Hi, I am from the UK, and I have reading all this comforting posts for the last week now.  I know this is an old post, but I am currently 7dpet 5 day transfer.  We had 2 reasonable embies transfererred.  I have had slight cramping since the transfer, sometimes a little back ache, headache, and tender boobies. Today however, I have noticed a very tiny bit of brown spotting when I went to the loo, just the size of a coffee drip and have cramping like AF is coming!!  We have succumbed to the HPT and keep getting a negative, it is so destroying.  One minute I feel totally like it hasnt worked at all, then I read the forums and feel positive again, but today at day 7 am feeling very low, I have the bloodwork this Thursday and am dredding it considering I have been eagerly awaiting it for a week now!!  I was wondering if anyone here has had little or no symptoms like us, and if they still had a BFP at the bloodwork?
Thanks in advnace to anyone to replies, I know it was all some time ago, but this wait is driving me CRAZY!!
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I haven't had an experience like that before, but wanted to wish you luck and lots of sticky baby dust!!  The 2ww is the WORST.  I'm getting ready for my follicle scan in 2 days and then will be in my 2ww as well.  It's so nerve-racking when you want something SO bad!  *Hugs*
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The spotting could just be implation which would mean u would get a neg for several days.  Give it time and then take another test. u dont start building levels until after implation. your level doubles every 24-48 hrs. so i wouldnt give up just yet.  i had spotting with my first pregnancy. I have read of several other women who have also been through this. I dont know about ivf because i havent been through that but i am sure implation works the same. I hope it is implation and not early af. Good luck and God bless.
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Hi guys, thank you both so much for your kind and helpful responses I really do apreciate it.  Today all I have is some serious cramping when sitting down like AF is coming, I am now 1 day past due for AF, so am hoping she aint coming!!  2 days closer to BT, didnt do HPT today couldnt take another negative booo.  

Sheaby - Good luck with you scan and then the 2WW remember this forum is fantastic and has got both myself and my DH through some bad days.  LOADS & LOADS OF STICKY BABY DUST TO YOU

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