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Am I pregnant?

I had unprotected sex 1dpo using withdrawal.
The thing is I had been monitoring my BBT and CM for two weeks. And the 3 apps I was using for this coincided that I wasn't fertile.
I still wasn't sure, cause I had what could have been called EWCM (it made me feel really wet for two days, but for the rest, I barely saw it stretch twice) during the days the apps told I wasn't fertile.
Also, my BBT had gone up from 36.4°C to 37.

So that day, I had unprotected sex five times. My CM was pretty normal, humid.

I knew that preseminal fluid could contain sperm, but I brushed it off because I thought I had ovulated.

Two days after, the apps' prediction changed. One said I ovulated on the 28, the other on the 29, and I had sex the 30.

Yesterday, 2dpo I saw very light yellow, creamy - transparent cervical mucus, once. And later I had this whiter, more consistent, CM that stretched around between my fingers. It wasn't like an EW, and it stretched. For the rest of the evening, it was cream like.

So, today, 3dpo my BBT dropped from 36.8 to 36.5.

Is it an implantation dip or a second estrogen surge?

I read I can't take a test yet, I would have to wait a week.

Thank you
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Ugh, when I was trying to conceive, I had a hard time with apps because they aren't really all that accurate.  They are just averaging the days and guessing when you'd 'might' be fertile or ovulating based on information you've put in.  I did use the Clear Blue monitor that you pee onto test strips and insert. That seemed to have some accuracy based on using your hormones to track things.  And I got pregnant while using it.  But I don't even know if they still sell those!  I've not seen it for a while.  You could check on line.
Another thing I found very helpful was temperature taking.  Have you ever done that?  You get a cheap, simple digital thermometer and take your temp every morning before you get out of bed and record it.  You'll see that your body follows a pattern.  You are one temperature at the start of your cycle and it stays consistent and then midway, your temperature will rise a full degree. This is normal and indicates you just ovulated.  It stays that higher degree until you start your period when it lowers back down.  If it doesn't lower, you are pregnant.  Really kind of handy to understand if you ovulated, to track exactly when (it tells you after so doesn't help you with timing that particular cycle but will for the next) and you know that you can't be pregnant if your temperature starts to lower (which happens about a day before your period starts).

And reading to the bottom of your post, I see you track your temp.  Sorry, lol.  But I missed that.  Helpful.  Unfortunately, with the lowering of the degree, I suspect you started your period by now.  Is that true?
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