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Yes, we have now added Pregos as our other Featured Items (Heather Jo, Lexima), but still have TTCers going strong to become Pregos. As always, pancakes, coffee, companionship, advice, and friendship served fresh 24/7!!!
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Fiona:  While I have no personal experience with Lupron, I do have some anecdotal information.  I personally know of 5 children who were conceived via IVF.  Each of these children is happy, healthy and beautiful.  In each of these protocols, Lupron was used.  I understand your concern, but I think the testimony may be exagerated, and perhaps, taken out of context.  Oftentimes people need to blame something when their IVF cycle fails.

On that note, I went for b/w and u/s this morning, and unfortunately, I am not responding to the protocol.  I have two mature follicles on the right, but the ones on the left are not increasing in size at all.  They want me to continue with my stim meds tonight and trigger tomorrow.  They are cancelling my IVF cycle and converting me to an IUI.  Looks like my chances are pretty much down the drain.  As you can imagine, I am not taking the news very well.  I am destroyed right now and it has been a long time since I've been in such a bad place.

I want to thank you ladies for all the support you have afforded me during these past few months.  I couldn't have gotten this far without you.  However, I have leaned on you for too long.  I think I am going to sign off and stand on my own two feet.  I don't want to feel as if I am syphoning off the positive energy that is such an integral part of this group.

I want to wish you all the best of luck in your journey into motherhood.  Milana and Heather, I am so very happy for both of you.  I hope you enjoy uneventful pregnancies as you wait for the arrival of your blessings.  Helen, Lisa, Dee, Fiona and Magda:  I hope everything goes smoothly and you all receive BFPs in the very near future.  

Thanks again.  I will be thinking of you often.
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Mary, I'm so sorry about them cancelling your ivf procedure.  You still are in with a fighting chance with IUI.  Don't give up!  As far as "syphoning off positive energy" that couldn't be further from the case.  You are always so supportive and helpful.  The truth is we all need at various times to be picked up by the group.  That's why we all participate in this thing.  This is just your time to be supported and loved.  Please don't sign off, we're here for you.  
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You may not read this message but I really feel for you.  What a terrible news!  Months of anticipation for a cancelled ivf.  This is everyone's worst dream and Fiona can probably relate better than anyone here.  The slow protocol obviously does not work for you.  Different patients respond differently to fertility drugs and sometimes it takes time to find the right combination.  It took Lexima several cycles to find what works best for her and hopefully Fiona will be successful with the new drugs.  I hope you do not give up and try again if IUI fails.
I will really miss you and your balanced outlook!!!

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Oh Mary - i hope you read this but please dont go especially if you think you might be leaning on us too much. We all need to do that ever so often. And you are a strong woman - you can do this and we are all here for you. You going back to IUI is not a bad thing - it just means your chances are better with it rather than IVF. I totally understand if you need a break from the forum but please come back soon so we can care for you like you have the rest of us.

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Mary, Mary, Mary......Please do not go!!     You couldn't be more wrong about syphoning the energy.  You provide SOOOOO VERY much POSITIVE energy to this group.  I always look forward to your knowledgable, thoughtful responses.  You are an integral part of this group.  We will not be the same without you. PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider!!!

I will be praying for you and thinking about you nonetheless.  I am so very sorry about the IVF cancellation.  You're still very much in the game though.  IUI can work for you.  All you need is ONE good follie!  Sounds like you've got that.  I hope you come back to us!!!!
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Mary, it's all been said but it's all so right too!  Your thinking that you're "syphoning positive energy" couldn't be further from the truth.  In fact, isn't that the whole POINT of this forum... or at least one of them... to give and receive support?  In the end, you have to do what you feel is right for you and maybe, for whatever reason, leaving the group for a while is what you need to do but if that's the case, please know that it isn't something you HAVE to do not to bring the rest of us down.  That SO isn't the case.  
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how are you doing?  Did you start your nasal spray yet?  How do you keep it from running out.  I would be sooo scared about loosing most of it.

What's new with your job search?  I hope you got some severance package from your old employer so that your time off is at least partially paid for.  You are lucky you don't live in the US since here with your job you would also loose your health insurance.

what's new with you?  Is your BBT still up?  Any signs of AF coming?  I am still rooting for you.

Anyone heard from Heather?  I hope she is doing OK.

Still very sad about Mary's ivf being cancelled.  Since she got pregnant on her own before I really thought she had a good chance.  Lets hope she'll come back in two weeks with a BFP.

I am stuck in a b/c limbo for a month.  Haven't had safe sex for over 2 years so it's kind of weird although given my problems I guess I always practiced safe sex but did not know it.  

have you started b/c?  Are you changing your protocol with your new physician?  (did you decide to stay with the new doc?)
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hahaha helen - i totally agree that using b/c when youre trying to have a baby is just completely weird.

Lisa - havent heard from you - i hope your temps are up.

i am off to my blood test now and hopefully i can start my spray this week. However i have been having EWCM for the last 3 days which is weird cos i know i Oed from OPKing last Wed.

Speak to you soon
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Hello Helen & Dee,

I'm here on my couch getting ready to lay down with a blankie, because AF is here.  She's bringing with her all the fatigue and pain that she always does.  But, its ok.  I've had this entire cycle to prepare for her visit.  I knew she was coming, never doubted it for a minute.  I'm completely ok with her.  A little excited about the injectables and a little scared too.  My ovaries respond so well to Clomid, I'm a little worried about OHSS.  But, not so worried that I'm not doing it.  I'm not crazy.  Alright, upward and onward to the new journey.  

I'm going to call Heather tonight and see what's up with her.  

Dee, how was your b/w?  Are you starting the nasal spray?

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Helen, I started b/c a couple of weeks ago.  I'm staying on it for about 30 days or so as the doctor said it was absolutely fine to do so and the extra days have allowed me to go go visit my sister and attend this conference I really wanted to go to.  It's a bit of a present to myself because I was starting to feel like I was suffocating at the thought of all the things I was starting to miss out on because of ttc and I got scared of getting bitter.  Thought I should do something for myself.
I am staying with the new doc here in Damascus and although I don't have all the details yet, it sounds like he's going for pretty much the same protocol which I'm okay with since I seem to respond well.  I had over 30 follicles the first time and 27 the second so that's not my problem.  It just seems to be the next bit I have trouble with.
Everyone tells me it's just a matter of time but I'm starting to worry that there is something wrong.

Lisa, you take good care of yourself until you feel all better and AF's gone.  You have such a great attitude.  Good for you!

Hope your b/t went well Dee.

Right must be off as we've had a little excitement here... my DH's BIG boss (the owners of the whole network of schools who people rarely see) told his direct boss that they heard that we come to Beirut sometimes and that if we're around this weekend (which is Thurs/Fri here) they would love us to join them and the board for dinner.  We're in shock.  They don't generally invite their school directors for dinner at their place with the board... In fact I don't think it's ever happened!!!  But then it's too casual an invitation to think they're going to make any grand announcement so I'm most curious about the whole thing.  Anyway, must go as have to get hair done and get a manicure and pedicure and somewhere I have to squeeze in a couple of hours in the office!!!!!!! ;-)  
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Hi Guys

I have no idea what this means but its abosolutely necessary that i have ovulated before i can start my nasal spray. My estrogen is 247 and progestrone is 3.8. Does this mean i have Oed. I am going to post this too - cos i suspect most of you will be asleep!

Magda - wow. not much pressure there huh! Well it means DH is doing many things right so good on him!

Lisa - HUGS
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Hello my pals. I am so sorry to have been "out of pocket" the last couple of days. I logged on yesterday morning and was so upset by Mary's post that I started bawling. And it wasn't b/c of hormones, I really had a bond with her and I feel frustrated for not being able to help her, and I feel a little abandone at the same time.

Then, I had an OB appt at 9:45am. I was just so anxious. I had been still having these "attacks" where my bp was very high, and I got all hot, and it felt as id I had been working out in the sun for hours. My RE wanted me to go see my OB. I  called to come in  and on the phone the nurse at my OBs office got confused and thought I was taking a medication called Dilanton (sp?) instead of Dilaudid (my pain med), and Dilanton causes birth defects! I was freaking out. She was like, "Well, if something is wrong the pregnancy just won't continue. Nature has a way of taking care of it." So all night before last and yesterday morning I have been thinking I have harmed my baby (or babies) and been totally stressed. It all got cleared up at the appt., but in the interim I was either feeling too horrid or too stressed to move.

I am feeling so relieved right now. I came home from the appt and passsed out in the middle of the afternoon, and did not awake until this morning.

Helen: It must be odd to actually be actively tring to prevent pregnancy in the quest of ultimately causing it. I know what you mean about having really had safe sex all along, even though, in my case, had I used no protection I COULD have gotten pg about 50% of the time, since I ovulate on my own about that much naturally. Anyway, I know you have your eye on the beginning of April, as do I for you :-)

Empty--I believe your progesterone should be in the 10-15 range to indicate that you have ovulated. I am sorry if that is bad news for you. I am so confused about your protocol, I must admit. Can you take a trigger or something to ovulate if you haven't yet?

Magda--Woo Hoo, dinner with the big boss! Sounds like a good excuse to get dolled up! Good luck, and have fun :-)

Lisa--I am so sorry about AF. The only good news is that you can move along to injectables. I have a feeling it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for you this month, as you will have so many follies!

Has anyone heard from Lexima? I am really starting to develop abandonment issues here.
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that nurse should be fired!!  Sometimes I can't believe how ignorant and insensitive some nurses can be.  They can cause so much physical pain (as in Lisa's case) and stress expectant mothers out for no good reason.  

you have not O'd yet based on your #.  Did you detect LH surge this cycle?

30 follicles would make me sooo happy!!!  I am surprised you are not doing FET cycle with that many eggs retrieved.  You give me hope.  Can you tell me your protocol?  

Let us know how the big dinner went.  Those can be so stressful!

how was your appointment today?  I hope you are all set with injectables.  Looks like kindergal got a bfp and that gives hope to all of us struggling here.

are you getting impatient yet to start your injections?  I am just in the beginning of my suppression phase and can barely wait!  This waiting is soooo painful.  And I thought that 2ww was long!  
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Hi guys, I didn't mean to dissapear, I'm just trying to eliminate as much stress and worry as I can.  I get so paranoid when I read something negative and right away start thinking if that's what's happening to me.  these thoughts get especially bad at night.  So I figured if I read less of the upsetting posts I'll feel better.  What I'll do is add this thread to my favorites and access it that way.  This way I don't even have to come into the forum.  And if it detours I'll just find a new one.

I'm sorry if I sound so negative, but I'm the type of person that take everything close to heart, I'm very paranoid.  I can't wait until my u/s next wednesday so I can see that everything is developing normally.
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Heather, I am so sorry for all that you are going through.  I would really like to talk with you and  hear more about your appt. with the OB.  I can not beleive that nurse!  I understand the meds are close in name, but before you go freakin' out an expectant mum, you better get your facts straight.  Geesh!

Dee, As Heather said your protocol does sound odd.  But, I'm sure you dr. knows what he/she is doing.  I really hope you o soon!!

Helen, I actually have my appt. tomorrow a.m.  I talked with my administrator today and while I didn't tell him what  my "medical" issue was.  I just told him I  have some health issues going on that will require me to miss many 1/2 days over the next 2 weeks and that the lab would be calling the office to relay info. to me fairly regularly.  He was very understanding.  Though subs are a real issue in our district and we don't even know yet if we can find one to cover my class in the am.  If I take a full day off a good friend of mine can sub. But, she only wants to work full days, not 1/2.    And I don't want to use up all my sick time too quickly.  It'll all get sorted out.  

Lexima - I know exactly what you mean.  I can not read many posts myself in preparation for when I'm pg.  I'm already worried enough about something going amiss, if I read any stories about unfortunate circumstance then I stress all the more.  I completely relate and understand.  How are you feeling?

Magda, Hobb knobbing with the big wigs huh?  Boy, your hubby must be doing something right!  Enjoy the evening, sounds like it'll be wonderful.

Fiona, I'm thinking of you and hoping it all goes well.
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Hi -
I got this in a PM from SDteacher.  She is going throuogh her second ivf.

"Well, everyone reponds differently to meds.  I did not get enough to freeze.  I only had 6 follys produce on the left and 6 on the right.  TODAY I had my u/s I CAN NOT BELIEVE it.... I have 10 follys on the left and 10 on the right!!!  I do not start stims (menupur (2 vials) and follistim 100 units) until 3/2.  My tentative ER is still 3/13.  I am getting VERY excited!  My estrogen and testosterone levels are good as well.  I am going to accupuncture 2 times a week (I believe this is one of the biggest reasons why I produced so many follys!!!  I had an extremely high level of FSH!  My doctor is still in disbelief!  I am also on a supplement (in addition to my prenatal pill) called Fertility Blend.  I also think this had a lot to do with my body being ready!  I have not had caffeine in quite some time and I am not eating any red meats.  Every book I have read mentions no red meat.  I did not change my diet this drastically last time.  I am hopeful that I will be successful this time!!  Stay positive.    Also ask about Dexamethasone.  It is a pill.  Not really sure what exactly it does, but I will be on that too.  Oh, you should also be taking a baby asprin daily to help with blood circulation.  I take on e everyday with my prenatal.  I hope I was a little helpful."

I think this is helpful info for all of us here fighting to produce a sufficient amount of follies.  Since the whole sorority is moving towards injectables I think those are some helpful suggestions that I wanted to share.

do you continue with accupuncture?  I recall you had a sweet deal from a relative.
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oh wow helen - thats really helpful - i have heard alot of good things about acupuncture.

magda are you still at the salon?? where are you? anymore insight into this dinner?

heather - some people are so ignorant. Both you an lexima will be totally fine. I have faith. I hope youre resting heaps and watching really bad telly - like me! and thanks for the bump - youre sweet.

The hardest thing is that my protocol seems different to what most in the forum go through and i suspect its just cos i am in australia. Brand names are also so different.  I had a surge on the 19th of Feb but I also had EWCM the last 3 days so i think my body is just ^^%$ed up. Anyway not much i can so now - the clinic has asked me not to start my nasal spray but just to come in for another blood test next Friday ( i will be back in Melb then).

Thanks for all your replies - youre all too kind.
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Helen,  Thanks for posting that msg from Scienceteacher.  I remember her posting a while ago about her FSH levels and I worried about that.  I'm really glad to hear things are going well for  her.  

I'm not doing accupuncture anymore.  It just became difficult because my BIL lives about 45 minutes away and working out our work schedules just becamse hard to fit it in.  Plus I felt sort of badly about not being able to return the favor.  The deal was I would babysit for he and my sister in return for the accu.  But, again, time restraints have made that difficult, so I haven't pressed the issue.  

I don't totally understand how FSH relates to fertility when I am producing eggs.  High FSH means you're not producing eggs and/or the quality is diminishing.  But, I don't seem to have any problem, at least from what the u/s shows in producing eggs.  So, I can just assume it's the quality of the eggs I'm making that are at issue.  I've also read that as one matures, and FSH rises the follicles that are shown on u/s can be hollow.  Meaning once they expand and burst, their is no egg inside them.  Of course you can't always trust what you read on the net!  

How are your classes?  Are you having any side effects from b/c?
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Helen, thanks for the info.  I've been going to acupuncture once a week for the last 10 weeks or so.  I haven't had a cup of coffee in about 2 months.  Do eat red meat but only hormone and antibiotic free.  Been trying to follow some of the suggestions from the "fertility cure" book.  I'm really hoping to produce a larger amount of follicles this time.  Plus I'll be on 450 of gonal f so I better produce!  Your in b/c hell at the moment, I hope it goes quickly for you.  

Lisa, good luck with your appointment today.  
Empy, good luck with your appointment too, I hope you get to start meds soon.
Madga, enjoy your dinner.  Can't wait to hear all about it.
Heather, I hope you're feeling better.  
Lexima, I don't blame you for avoiding some of the posts.  I don't read a lot of them, they're too difficult and I can't cope with them.

Finally have my suppression test on Monday.  Hope to start stims next Friday although I've been told I might be "gated" and have to take b/c for a few more days!
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Hello all... Just got in from Beirut.  The dinner was excellent.  No surprises or anything.  Just dinner and as it turned out we weren't singled out.  There were in fact a couple of other directors there from the two schools in Lebanon.  But that's fine.  It was actually really nice to see all these people in a purely social setting.  No one talked shop at all.  Was very good.
Dee, as it turned out, I had to crack a whip to get my hair done in record time and the manicure got done by me in the car!!!  DH rang me to say we had to get there earlier than originally thought!!!

Heather, you poor thing.  You must have been going wild with the whole confusion over the meds!  How awful.

Helen, keep in mind that we're dealing with male factor here.  At least, I hope that's all we're dealing with... I'm starting to wonder!!!  However, the 30 follicles didn't all work out.  I ended up with 6 type 1 embryos and 2 or 3 type 2.  The second time I ended up with 8 Type 1 and 2 type 2.  Those numbers sound great too but at the end of the day, it didn't work out.
I was on a long protocol being on the pill for a month and then there was one injection (HCG I think) that was done on day 18 of the pill.  Then, on day 3 of AF... and I know you probably won't have heard of this one but I was on Menogan.  It's the same as Menopur and Puregon. I don't even know how many mg.  I just know that I was doing 4 ampules of powder and 2 liquid (each box has the same number of powder and liquid and you mix them).  I tried googling it to be able to tell you how many mg but I could hardly find it mentioned!  I remember I was on that for about 10 days and in the last two or 3 days he reduced it to 2 powder and 1 liquid and then 1 and 1.  
I think it was two days after that that we did the trigger shot then the retrieval ws exactly 36 hours later and then the transfer...
Sorry I couldn't be more specific.
I'll be seeing my doctor here on the 4th and we're using the same protocol so if you want, I can give you more details after that.

Lisa, glad to hear your administrator is being so understanding.  That must be a bit of a weight off your shoulders.
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Helen--Yeah, I was FREAKING, and I mean FREAKING OUT! The nurse is nice, so it is hard to be mad at her, but jeez! I don't find it comforting to hear that "Nature will take its course if things aren't going well." Not comforting at all, especially for someone whose blood pressure is already up. Anyway, I am sorry your in b/c limbo and have more waiting to do. I hate the waiting. Sometimes it seems the more I try to distract myself the more whatever it is I am trying to forget is on my mind! I hope that is not the case with you.

Empty--I am eager to hear how your b/w turns out, and possibly when you will have your first IUI.

Helen, Fiona, Magda--I am getting quite the education on IVF here! It sounds like such a stop-and-go process. One minute yoour "harvesting" eggs and trying to keep them from dropping, and the next you are accelerating the process and hurrying to get them retrieved. It sounds like such a roller coaster ride, and I wish I could be more helpful with you guys about it. Just know that I think of each of you and marvel at how you cope with it. It will be worth it in the end, but I can TOTALLY understand how that seems SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far off. . .

Lisa--I am excited for you about starting injections. Get ready for snap, crackle and pop going on inside of you as those follies start developing! I hope everything with work goes smoothly. The first step, which you have done already, is getting the time off cleared. However, I can understand how stressful it may be not having your class covered for the half days.

Lexima--Boy can I relate to what you are feeling! I have been freaking myself out, and being freaked out, not only by the posts but by my own head. When TTC, the BFP is the main focus, but once you get the BFP a whole plethora of possible negatives seem to overwhelm you. I suppose it is from the disappointment from TTC and fertility issues. I have our little post on my "Watch List" also, and usually go via that route instead the main forum. It does seem like there are more horror stories going on this month, though. It's not just in your head! I can't really browse very comfortably on the forums because I feel like each tragedy I encounter is a message from God, fate, whatever, warning me and trying to prepare me for dealing with the worst. I just have to stay away from it also.

All: In general I am doing so very much better. I have been inundated with seeing my OB, neurologist, etc. to try and comfort myself, and it has worked. My BP has not been an issue the last few days at all. I am just trying to adjust to being pregnant. It doesn't really seem real yet. I know I am uncontrollably tired in the afternoons and evenings, feel bloated after a few bites of a meal (but eat it ALL anyway), still have some cramping, and my bbs are on FIRE! I haven't really associated all this with carrying a child (or possibly two) in my mind yet. Maybe after my sono it will feel more real. I am not compaining, though, don't get me wrong. Just being forthcoming so when you guys get your BFPs you will not feel weird IF you experience the same thing.
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My classes are going well.  I have been teaching for many years so it’s all smooth sailing.  As for b/c pill side-effects, I do feel nauseated but I think it’s just my anxiety rather than the pill since this is how I react to stress.  I am afraid it will only get worth next month.
Let us know how your appointment went.  I myself can hardly wait till your second u/s!!!

Glad you are adjusting to pregnancy.  Waiting for that first u/s must be torture but it will be soooo exciting!

Thanks for the info.  Your protocol is completely unlike mine!  I guess every clinic has its own protocol although mine seems pretty standard for the US.  

With you taking 450 IU of Gonal-F and me taking 250 plus 50 IU menopur we should be able to populate a village!!!  Lets hope that we do  :)
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OMG!  I just got the message that I got that second job I applied for!  Now I have to fill out the official application and accept the position.
I am so excited!  It's not one of those get rich fast schemes but every little bit helps.

Just wanted to share my good news!
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Congrats Helen, that's terrific.

As to the comment about populating a village, bring it on!
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Helen, that's great!  Congrats.

So, I'm curious now.. what's your protocol?
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Sorry... clicked on "Post Comment" too quickly... I meant to say that I'm curioius because both docs (the one in beirut and the one here) have said that this is pretty much the international standard for a long protocol.
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Here's my protocol as I understand it.  I will be on b/c for 21 days.  About 5 days before AF shows I will start Lupron injections.  Then, after about 2 weeks of Lupron I will add sitms (Gonal-F and Menopur).  After about 10 days of that I'll get the trigger and go for retrieval followed by transfer.  A lot of this depends on my b/w and u/s results as well.

I thought that an HCG shot while you are on a pill is kind of strange but i am sure there is a reason for that.

Like I said before, you, me, Fiona and Mary are all on very different protocols.  Lets hope that they all work this time!!!

lets make it our goal: to populate an Irish-Ukrainian village!  
Of course Margda who is able to produce 30 follies can populate a village all by herself  :)  
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Yes ladies the IVF club is sure to populate at least a village or two.  Wow!  450mg of Gonul-F!  I can't believe it.  Now I'm less worried about the side effects of my measly 175 mg. of Follistim.  They did up the dose from 125 to 175.  Not sure the reason, but not complaining about it.  The more the merrier I say.  

Helen, Congratulations on the job!  That is terrific.  Yes, every little bit helps.  I'll be teaching a short 2 week summer school class myself at the end of June.  It won't be much, but enough to help me take a small little vacation this summer which I wouldn't be able to finance without the additional funds.  

My appt. today was really good.  Boy, I am just SOOOO amazed at how simple, quick and painless an u/s can be.  I don't know what I'm going to do when I get pregnant and will then have to go to my OB's office for monthly u/s's.

I'll be watching the DVD on injectables tonight and giving myself the first shot.  A little nervous about side effects.  But, just a little.  Heather and Milana survived.  Mary survived.  Fiona, oh poor Fiona you've had to survive this type of thing many times over. Magday too, you've done injectables for you IVF cycles and you're still kickin' strong!  So, I am in good company.  

I'm actually taking the entire day off today instead of just the morning.  I am so embarrased.  My car broke down on my way home from the clinic which didn't leave me enough time to get to school to relieve the sub.  I didnt have any plans written out for her for the remainder of the day.  I hope they all survive.  I am embarrased becuase I didn't actually break down, but I ran out of gas!!  I thought I broke down, but when the tow truck driver came, it ended up being just an empty tank of gas!  I have never run out of gas before, least not since I was about 17 yrs old.  Very embarrasing to now tell my staff at work,  Oops.  I just didn't put gas in my car.  "My bad!"  

Dee, Dee, Dee, I so hope you O, and your progesterone gets into gear and gets moving!!
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Helen congrats - the worries that come with TTC & money is just something that all of us worry so much about and I am glad to hear you got your second job. Now make sure you dont overdo it and rest when you can.

Guys - after reading through Helens protocol, I feel like my clinic is using the same basis such as the Lupron for 2 weeks the Gonal F for a week and then the Ovidrel. Its just that I do the IUI. of course as well all know my first step is not working so fingers crossed I can still use this cycle.

Lisa - OMG. You must have been horrified esp after the meeting about the days you needed off. You must have been just so eager to get to your u/s and get your injectables. I know that when I got to my appts,  I drive like a woman posessed (hehehe). Let me know how you go with injecting yourself - are you doing stomach?
380530 tn?1239166138
Yes, Dee I was so consumed with this appt. I didn't notice my little gas light went on!  I thought I saw it go on about a mile before I got to the clinic.  Well, usually that means I have like 30 miles more to go.  But, I only went a mile or 2 before running out.  Well,  I haven't told the staff at work that the break down was being out of gas!  Come Monday, I'll be red faced for sure.  Boy, no matter how hard I try to live down blond jokes, I just end up proving their is some validity.  
328927 tn?1227765440
Helen--HOORAY! I'm glad you got the official word on your new(est) position. It's always validating to interview and then receive a job offer. I'm proud of you, and hope this helps distract you enough to keep your tummy from being upset :-(

Empty--what were the results of your b/w, or do you know yet?

Lisa--You poor thing. . .I am glad your car didn't break down, though, as that can be costly. I can honestly say I have never, ever run out of gas. Miracle of miracles, I seem to have forgotten to change my oil before, however, and blew up my first car when I was 16! Luckily it was an old brown Mazda GLC hatchback. I called it the Roach Coach due to the color. I was kind of glad when it broke down!

As you can see, I am keeping odd hours again. I seem to get tired/ill around 3-5 pm every day and just either sit in the dark or sleep until late at night. Today it was a migraine and HORRIBLE pain from lower back down my leg--sciatic nerve. I don't even have morning sickness yet and I am totally useless :-D Thank God my dh is so supportive.

That's about all going on here. No more doctor drama. And, I am doing Native American Raining Egg dances in my spare time for all of you guys!
126702 tn?1240891850
Hi  Heather

Hope youre asleep now - i dont like my chances though! its 6.30pm Sat here in Singapore and I am about to duck out for dinner with family on my mums side.

I am sorry about your pain - do heat packs help? Also if you ever need to double check on medicines and side effects etc feel free to ask me - my sister is a pharmacist and I can always run it past her.

Thanks for the rain dance - i am going to need all the help I can get. My blood test is in a week. I fly home to Melbourne in 5 days.

You are feeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllinggggggggggggggggggg sssslllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........................
380530 tn?1239166138
LOL.  Dee you are so very funny!!!!    

Heather, I'm sorry about your sleep disturbances and sciatic pain.  I know sciatic pain is very common in pregnancy.  I didn't think it started that early though.  I don't recall if I mentioned to you that both my sisters said they didn't feel any preggo symptoms until about 8 - 10 weeks into their pregnancies.  They had 10 pgs among the two of them and this was a fairly consitent patter with them all.  Everyone is different. But, you may have a few weeks to go before the morning sickness really kicks in.  Something to really look forward to!  I know I am just chomping at the bit to have my head in the toilet. (-:

Did my 1st injection last night.  I was actually really scared!  I sat there for a minute or two with the needle near my belly saying to myself "Oh, I can't do it". Then of course I did and it was like, "OK.  No biggie.".    I did wake up twice with panick attacks though.  So, now I'm thinking this is going to be a bumpy 2 weeks.  Hormones F&%# with us so much!!

Oh Heather, one more thing we have in common.  I too blew up my 1st car when I was 16 by forgetting to put oil in it!   I saw the oil light on and I kept saying, "Oh, next time I drive I'll remember to do that.".  Loddy, doddy daaaa.....driving away...another day goes buy.  "Oh, tomorrow I'll get that oil."  Loddy doddy daaa...driving way...day after day this went on, until finally, my car could no longer go on.  I LOVED that car.  A Datsun B210, Midnight blue, with blinkers that made this lovely clicking sound that was very soothing to me.  (-:
328927 tn?1227765440
Dee--I probably WAS sleeping--I seem to be only awake for very brief periods of time! I forgot you were in Singapore. What is it like there?

Lisa--I am so glad I am ot the only one who blew up a car! I did the exact same thing, ignoring the oil light. In the Txas summer heat, it is really not a good thing to do!

I know I have a couple more weeks before morning sickness kicks in, if at all. I am also very surprised at how tired I am, the horrid headaches, the painful/burning bbs, and other unmentionables. In terms of the sciatic pain, apparently as your ligaments stretch to accomodate your growing uterus, the muscles connecting to the sacrum, pelvis and pubic bone get stretched and sore. I am predisposed to muscle spasm, so this is what is supposedly causing that burning pain. It luckily does come in waves, and it passed aftee about 24 hours. I hope it stays away! Just this morning my sense of smell seems to have amplified itself by 500%, and I get a bit queasy from time to time. Maybe because I am old, or have such high HCG numbers this is why I am feeling so much so early. Anway, I am glad the ijections are going OK. I found them a bit difficult to administer also, but luckily I had some fat on my belly to help! You probably don't have that cushion, as skinny as you are, so I hope it's not too painful.
294043 tn?1354211546
I am glad that your symptoms are growing since that means your HCG is going up!  It's a good news although it may not feel like it  :)

I know that your suppression test is on Monday or Tuesday.  I hope you get cleared and can start injections some time this week.  

I bet you are a pro of injections  by now.  Is it becoming routine?  I hope your panic attacks are gone and you are feeling better.  Do you have any side-effects?  Mary seemed to have none but everyone reacts to fertility meds differently.  

Nothing new with me. Waiting for my shot lesson on Thursday and some additional info.  My ivf meds should also arrive on Thursday.  So, I am still waiting....
380530 tn?1239166138
Well, I've typed you all well thought out messages twice now and each time I lose them before I can post.  My d(*& computer is aggravating me.  I can't seem to figure out what it is I touch while typing that makes me lose messages, but it happens all to frequently.  

I was just finishing up with answering Helen's question about side effects from the injections.  The one main affect is my patience is short, I become aggitated much more easily as is evident by my surpreme irration at my computer right now.  And, hold onto your seat this may be tmi, but my libido is MUCH increased.    

I'm not up to retyping the full messages a third time, but just know I am thinking of you all.   Heather, I'm very happy your pg is progressing well.  Dee I hope your parents are spoiling you.  Fiona, Please keep us updated on how your suppression goes.  Helen, will dh be going with you to your injection class?  Will he be helping with the injections?
Avatar universal
Just got back from u/s and b/w.  No cysts, thank God.  I was very nervous about that.  Waiting for b/w results, should have by early afternoon.  Question for you ladies.  There was only 5 resting follicles.  Will I produce more when I start taking the meds or is that it?

Helen, shots are a breeze so try not to worry about them.  I've have no side effects to speak of from the meds.
380530 tn?1239166138
Fiona,  I'm really glad no cysts this time.   Hallelujia!!!!    I'm not familiar with IVF protocol, but it would make sense that once you start meds your follies will increase.  I'm sure that is the goal with the meds you'll be taking to get those follies producing. What will you be starting and when?    

Yes, the shots are a breeze, yet I hesitate and sort of the dread the initial "poke" each time, even though it is virtually painless.  Guess I'm just a big wuss.  
Avatar universal
Lisa, I have to wait until the b/w results but if everything goes well I'll start gonal f on Friday.

I have to admit that I always hesitate too before the big poke!  I'm going to have dh give me some of the shots this time.  He needs the pratice before the trigger and progestrone shots which are given in the hip.  

What day are you on and what are you taking?
294043 tn?1354211546
First, I am glad you don't have to deal with cysts this cycle.  

This is what I found on the web about Gonal-F:

Gonal–f® is a highly pure, recombinant form of human follicle stimulating hormone (rFSH), which is the hormone responsible for stimulating the production of egg-containing follicles in women and sperm in men.  If you are undergoing OI or ART, Gonal–f® may be used to supplement or replace naturally-occurring FSH and help you produce eggs.

So, it looks like from the label description that Gonal-F should help you produce more eggs.  I repeated your question to SDteacher in a PM.  I'll let you know what she says.  It's her second ivf and she has more info about this than we do.  Lexima should also know the answer since she was doing injectables for so long but she is unfortunately MIA.  If I recall correctly, the # of follies increased for her when she started her injections and quite significantly this last time.  You should look back at her old posts since she was reporting regularly all the numbers and  sizes.

Let us know the results of your b/w!!!
Avatar universal
Thanks Helen, appreciate the info.  I've alway had problems producing follicles.  Never had any more than 7.  I'm just hoping to produce more so that I increase my chances.
324913 tn?1302873117
Fiona,  I was saying earlier about my over 30 follicles... when I started Menogan which is the equivalent of the Gonal-F I guess, I was going in for u/s every other day or so.  I remember the first u/s, my doc counted about 6 follies in one ovary and 7 in the other... the next u/s there were more and the next he stopped counting at 30.  
At the start I was worried because I knew that not all the follicles would be usable and when he said it was okay because we still had many days of the Menogan to go, all I could think was, "But anything that starts now is going to be too small by the time the ones that are already around are the right size".  But apparently it doesn't work that way.

Helen, the shots are fine... really.  I mean, I don't know if some people do have side effects but I was fine with all of them.  The progesterone ones were a touch painful because mine were the oil-based ones (I think there's another type too) and so it's very thick.  But even those were so not a big deal.
328927 tn?1227765440
Lisa--I'm sorry you are getting cranky--that totally happenned to me. Remember, I was feeling fiesty and also lost it with my MIL? I hope you do not become as uncontrollably irritated as I was, but you are probably a more patient person at heart, so I doubt you will start any brawls the way I did! When do you go in for another u/s to see how the follistim is working?

Helen--As stated above, the main side effect I had on injections was crankiness, and also some bloating and major O pain b/c of all the follies. Every fertility med I have taken makes me tired also, but maybe that is just me. It is indeed different for everyone, though. How much longer do you have to be on b/c?

Fiona--It looks like you are off to a running start with several follies present before even starting your gonal-f. I think gonal-f and follistim are virtually the same medication, I was only taking 75 units and it helped me produce 6 mature follicles, when normally or even on Clomid I only produced one. So, hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised at how many lil' eggies come about :-)

Magda (a.k.a. The Follicle Queen!)--I am very lost as to where you are in your protocol--are you having your retrieval around the same time as Helen (beginning of April)? All I can remember is that you are looking forward to the anesthesia:-)

As for me, today is probably the first day since a few days after my IUI (Feb. 6) that I actually feel halfway decent!!!! I woke up with more energy, no queasyness, and--best of all--no migraine! My sciatic pain is totally gone also. It seems I have felt the worst when we have had cold fronts coming through. A couple of weeks ago we had one, and then last night. All the wind makes my sinuses irritated (not helping the headaches) and the warm, humid weather is just plain uncomfortable, as my body temp seems to feel perpetually high. SO, today is a good day--so far. I am trying to stay level-headed until my first sonogram and not worry about things I cannot control. I am also laying low on the general forum.

Lexima,Mary, if you read this we miss and love you both:-)

Empty/Everyone--I think we need a new post! I started the last 2, and Dee, you mentioned wanting to start the next one, so I will wait and see who does it this time. I think we start losing posts (ahem--Lisa) when the thread gets long.
294043 tn?1354211546
I got a message from SDteacher and she basically confirmed what Magda said earlier, you should expect more follies as you start your Gonal-F.

sorry about loosing your posts.  I hate when that happens.  My internet connection can be iffy at times so when I have a lot to say I just type my post in Microsoft Word and then paste it on the forum.  That way I do not loose anything (which drives me out of my mind!!!)

I am glad you are feeling better.  I hope the weather cooperates although TX humidity is inevitable fact of life here in the spring (and summer and fall) :(

I want to thank everyone about their reassurance regarding side-effects of injectables.  I actually had no fear of those since I never had any side-effects with other prescription drugs including clomid (although many people on this forum complain about it).  I do know that some women report uncomfortable side-effects like weight gain and moodiness and was hoping that was not Lisa's case.  I am also glad that injections themselves don’t seem to be a big deal.  However, I will be doing progesterone in oil shots after transfer and those are actually uncomfortable  :(  
Luckily, my job does not require sitting on my butt  :)
324913 tn?1302873117
Heather, good to hear you sounding more upbeat!  And yes, you're right... my retrieval will be about the same time as Helen's and yes, I AM looking forward to the anasthesia!! ;-)
Helen, you're right about considering yourself lucky to have a job that does not require you sitting but I hate to tell you this... much as mine DOES require me to sit, I never had a problem with that.  What I had a problem with was getting into bed!!! I guess it's that as I get in I put pressure on the side of my bum and it was the sides that were a bit sore.  In fact my bum ended up quite lumpy!!  But this is not to scare you... that was the first time when the pharmacist was doing the shots for me.  But when my DH did them... no lumpiness!  And I was told that a trick to avoid the lumpiness was to massage the spot of the shot quite vigorously afterwards.  Seemed to work.
Dee, thought I'd leave you the honour of starting the new post!
...errr... but come to think of it... I should have checked to see if it hadn't already been started!  Will do that now.
Avatar universal
what a stressful afternoon!!   i only just got my b/w results.  had to call re's office 10 times - they're short staffed today.  so my e2 was 25.3 and they were looking for it to be under 50.  i have to take b/c for one more day and then start meds on saturday.  thank you God.  I need a drink!  
294043 tn?1354211546
Congrats!!!  The wait is almost over for you.
We can finally start populating that village!

328927 tn?1227765440
Fiona-- C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! ! ! ! ! Drink like the Irish now, honey (wink, wink)! Time is ticking away now! I am so glad things are going smoothly. How long do you medicate to produce follicles on an IVF cycle?

Helen--You guys can start a commune :-)
126702 tn?1240891850
ohhh i am here - is it my turn to start a new thread.
126702 tn?1240891850
detour - follies commune
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