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AGP for President!

Hello?  Anyone there???

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good afternoon ladies.....

well the rest of the update is, i have to wait 2 more days. my RE said 'your levels are great, you have 20 good follicles, but your not ready'. i dont know what that means but DR knows best right? so he wants to see me again tomorrow for more blood and another u/s and he thinks i should be ready by then so he has retrieval planned for thursday. *sigh* my ovaries are so d*mn heavy. every time i step, i feel the weight!! they are so ready!! im so ready!! but i want to take my time and get it right this time!! come on BFP!!!

hope you all had a great day!  
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Jen is right.  Did your RE up your meds?  My actually decreased my Gonal-F for a few days when my estradiol went waaay up!

UCSB is a great school although I don't know how anyone studies there since it's right on the beach!  I actually taught at UC-Berkeley and lived in Berkeley for 2 years.  Love that area!  After freezing for 5 years in upstate NY it was a nice change  :)
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Oh, PS - we need a new thread...this one is too long...

I nominate our queen, Helen, to lead us in this adventure!
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Still sitting on my couch!! I am now 2 days past the transfer and trying to envision amazing things going on inside my very posh uterus. I woke up this morning to cramps - like AF - but I know its too early for her. I also have nasty hot flashes, which (as Helen so kindly reminded me) are a product of the progesterone shots. Officially the top part of my arse feels mutilated cuz of the shots - and i've got a decent amount of cushion to absorb, but i guess not enough! I go for a bw on Thursday and beta is on the 27th (next week). When I left the transfer on Sat, the doc reminded me that there is no pill i can take, food i can eat, or drink i can drink to make this happen. All I can do (he said) is relax and envision the embies growing stronger and finding a permanent home in there. So thats what i'm doing! I'm officially off bedrest tonite, but the RE suggested taking it easy for the next 5 days to maximize chances. I'll do whatever it takes...i've got a ton of knitting projects to keep me busy and a proctor to manage my exams this week!

Helen - I sent you a note, but those #'s look FAB!!

Sally - I would go to Pinks (if i liked hot dogs) or Roscoes, but i can't drive yet...RE says it could be too bumpy and we are trying to minimize the "jarring" motions. So I'm stuck with lots of delivery food. UCSB - is that where you learned to get your groove on? I went to San Diego State (no i'm not a drug dealer) - which is really where I became the fabulousness I am today :) Now go get to the bd'ing....you big h*o*e!!

Krista - DO NOT be discouraged, girlfriend! Sally was right...I had so few follies in the beginning but then more blossomed later in the game. They just needed a little more time! Keep on top of the RE and fight to be more aggressive if need be. My cycle would have been cancelled had I not pushed :) The worst thing you can do is worry...remember what my doc said? How bout doing some envisioning...close your eyes and see them growing. Its amazing what the power of the mind can do sometimes.

Kari and Renell - big tummies are a good sign...holding my breath for your results! If you are gonna POAS, keep us posted. HeathJo is the only person I know who didn't POAS (did you Helen?) and it was the greatest surprise! I may try to hold out on this one, but I can't commit :) Let us know...we won't love you any less!

Miky - I've already envisioned your cyst away! Between Sally's command and the power of my mind, I'm sure she's gotten very scared and shriveled up.

Still couching...

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OMG Helen, awesome news!!!!!   I am soooooo happy for you!!!

Sally, yay for O!!!  Glad DH is on his game too!

Sorry for the quick post... I'm heading in to RE... They told me I needed to come in early today since I haven't been feeling well.  No clue if they'll do beta today instead of Wed but I'll keep you posted!
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OMG Sally,
I just hope that you waisted $7k on meds and will not need them in the end.  I hope this is your month!!!   2 follies is a good #.  

Kari, Renell,
you are almost there!!  I did not POAS till I got my beta but if you do I hope you get an early BFP!

sorry about cramping and hot flashes.  That damn progesterone!!!  How much are you taking?  I am only doing half cc so it's not too bad.

any news on your retrieval???

when is your next u/s??  I hope it brings some good news.

I think evil thoughts about your cyst every day.  (hugs)
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Yah Helen!!! Awesome news!  I am still so excited for you.

Amberlee.. Great news regarding your follies.  20 is a great number!  It's getting close to retrieval.. such exciting stuff!  Do you feel swollen yet?

Krista.. Don't you fret now, child.  Just remember Jen didn't see very many either in the beginning.  I bet theres a couple hiding somewhere.  Are you stimming now???

Kari...I bet you are freaking just waiting for your beta.  I would totally break down and POAS.  But then again, I am an absolute control freak, hell.. I tested out my entire beta last month like a big spaz!

Renell.. Ditto what I said to Kari... Good luck on your beta!  Hopefully the swollen bellies are swollen for a darn good reason!
(Let us know if you break down and POAS.. I know I won't think less of you.  I already plan to POAS before my beta!)

Miky.. Your cyst better go away, so you can be doing IVF when I am.  I COMMAND THEE CYST TO GO AWAY!!!  Ok, that should do it  :)

Jen..How you doin on the TWW so far?  It s+u+cks rotten eggs, I know.   Head down to Pinks  or Roscoe's C+ W's and get yourself some awesomeness!!! (I used to live in LA & Santa Barbara.. back in 1991-92.  Went to college at UCSB)  

I am actually ovulating today.. and by the feel of it, one on each side.  Nice bloating and pain on both sides which always makes for a romantic evening of BDing.  But, Ive been busy trying the past 2 nights and then again tonight.  that's all I have to report.. but of course in the back of my head I know I'll be on the IVF train in 2 weeks.   If not, then I have alot of meds to get rid of!  
Hope everyone is doing well..
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I felt like the call will never come.  My new beta is 2183 (from 101 a week ago) and progesterone 35.2 (up from 13.2).  They were hoping for anything above 1000 so 2183 is a good #.  Unfortunately, I mentioned some brownish spotting today  :(  The nurse told me not to worry about the spotting since brown means old blood.  Easier said than done!  
My u/s is scheduled for June 2.
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well here is half the update, as soon as they call with my blood results ill finish the update, i just wanted to share that i have 20 follies ranging between 9-22mm, woohoo (most are on the higher end between 15-22) YAY. the nurse said that my DR is going to go over my charts again and my blood when it gets in and let me know whether to do 1 or 2 more nights of meds. the nurse believes that i will be doing 2 more nights and retrievel will be on Thursday. im so excited! will give more later...
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Thanks girls for the encouragement.  I needed it...

Helen, been thinking about you and your appt tomorrow...keep us posted!  


Miky, Been cursing your cyst for you...it worked for me!  

Renell and Kari...I can NOT wait for your BFPs!!!  Yippee!!!

Asking4...almost there!  Hang in there!

Jen, How are you feeling?!?  

Dang, I would love for all of you to come over tonight and sit on my back patio with a large glass of wine!  Ok, so that obviously isn't possible, but a nice thought anyway.

Night all!

;-) Krista
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Hey Krista, Helen is right... There may be more follies in hiding.  But either way, don't fret as quality is way more important than quantity and you've got some good ones to work with.  When is your next monitoring appt?

Asking4, thrilled to hear that so far all looks good!  Fingers crossed for news on trigger shot tomorrow!  Go follies go!

Miky just a few more days and we'll be hearing that cyst is all gone and you'll get the go-ahead to move forward!

Sally, hope you ate having fun working on getting all knocked up!

Helen, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow my friend!!!  Hope you are simply one of the lucky ones that doesn't struggle with the ugly pg symptoms... I hear little boys tend to be less hard on expectant mommies... are you ready for a little boy! =) =) =)

Renell I  know just what you mean about the preggo looking belly.  My OHSS symptoms subsided for a couple days but they are back.  I was so uncomfortable last nite I really didnt get much sleep.  I think these swollen bellies of ours this late past trigger is a good sign!  Hope you are holding up well!!!  My beta is Wed... yours is Thurs right?
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I started out with 8 follicles and we saw 8 again on my 2nd u/s.  I remember coming home from my u/s appt and crying.  Then, my 3rd u/s showed that I had 11 and 2 days later 16 were retrieved.  It's not unusual for some follies to hide so you may have more than what u/s shows.  And even with 6, as long as you have a few good quality embryos (or not so good as in my case) you will be OK.  Do NOT throw in the towel yet.

I am doing a cyst vanquishing dance for you.  I hope it's out on Thursday!!!

Kari, Renell,
your wait is almost over.  Sorry about the anxiety but it will only get worth after the BFP.  

good luck Monday!  Your retrieval is almost here, yeeh!!

if you are reading this message you should get off line and work on that BFP!!  You know what to do  :)

I am OK, still zero symptoms of any kind.  I am not nauseous, tired or sleepy and my bbs are not sore either.  Hoping that no AF is a good sign but will know more tomorrow what's going on.

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Hi everyone,

I'm back from might overnight.  Had a nice time--hubby was in a triathlon.  I on the otherhand, sat on my butt.  It was lovely.

Got BW and US results from Friday.  BW was fine.  US was a little (a lot) disappointing.  Only 6 follicles.  RN said that is likely all I will be working with for this cycle which blows.  I am most certainly NOT a follie queen.  It stinks to be in the "decreased ovarian reserve" camp.  I am just hoping and praying that the 6 are healthy and continue to progress...

I know it "only takes one" but I am feeling discouraged...

Jen, I am super excited for you!!!  A boy and girl set of twins is my dream.  Good luck to you!!! ;-)

Back to the garden to keep my mind off my lousy follicles.  Hopefully my veggies, herbs and flowers grows...


p.s.  Ignore me, I am being a total whiner baby.  
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Good Morning....

Kari, thanks, i cant wait to get the real show on the road. when i look at the calender its like, 'WOW its NEXT week' still just cant believe i am here.

Sally, you go girl, take him down!!

Miky, hope that cyst goes away soon!! we should have all these d*mn issues in the first place to add something else in the mix! not fair! im cursin it like the rest of the girls here!!

Renell, cannot wait to see your BFP. you and hellen have to share that baby dust though!! cant hog it all =)

RE hasnt said exactly how many he wants but he called me yesterday and said that so far so good and he wanted me to continue with my meds, all my levels are perfect and that i have 11 now and should have more next appt. im so excited, it only takes 1. =) today im CD12
my next b/w and u/s are on Monday they said they should know when im triggering by then. originally i was scheduled for my retrieval on the 21st but the nurse said that they MIGHT want to push it back one more day just to make sure that as many follies can mature as possible! i dont mind if they push it back 2, just get me prego!!

Thanks Ladies, SSBD!!

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Hey Girls

I know I have been quite lately. but i'm just trying to get over these last 5 days. I have my beta on the 23rd and boy am I nervous. I havent felt or seen any symptoms that I believe are not regular symptoms due to the progestrone. I have fely cramping every now and then through out the day and a little funny feelin in my belly button area. But that could be from it being so huge.

Kari..3 more days for you!! I am right with you with the huge belly. When I leave my house and go somewhere I feel as if someone is lookin at it and is going to ask me "WHEN ARE YOU DUE"!!!!!!. LOL...

Sally.. Poor hubby, i am sure he will get enjoyment out of it all. And congrats on your D&C scheduling. I feel like a D&C PRO, I have had 4 in the past 8 months!!!!!!!

Jen.. 2 healthy embies is great!!!!!! Cant wait to hear how everything goes for you.

Asking4....Looks like thinks are going well with your follie growth. Keep us posted on when you trigger and your ER!!!

Where is Helen, Where is the preggo lady !!!!!!!!!!! Just checkin on you and making sure you are doing well. Have you had any morninf sicknesss yet??

Well I guess I go back to plucking out my hair again strain by strain, I feel thats the only way I can stay saine for these last 5 days!
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Good morning AGP girls!
In NYC today is a wonderful morning!

I'm still here fighting against my cyst....
Sally:I'm going to check the cyst next Thursday so if I start next week I'll be exactly in the middle between you and Krista!Sounds good!
I read that you spent 7000$ in meds..this is CRAZY! We also have to pay for the meds ourselves but for this cycle until now it was "only 4000$".It soundd to me outrageous but now that i know of yours it sounds almost acceptable!!

Helen:Tomorrow is the big day!I'm so excited for you.Let us know as soon as you know the beta results..!

Magda:where are you?If I'm not mistaken your region is going through difficul times..Let us know that evrything is ok with you.We miss you!

Kari & Renell:how are you doing???????

Amberlee:GREAT news!!! you might win the follies contest!When are they checking you again?

Last  but  not least Lisa:where are you?Pleas please please come back to us!

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Hi Ladies
Just thought I would check in for the day.

Jen.. Wow..a boy and a girl!  I hope you get both!  My best friend has a twin set (not the sweater kind) and she is in heaven.. they are super cute.. and you just wait.. they will be a handful!   And check our perez hilton.. theres been news of J.S.'s breakup for days.

Kari & Renell.. when are the two of you testing????  Im watching you two closely.. I'm excited for both of you!

Amberlee.. Great news on the follie front.  How many does your RE say he wants?  What cycle day is it for you?

Miky.. When you go back to RE, if the evil cyst is gone will you be starting stims?  I'm only about 2 weeks away from starting mine, so maybe we'll be close in our cycles.

Magda.. I really wish you would start posting again.. youre my European cosmopolitan friend.  If you don't start posting everyone will think I'm talking to myself (which I do all the time anyway)

Helen.. Now that you are so totally knocked up (how did that happen?) Will you please inform me of your early symptoms.. you know, the ones I KNOW you had, but were lying to yourself about whether they were real or imagined.

For me this fine evening, I will be pouncing on DH b/c I have a peak reading on my fertility monitor.. so he had a job to do for the next 3 days.  Poor guy, he'll never know what hit him!

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Asking4, Congrats!!!  Sounds like everything is going perfectly!  Trigger will be here in no time!

Jen, Your odds really are out of this world good.  I'm so happy for you!  Can't wait to hear how everything goes/went today!!!  Good luck!!!
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YAY great news.....just got back from my appt. and i have 11 follies right now that are measurable (all between 10 and 18mm) and a bunch that arent measurable yet but should be by my next appt. which is monday!! YAY lining is perfect, everything is so far where it should be for me!!! oh im so excited!!! should know by monday when i will be triggering, hopefully! i would assume so since its suppose to be wednesday.
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Miky and Kari,

Thank you SO much for these responses. I kinda needed a kick in the arse! I was disappointed about not having the frosties and needed the reminder that things are actually great! You are right...having 2 embies that went thru PGD does increase the chances of success.

I will update you tomorrow!

Kari - a HUGE tummy is a good thing!! I can't wait for Wed to get the results!!
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Lisa, I'm thinking of you... I'm not sure what you are feeling right now but I'm sending you, warm HUGE hugs. I know you said you were overwhelmed right now with things, not just TTC.  I really hope all is okay... We were hoping you'd be back shaking your pom poms next week! Please let us know what's going on. Love to you.

Sally sounds like your pleading the other day was majorly effective... Good job!  I'll have to go check out the pics of your meds... Sounds like it's a lot of drugs.  I am on day 7 past day-3 transfer.  Wed is the big day for me.  I'm feeling positive (did I mention my tummy is HUGE?!!!)

Jen!  I'm super excited for you!!!  A healthy girl and boy embie is a beautiful thing!!!  The gender could still be a surprise or if both implant than you'll get one of each!!!  I understand it's a bit disappointing to not have any frosties, but I promise you will forget all about that when you get your positive beta in a couple weeks!  You know how great your chances are with two blasts that got good PGD results????  It's so promising!!!  Good luck tomorrow!!!!

Asking4... I think you have another monitoring appt tomorrow right?  Can't wait to hear the good report on your follies!  Maybe they'll even tell you when you'll be triggering!
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A boy and a girl...this is so awesome!!I'm very excited for you.
keep us posted and SSSSSBD!!

Krista-I'm counting on a super duper Ju ju...PLEASE?????? ;-)
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Sally - did I miss something with JS? She was just talking and giggling in the supermarket about how wonderful her life was! Did they break up?

Lisa - WHERE ARE YOU GOING SISTER????? I'm cartwheeling about the fact that AF came! Please don't give up...you have done a fantastic job reminding everyone here how tough this journey can be. I am making it my responsibility to remind you as well. I am always here if you need to chat. XOXO

Kari and Renell - Hang in there girls!! It's only a matter of DAYS until we have the news. Think about how long its taken to get to this point! I think you can probably handle a couple more days!

Krista - sounds like things are coming together for you...can't wait to follow the rest of the cycle!

Helen - how ya feeling?

Here's my update...
The RE called on Wednesday to let me know that 7 embies turned into 8 (a bit slow to get started but came thru). They all went through PGD this week. Results came back today, and as it turns out, I don't have any decisions to make. We have only 2 embies that made it through the testing and will be transferred tomorrow (a boy and a girl). I was initially disappointed that we didnt have more - at least to freeze - but am so thankful for the two healthy ones and am hoping that at least one sticks. Fingers crossed!

Hope you are all well...
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hey sally, no worries, when you are ready, its there! the song alone is really good, its when you watch it with the video that makes the whole effect hit you! i understand!! i hope things work out this next cycle!!

my intramuscular ones are going good, i just took my first subcutaneous shot, the ganrelix and i cannot believe there are people out there that do drugs and shoot themselves up for fun! i tried on my tummy and i couldnt get it in so i put an ice pack on it for like 30 secs and it worked perfect, but now, about 5 minutes later, it really itches!!! they said it may sting, maybe i feel it differently! (i could use to loose a little in the front area =) thanks for asking!!
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