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An Update...3rd IVF

HI, Ladies, so sorry to  take up another post..but as some of you might knows what I am going through..I am doing my 3rd IVF...
Last cycle got cancelled due to elevated estrogen..(8000+) ..now my estrogen is going high again..2000 now but they  might do the retrieval on mon. ( I am hoping that they do before my estrogen goes through the roof again).. so please wish me luck ladies...

Oh btw..i have 11 follies ...ranging 16,15,14,13, lots of 11..anyone who might have an idea if they are going to be ready for trigger tomorrow? i am just so anxious ....thank you for your time ladies....
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Good luck on monday!!!
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thank you so much.....
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I don't know anything about IVF but just wanted to say good luck and super sticky baby dust to you!!
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Hi I just completed a IVF cycle  and I had some similar to what you have and they waited a 2 days and the numbers got a little higher.  It is possible you will get your trigger tomorrow.  I wish you all the best.
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Pattie & Lulu1968:

Thank you ladies for encouraging me...i will keep you updated..
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Hello dear! I wish you best of luck with your 3rd attempt of ivf! They say that with each next try chances to get pregnant increase. I hope this will work for you and you will become a happy mom! I've been in ttc for 8 years already. This number seems so huge to me! I know that some women are trying to conceive even longer. But these 8 years were so tough for us to live through. I'm also looking into ivf using donor eggs. I believe this option will help me and my husband to become parents. This is our last chance. We put our hope in it. I wish you good luck dear! I hope you will update us with great news very soon!
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