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Am I miscarrying? Pls help

Hi guys as some of you know I took my test Monday and was positive, however the nxt day I had a lil blood and some very strange brown/grey stuff.  Yesterday I had lots more of the same stuff and today a lil bit more blood and still more of this grey/brown stuff.  I looked at google and this sounds to me like a miscarriage can anyone help, I know it's a painful subject to people who have been thru it but I'm going crazy and the docs aren't helpin or giving any info???

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I was bleeding heavily for several weeks starting at week 5.  I am now 10 weeks and baby is still doing well.  You should contact your dr about the bleeding.  It may be normal but an u/s and/or pelvic exam will help you figure out what's going on.
So sorry this is happening to you.  I know how stressful this is.
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You'll find that many women spot, bleed, and go on to have very normal pregnancies.  Let your doctor know about this, but try not to stress to much.  You might want to try and take it easy for the next few days.
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Hi....try not to stress (yah right)...even bright red bleeding and cramping is normal for some women in the 1st trimester...and 30% have spotting...hang in there and stay positive for baby!
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Hi thanks for all your comments you girls are all so great and it helps so much to be able to talk and ask about things.  

I'm not so worried about the blood bit it is the other stuff it looks like some kind of tissue or something and it is so scary as that is what it says is a typical miscarriage symptom.

Will try and stay sane until I know altho have to admit that is proving v difficult at mo!

Hope all is well with you all tho - babynr congrats so happy for you hon.
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did you call the doctor yet?  maybe going in and having your beta levels checked will help ease your mind
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