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OooooooooWE...Love New Starts! Alright ladies...here's to welcoming ALL our BFP's for AUG/SEP 08'! YaY!!

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Hells yeah! SSSSSBD to you all!  *giggles maniacally while throwing glitter all about*
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ooohh new thread already? Is that a sign we talk to much! hee hee... it's an online slumber party! Who's got the feather pillows -- pillow fight!!!  Just make sure the bunk house has lots of bathrooms for our preggo sisters!

Kele - love that.... salmon me!  :-D  you got it sista!
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ALERT... ALERT... I found the MIA SSBD fairy! check out my photos!
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Keles: GF...this is too funny!  *giggles maniacally while throwing glitter all about* (HA)

Sam: I'm so down w/the slumber party! Please bring some of that Spicy Salmon Stuff with some Ritz crackers & REAL BACON!!! YAY. I didn't see gf (SSBD Fairy)

Ladies of AGP...make sure you read all inputs from last thread...TOO FUNNY.

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Man, I just know I won't be allowed to go to the slumber party.  My mom says if Im too sick for school, then I can't do anything at night either.  This stinks!
Can we please postpone it until next weekend? I promise I'll feel better.

Savanha.. BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sally, ever hear of sneaking out of the house at night? :-D  come on.. I know you did that too.....

But yes, between you having green boogers and Amberlee barfing corn... we can wait till next weekend !

LOL to the sickies!!! Get better soon!

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Poor Sally...are you feeling any better?

Savanah - Do you do stand up comdey on the side...I keep giggling out lod and I sound like a crazy person...

Sam - I will PM you..I will give it a try...I love spicy food too!!

Krista - Are you as happy as I am that this weekend won't be as hot as this past week!?!?My breasteses (LOL) are sweating like crazy!!! ROTF

Anya - Welcome and best wishes to you!!

Amberlee - Hope you feel better!

Helen - thanks for your "Rah, Rah" messages. You are such a caring person...but you already knew that (wink*)
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Kele - How are the hands coming along? Inquiring minds want to know...

Rgk - I hope everything works out for you...You deserve a BIG BEAR HUG!!

HeathJo - Get all the rest you can know because...you know that's going to change once the babies get here...LOL..sorry, couldn't resist.

Latrice - Where did you go...I hope us "coyotes"  didn't scare you off...LOL

Okay, welll off to bed I am going...AF has me sluggish and the weather is not helping. Central air blowing, but I feel like the heat is on...I guess AF is showing me! BEYOTCH!!

Love to you all!

PS - Magda...we miss you, but we know you are having a blast!!!
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Hey everyone, just reading you guz s crazy post laughn my a** off at yall, good sense of humor:)  I dont have the names down yet, but i will soon, so hello everyone.  Im still waitin on AF, so i can ttc soon.
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This is a good website.  It takes your mind off of everything.  I finished my first day of menepor, and gon f.  I am really tired feeling.  I dont know if its the meds or what.  This is a great place to read about everyone.  I like it a lot, because I have nobody else to talk to this about.
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Morning all.
And welcome Latrice and Audrie.

Audrie, the stims made me very tired, and youll probably get even more fatigued as you continue to stim, then the progesterone is also very tiring (sounds like the whole da=mn thing is tiring? it is)
Juana.. Feeling a little more like a humna today, spank you!

Sam, I was raised by my father and I seriously did not sneak out.  What I did do was just stay out.. and forget to come home till 2 or 3 am. Until the night he changed all the locks and put safety bars on the windows (thats a whole nother story)

Krista, SO is your cycle ON or OFF? Man, all the ups and downs, I feel for ya, big hugs.

Savahna, Whats going on with your cycle now that AF has come?

Kele, Amberlee, Heather, Helen (all the preggos).. How y'all doing fat baby belly girls?

Jen.. Where are you?

And Miky, oh quiet one.. your next cycle????

Now that I am feeling a tad better I am rearing to go.  Had to get last beta done yesterday morning and its finally negative (which I was like uh, duh.. I just had a m/c this past week, could have saved $50 for B/W).  So I have to make appt. for next couple of weeks to have the big "what went wrong, what can we do better" discussion w/RE.
AF is pretty much gone, thank goodness, so its onward and upward.  Now its diet time and fun time for a couple months.

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I'm so happy Beta is negative.This IS good news!

Kele & Amberlee & Heather & Helen:How are you?are you resting and staying indoor???NYC is HOT today!

Krista:when are you starting the new cycle and what are the meds?
Savahna:whats new?Next step?
Welcome to Audrie and Latrice tell us a little more about you!

Sam:whats your schedule?September??

I'm still on Lupron (gained 6 pound in 3 weeks...) and estrogen.I'm going to RE on Monday morning for US and bloodwork and then we will see...I hope we can have a transfer either end of July or August.
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