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AGP Train is going to the Beach

We needed a new thread and it was getting quiet. Where is everyone?????
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Ok i'm still getting used to all the abb.  What does AGP mean????
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HI Ladies!  I am sorry that I have been quiet - trying to get ready for my big trip to California!! We are leaving Friday for a weekend in Sacramento and then on Monday, we fly to Las Vegas to see my parents in Mesquite NV for a week!  Just busy!

I am on CD5 and realized last night that if all goes well, I should be ovulating in Nevada (luck, be a lady!!), so I am a bit nervous about trying to get BDing done in my folks' house - AAAGGHHHH!! This will be a first (I was a goody-two-shoes growing up :) )

I'll keep lurking to check on everyone!  Another update would be great - hint, hint, wink wink!! :)
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hello everyone just wondering what agp train stands for
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I want to join the train too, I agree what AGP means.
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I'm game to join, but what is it??

I'm on cd3. I have an u/s scheduled for 4 Sept (cd12) and if all goes well, we'll do hcg trigger that night and IUI on cd14.

I have short cycles, so I'm a little worried about waiting until cd12. The bad part is, if we miss this cycle, we will probably have to wait two cycles before I can try again.  (only one tube)...  The RE didn't want me to come in until cd15... I was like NO freaking way!!  I dont' think he looked past the first page of my file which is over 4 inches thick... I don't mind it taking a couple of tries, but not becausing poor timing which could easily be avoided.  That is just a waste of time.  

I'm gonna try to stay positive tho :)  
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I seriously cannot keep up with a whole new AGP thread. I am too darn old to be following multiple threads.  Ackk.. maybe it's oldtimers, but this is melting my brain, I'm doing all that I can to keep up with the original AGP members.  Good luck to everyone on this thread.. I'm heading back to the train with the other old timers.  :)
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AGP=Alpha Gamma Preggo
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You are busy. Boy your ovaries have perfect timing, son't they. Good luck at your parents' house.....LOL. You'll have to let us know how that goes.

Glad to see you back. I agree, if your cycles are short than no point in chancing it.

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Has anyone done Repronex injections? I'm on CD13 and the doctor had me start on CD11. Due to go in on CD15. What type of success rate with ovulating and growing good follicles have you had?

Please help.
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I have done Repronex, and my follies grew just fine, I think each and all of these meds are pretty good. The only thing that is not good is the fact that at the end you hear a lot of us crying, but hey we also have lots of pregnant girls too, so there is always hope. When are you starting is this your first time?
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I started the Repronex injections on Sunday. This is going to be day 3 for me. 1 more day and then back to the doctor's for u/s and hopefully trigger and IUI! It really is painful. Did you have any reactions to the medication? Like did you have huge red spots at the injection site? I'm actually staying more clam about the whole process than I was when I took clomid. While on clomid, I was always impatient and such in a rush to have my IUI done. But now this time I'm more clam. I just hate the part of having to do injections.

Thank you for your immediate response. It means the world to me!!
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to be honest, I think every injection I have done has been painful, my pain tolerance is not very high so I don't handle injection that well. IUI was not painful at all, I think the most important part is to rest after you have your procedure done.
It is good you are keeping calm, we all know how hard it is but being calm makes is easier.
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Yeah it doesn't seem to be getting better or easier for that matter. I just have to stay strong and remember what I'm doing this for. I'm hoping this first round works because I don't want to have to go through this again.

Did you have huge red spots around your injection site?
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No not really, the spot was tender but nothing else, maybe because I have olive skin I did not notice red spots, as long as the redness does not spread around or gets bigger I think is o.k
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Oh ok. The injection spot from the first night is the one that bothers me the most. I really don't know why. Maybe because it was the actual first one i did. I'm glad I have you to ask for some advice. No one has answered my other post.

Thank you so much!
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hey no problem, someitmes the other ladies are busy it just happens, lots of lucks and keep me posted.
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