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AGP Rocks!

We needed a new thread!
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Im Here, well all 3 of us *wink* i couldnt get to the computer the 3 days i was glued to the couch, didnt have a laptop but heres the update....

My RE walked out and said, 'Congrats, you have 2 perfect embryos, TEXTBOOK embryos, they couldnt look any better if we tried!' then the lab tech came in and shook my hand and said 'wow, absolute textbook' so right then i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. i hopped up there, he did the transfer and said, 'that couldnt have gone any smoother, it was a perfect transfer' so everything to this point is perfect!!!!

i am so excited, every day from the day of retrieval to the day of trasnfer, i seen at least one pregnant person every day at different places, (im not superstitous but im taking anything and every bit of help i can) then, a friend of mine that i havent seen in, shoot, almost a year, the last time we seen each other she said, then next time i see you, you will be preggo, watch and see'  (shes in cali and was suppose to come out a couple different times and didnt make it, the last time she was out here, we werent able to get together) she called me tuesday when i was on my way to my trasnfer and said im coming into town thursday night, we have to get together friday!!!!! how crazy is that!!! anyway, im super excited!!! i keep talking to my babies, they may not be able to hear me, but i dont care. i have pictures of them too! the first baby pictures haha! now i wait!!
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ok so now that i have a few minutes to be on here...

Jen - Im so sorry!! *HUGS* its so not fair!! i hope things work out for you Very SOON!!!

Krista - That Sucks!! do you know yet (not sure if you have had your consult) what they plan on putting you on to make sure this doesnt happen again? Good Luck Honey!

Sally - Good luck with your surgery!!! (or glad its over if you have done it already) =)

Kari - any news yet? TWINS in your future? im so excited hurry back!!!

Miky - TONS of big Healthy Follies your way!!! wish that darn cyst would just *POOF* though!!! hope its all great news from here on out!!!

Our Pregos - hows are the 4 of you doing? hopefully happily miserably preggo =) well not miserable (everyone that complains of getting pregnant complains of the misery not knowing how much we want it =)

hope i didnt miss any of my lovely ladies!! i missed you all so much!!! it was torture laying on that couch for 2 and a half days with nothing to do!!!! i couldnt even say hi to ya!! but im back, a little crampy on and off, nothing severe, a little nausous/heart burn (sp??) here and there, mood swings all over the place! and a few hot flashes every once in a while! *fingers crossed*
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Welcome back!  Very exciting how perfect everything has been for you!  Gee, can I have one of your eggs?!?

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Hi Ladies,
I write this full of pain meds so if I don't make sense it's just a normal thing for me  :P

Krista.. You could so have one of my eggs.. if you want a blond haired, real light brown eyes, german/austrian/dutch, 5'8", degree in archaeology kinda kid (wow, I sound good on paper).  Ok, so I did a bunch of drugs in college and my grades weren't stellar and I have gained a ton of weight and I can be real lazy when given the chance, but I love to read and garden.

Amberlee.. Congrats on the transfer!  When's your beta?  Exciting!!!!!!!!

Jen.. I'm so glad youre looking forward and not too too sad.  Tomorrow.. tomorrow.. it's only a day away. (Heck yeah I wanted to be Annie when I was a kid!)

Magda.. Where is AF?  That low down dirty ho bag needs to get in gear!

Ok, I wanted to write more to everyone, but I can cramps out the wazoo.  Surgery went fine (I guess).  They put me completely under, which is always awseome. The new hopsital was real nice.  I am bloated and super dopper pooper scooper crampy so Im just gonna take another precocet , go back to bed and have wacked out dreams.

Big Smoochies to the girls!

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I am crossing my fingers for those two perfect embies to become two perfect babies!

I am in such a funk today, mood swings all over the place and I can't get comfortable. I just want to sleep but I am off to work in a few minutes...

I am trying to pick up all your names, I am Kele (pronounced Kelly). I hope you all don't mind me butting in on this post, I just need a few people who know what I am feeling throughout the IVF process.
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Thanks Ladies, i love you all, you make me feel so good!! i have one frozen one (another 'textbook' embie) if you want it krista!! you deserve it!! and i like to share!! my beta is the 6/6, but i also have blood on 5/30, 6/01 and 6/03 i dunno why, but i dont care as long as i get my BFP!!! i cant believe everything has gone so well, makes it seem like its all just the calm before the storm!!! hopefully just of motherhood!! talk to you all later

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Welcome Kelly.  Of course you are welcome!  Sorry you are feeling uncomfortable bloated and moody.  Keep your eye on the prize!

YEAH for pain killers!!!  And I would love to have your egg.  It would make a kick a*# baby I'm sure!

Krista (aka kp1212)
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Ok girls, I had my first u/s appt today.  And here is what they did... they counted babies.  They counted three of them!!!!!  Each contained a yolk sac and each measured appropriate for 5.5 weeks.  Amazing that I go 0-2, 0-3, 0-3, and then on my fourth IVF all three decide to stick, but that's how it happened.  I know I've got a very long way to go so I just need prayers.  I am so aware of how high risk this is but I think I'm gonna try and deliver all 3 until they tell me it would be very wise to think otherwise.  Prayers would be appreciated (and please please please don't take this the wrong way, but please no horror stories cause I'm afraid to hear them right now... I'm already aware of the severe prematurity risks and it terrifies me.  And who even knows if I can make it with all 3 to delivery day.)

Asking4, I'm just thrilled to hear the good news about your two beautiful embies!!!  How exciting that they are getting all snuggled in for their long stay!!!  Congrats hun!

Sally, so sorry to hear about the cramping... that sounds about as fun as my dog peeing on my cheerios.  Hope the pain subsides quickly and then soon we'll all be talking about how excited we are for you to start those stims!!!

Krista and Jen, I'm thinking of you two and hoping that you are both still hanging in there like the rockstars you are!!!

Everyone else, sending you my love and babydust!!!!

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OMG, i was just hoping for twins for you but 3 YAY!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS thats got to just be overwhelming!!! how exciting!!!!!! good job!!!! ill be praying hard for you hun!!! pray for our little babies too!! =) Good Luck!
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OMG!!!!  That is sooooo exciting I just might pee in my pants.  Wow! What a miracle!  
How did it feel lying on the table and seeing not one but THREE sacs?  Must have made everything worth it.  Give me more scoop!

Bless you and your babies!

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Asking4, I promise I'm praying hard for all of your girls... you have my word.  And yes, I've got your embies in my thoughts and prayers too.  I know they are snuggling in nice and tight right now!  Happy thoughts for you and your embies!
Thank you for the warm congrats =)

Krista, thank you so much!  You are so sweet and I appreciate your excitement for us!  It really was very cool... I guess they were expecting something extra special cause my RE walked in and asked if it was okay if a couple extra people came in and watched the ultrasound... my embryologist really wanted to see the results.  Well in went the wand, there was an immediate comment on how big my ovaries still are, and then only like 2 seconds later RE announced "we have a triplet pregnancy".  I started shaking and crying immediately and I was asking him where where I don't see it!!?!??  He pointed them out and I just kept asking do they look okay?  He measured each and showed the yolk sac for each and took pics... we have a baby 1, 2, and 3 pic and then one that has all three on the same shot.  It was pretty cool, I gotta admit.  What's interesting is I am only my RE's third triplet pregnancy in two years (he's very conservative, as he should be).  He showed us pics on the wall of the two sets of his trips that were born and healthy and that gave me some encouragement... I know I still have a very very long way to go.  .... Okay, so I hope I didn't over do it with too many details but that is the scoop. ;)  Krista with your determination and spirit I know you are going to be telling us all about your miracle someday, and soon.  (((hugs))) -K
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Kari - I have goosebumps reading about the three incredible babies!! I'm SO excited for you! WOW!!! You are an IVF inspiration! :)

Krista - I've been thinking of you. I haven't seen if you posted the final outcome of the u/s and decision, but I'm assuming (from reading other posts) that you've decided to cancel the cycle?? Well, on the bright side...we'll be on a very similar cycle again next time! :)

Sal - Take as many of those percocets as you possibly can! But beware of the serious constipation; I swear i didn't have a bowel movmt for 2 weeks when I took them after my past surgeries :) Very excited for your cycle to start...I just have great feelings about it!

Amberlee - Good luck! Just imagine the embies growing and making a permanent home in that very comfy uterus of yours!

Yesterday I decided to take the next cycle off. AF should be coming any day as I've already started spotting. Despite the fact that the RE and DH were okay with pushing a June cycle, my body feels super run down and just out of whack. I'm seeing an acupuncturist and natural medicine doc on Tuesday to start "cleansing" and getting my body in the best shape possible to increase my chances.

I will keep all of you posted on my status and will of course be here for all of you still...
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