seem to get it about 7-10dpiui. i doubt its A/F though. I am going to bump your post in a minnie.

FiFi - retrieval 16th March
Magda - doing shots
Jackson Angel - bloods 17th March
Mary - testing 17th March
Dee - bloods 19th March
Helen - u/s 21st March
Heather - u/s 26th March winner of most number of babies and survivor AGP
Lisa - TWW (4dpo)
Jen - IUI in 2 weeks
Sam- IUI in 2 weeks
Amy - might hold off TTC for a bit

1.30pm Sunday
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Well, I was just telling my girlfriend of "down there" that I am really going to miss the injections because they really did pick things up "down there".    Although it's still hanging on, though for what good it does me without a dh.   But, if I have any libido left over to share I will certainly twirl some your way!

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Lisa, excellent intro... you go girl !!!
Dee, Jackson_Angel, Helen, Lisa, Mary, Helen... thanks all for your concern about DH.  Yes, it was pretty freaky but he's fine. J_A, it really was purely caused by work-stress!!!  There's a lesson for us all to consider what's more important in our lives!  Now to get that lesson through a thick male skull !!!!!!!!
Heather, I wish I COULD get him to take a break but whenever I try to insist on a break or on him making a point of coming home from work on time or anything like that he tells me that he'll just end up more stressed when, as a result, he has even MORE work piled up!!!  What the hel l can I say to that??
That said, I'm going to look into flights and stuff to Istabul.  He LOVES Istanbul and it's only a 2 hour flight and he does have 3 to 4 days off in a few days.  Thing is, we have to go back to Beirut for his tests.  But if I can find a flight FROM Beirut and the timings work out, I might just surprise him with it!
I gotta say, you ladies are giving me a headache with all your twirling!!!  And here I feel like I'm very much just plodding along.  I feel like a beached wale as am still sick with whatever tummy bug I picked up in India and am unbelievably bloated and feel soooo lethargic.  No twirling from me!
Re the belly shots.. I have to admit, I too have plenty of extra layering there but I'm not so sure I feel a need to have DH examining it quite as closely as he would be doing if he was giving me shots there!!!  Just kidding... might have to give that a try.
Mary, thanks for the info.  My shots actually didn't come with any info sheet!! Typical over here!  
But Lisa, you really think it wouldn't be an issue because I seem to be a 'good producer'?
I'll have to just ring the doc and ask him.
Lisa, re the pink spotting... I had that happen after my second IVF.  In the end my doc said it was most likely just from a cervical scratch or something from the procedure.  Sounds strange what with it being a few days later but apparently it can happen.  Now I have no idea what the procedure is for an IUI and if it can happen as a result of that but point being, I really think you should tell your doctor as mine literally doubled (if not more) the progesterone I was taking "just in case".  
I don't mean to worry you but better safe, right?  Then again, if it's stopped, I guess it isn't important.
Fiona, good luck today!!!!!!  ooohh... lucky woman.. you get to have anasthetic!!
tee hee ;-)
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I am holding my fingers crossed for you today and hope that everything goes smoothly!

I hope you are getting plenty of rest.
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Why am I not getting email notices when there are new posts???  Has this happened to anyone else.  I thought maybe I had just forgotten to click on "Watch this thread" but no... it's clicked!
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Fiona,  We are all thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of babydust.  I'm twirling my magic wand your way right now!  

Magda, My e-mail notices come in pretty regularly.  Maybe you have a spam filter that is blocking some of yours?

BTW - I really don't think it matters where you do your injections because it appears your a good responder to the meds.  Compare how your body has responded in relation to Fiona, Mary and Myself who only produced 3 follicles.  Yet you've produced literally 10 times that.  So, I think it really is a professional preference for each dr.  as to where they suggest you inject.  In cases like Mary, Fiona and I it probably does matter a great deal since we are not responding at the level and rate that you are and we need every extra push we can get.  I say just inject wherever is most comfortable, or least painful.  Your body is all connected and you'll be absorbing the meds either way.

Helen,  I cancelled my cable television today.  Couldn't afford the extra expense any longer so I'm with you in being without cable. Though I will get basic local channels, so I should still get AI.  Got to have my AI!
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Thanks Lisa for the 'vote of confidence'!!!  I guess I'm just afraid that I did so well before because of the protocol the other doctor was using and now I'm afraid that I won't respond well.  But as I keep saying, I chose to go with this doctor and now I have to let the poor man do things his way and stop thinking at every step, "But that's not how my last doctor did it."

Oh and... all of a sudden, now I'm getting the email notices!!  Go figure.
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Hi Ladies, thanks so much for all you good wishes.  Madga, the anesthetic was awesome!  IVF went very well.  As I suspected there was only 2 follicles but there was eggies in there unlike the last time.  I'm just so relieved right now.  I'll find out on Tuesday if they fertilised and if so then transfer on Wednesday.  I know I took a big risk going forward with only 2 but I need to know about the quality.  I'm feeling really good, no pain at all just the anesthetic making my head a little woozy.

My mother called me on Friday to tell me my brother and his wife are expecting a baby in the Fall.  So, that's my two brothers expecting babies.  I'm hoping it comes in three's and that I'm next.

Madga, I'm so relieved your dh is okay.  
Mary, good luck tomorrow.  I'm praying for you.
Jackson Angel, thinking of you too.
Love to all
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I am glad that everything went well and you are feeling OK.  When will they give you fertilization results?   I am praying for 2 great embryos for you.  
Take care of yourself!
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Fiona, glad you enjoyed the anasthetic!! (can't wait for mine... tee hee...)
Thank you, yes, I am SO relieved too.  In fact, the last few days, ever since we went to see this doctor in Beirut, we've been ever so soppy and lovey dovey with each other.  I mean, it's very sweet but I'm aware that it's a reaction to unspoken fears that I hope we never have to consider again.
Praying hard for 2 embies for you!
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Hi Fifi

I awoke this morning thinking of you and am so happy for your news! Thats great - you have beaten it. Now onto the next challenge - i hope you have some great embies on Tuesday.

Magda  do you want me to add a ldate to my list for you?

7.21am Mon
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Fiona, I am so glad things went well, and am eager to hear how the results are. It makes Wednesday seem so far away :-)
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So glad you enjoyed the anes~hoping all went great for you too~ OBVIOUSLY cannot sleep ~ nervous about tomorrow/today BW ~ sitting here wondering if we should still be using the Hottub or not ~ ~ anyone..??..went in last night after DH Mother came to dinner to unwind ~ bless the thing for helping ~ !! ~ but don't want to risk anything ~ AF stopped finally (THANK YOU) ~ ready to start LO ~

Madga ~ hoping DH is resting soundly ~ Helen how's everything going ~ better, hopefully ~

Baby dust to all ~ :-))))~~******
324913 tn?1302869517
Dee, you're going to think I'm a total dunce but I wasn't sure if "ldate" was a typo or if it means something in particular!?!?!?!
If it's a typo and you just meant to add the next date of the next bit then I can answer that!!!
I have my next Dr. appt on 22 March for u/s.
That's when I find out how much Menogan (like Menopur, Puregon etc) I have to take and I'm a bit concerned about this one because this is the one that my last Doctor had me practically OD on and what caused the 30+ follies.  But this guy doesn't seem to think that many follies is a good thing so he's probably going to go with a lower dose.  I'm just worried that he goes too far the opposite way and I end up with too few... that maybe the last Doctor had me on such a high dose that that's the only reason why I produced so many.
But okay... deep breaths... relax... just go with it and see what happens!!
Besides, my sister comes out with my nephew the very next day and I'm SO excited.  It's the first time she comes to visit me in Damascus and silly though it may sound, she's my big sister and it's the first time she comes to visit me since I got married and sees me with my DH in my home etc etc...
Can't wait.
J_A... sorry but where are you at?  I'm still not caught up on everyone since I got back.  Are you in TWW?  If so, I believe the hottub is a no-no.  But I'm guessing not if you say that AF finally left.  In which case, I don't see why not!
As for DH, no... he is most definitely NOT resting soundly!  He got home from work at 7pm the last couple of nights.  Want to know what time he gets TO work?  7am!!!
This is NUTS.  But then I don't want to stress him out further by nagging him to relax!!!  And this is all because he has a few days of parent meetings after school and today is the last so I'm leaving him alone.  I'm assuming that once they're over, he will come home at a reasonable time.  Besides, he has 5 days off coming up in just a couple of days and we have nothing but gardening and dinner parties (that we're going to, not hosting) planned!
Have a good day all...
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Hello~ I'm on third day of 2-Menopur and 450 Follistim ~ blood test today ~ hoping all is well....~nervous~
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Hi Guys,

Magda - Sorry - but yes it was a typo, I did mean a date. How exciting about your sister. I love my sister to bits and have so much fun hanging out with her. Its great she is coming out and gets to see you and DH in your environment. I know where DH is coming from in terms of work piling up when you leave on time etc. i was doing those same hours at my job and until that all ended, i hadnt realised how much work was sucking out of me. Its good he has got you reminding him to take it easy though.

Lisa - are you ok?

Jackson Angel - good luck with the bloods today. Let us know how it goes.

Mary - i am anxious today. please god please.

I have blood work  in 10 hours as I finally got A/F today (8 days late) and hopefully this means I can start injectables tomorrow - please keep all your fingers crossed for me! I need for my prog levels to be LOW!

Guys heres an updated list.

Jackson Angel - bloods 17th March
Mary - testing 17th March
Dee - bloods 18th March
FiFi - transfer  19th March
Helen - u/s 21st March
Magda - u/s 22nd March
Heather - u/s 26th March winner of most number of babies and survivor AGP
Lisa - TWW (4dpo)
Jen - IUI in 2 weeks
Sam- IUI in 2 weeks
Amy - might hold off TTC for a bit

Ok time for some sniffing........

Mon 9.15pm
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Dee,  Yes, I'm ok.  Just had a very quite weekend.  Today is 6dpo of 2ww and the cramping, lower back pain and spotting has stopped.  Just feel pretty normal now.  

Mary, Good luck with the Beta today!  OMG, I just can not wait to hear back!!  I have such a good feeling about this cycle for you.  14 dpo and no AF, no sign symptom, or "feeling" of her. At least not that you've mentioned.  I'm excited to hear from you today. I'll be checking in when I get a break at work.  It'll be 2pm or so your time.  
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Hi there all of you...sorry if I'm kind of 'out of 'sync' with you guys but living in Italy means I'm ahead of US time-wise...so all your afternoon/evening posts (when I'm tucked up in bed asleep!) I don't get to read until the next day (work  permitting)...Anyway, however much behind I am, thank you to all of you for making this a really great thread - I'm so glad I found you ladies!
Just a quick update (even though Jen and I are at the bottom of the list as we have another 2 weeks before we do IUIs!)...
I was monitored yesterday (had been injecting Menogon for 5 days) - RE said my one and only follie was really small and just not growing very quickly at all. So he's put me on Gonal (slightly stronger, he says) - and double dosage (so 150).
So I'm just thinking - well, it's Easter coming up so lets start producing some bloody EGGS!!!!

Dee - have you had your bloods yet????

Fiona - I'm quite new to this thread but have read your posts and am crossing all fingers for you!

Mary and Jackson Angel - thinking of you guys too. good luck!

Magda  - 30+ FOLLIES!!!!!!!! OMG what dosage were you on?! I've just been upped to double dosage (see above) so hopefully others might start developing and growing like they should! But 30??!!!! Anyway, I'm glad you and DH have got some quality time coming up - so you can relax and enjoy (rather than host!) the dinner parties. And how fabulous that your sister's visiting you too!

Jen - looks like we're going to be going for our IUIs at about the same time...do you have one or two done each cycle? what meds are you on? and how many IUIs have you had so far? sorry to be boring, but I'm only just finding out about you guys here on this thread!

look forward to hearing from you soon!!  :))
hugs from Sam

294043 tn?1354207946
I just want to wish you luck with your beta today.  I am reeeeeally hoping it's a BFP and you don't have to go through ivf again.  

what do you tests show?  I hope it's a green light.
I am OK, thanks for asking; still stuck in the b/c limbo.

you are sooo funny!  Wishing you many eggs for Easter  :)

have you gotten the results?  I hope there is good news on your end.
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Hi Helen! so you have your u/s this Friday right? what stage are you at?
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