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All the TWW's

Hows the TWW going? Its driving me nuts... Im going to test on Friday, af is supposed to be here Saturday but i hope shes a no show.. Anyone having any symtoms? Still just sore bbs for me. I hope everyone is doing ok. Wishing you all luck.  
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Hi, Shadris! I'm in the 2WW too, but a bit behind you...only 5 dpo today, according to fertilityfriend, but I actually think I'm more like 3 dpo. So a loooong wait for me! Glad the holidays are coming up...hopefully that will keep me busy, so I won't obsess about every little thing :-)

As fpr symptoms, slightly sore bbs and some cramping yesterday (but I know that's too early to mean anything).

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Hi Heather,
   I took the test early morning ,and it says negative whick made me cried ,I just dont know why ,Af dont came ,and still delayed ,am only counting the days but seems nothing will happen this month ...Hope You blessed with baby ..I just Hope and pray for you .
    Maybe this is not my month ....I dont lost hope but made me depressed ..I hope you and sandris a Good Luck .

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Oh, Shygirl, I'm so sorry your test today was negative. Maybe you could try another one after Christmas.  If you get another negative at that point, I would suggest going to a doctor and getting a blood test done. At least that way you would know for sure! I really do hope this is your month, though :-)

If you're not pregnant (but hopefully you are!!!), maybe you could try charting your temperatures next month. That has really helped me understand my cycles better. AND it will show you when you ovulate, so you know when to expect your period and when to test. Plus, if you temperature stays up for 18 days or more, you're most probably pregnant! Just a thought...

BUT, hopefully you'll get your BFP soon and you won't have to worry about temping! Take care and keep us posted!
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Hi sweetie ,thanks a lot for your quick replied,Yes thats what im going to do ,after christmas i will re take a test to see if still negative,If Af dont come then i will chartting my temp ,Do u mean we can see it in fertilityfriend.com I tried it once ,but since i try to log in again after a weeks ,I cant get into my account anymore ,maybe ill open a new account again ,but i will see after this christmas ,and If Af come i will start charting ,But i dont discourage now and we keep on praying ,Maybe the pregnant ladies here will send us the angels ,and its our turn to get pregnant , ha ha ha ...ANyway your such a wonderful woman ,you help me a lot and you courage me more .

Have a Blessfull day
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I am still in 2WW.  it's drives me crazy as well.  I cheated myself and tested 2 days ago and came out BFN.  I am afraid to test again.  AF should visit the day after Christmas.

good luck
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I'm hanging in here as well 11DP IUI today.  Plan to test tonight if AF doesn't show up till 6pm.  But I have a bad feeling, I think that bbs hurt a bit less today than they did yesterday that's not a good sign.  My progesterone was very good this month so I was hopeful.  Also been having on and off cramping which could also mean AF.

I'm just an emotional wreck today.  AF is due anywhere between today and Sunday
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