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Another hopefull month

I am hopeful I am pregnant.  I have new symptoms during PMS almost every month now and have started getting sore breasts and cramping.  It makes it harder to know if I am pregnant or just more of the similar symptoms again.  This month I have a very "wet" feeling down there and my discharge is a little different and my breasts are tender again but sometimes get "erect" without them being touched, cramping all over for a day or two now mostly on the right side today.  What do you all think?  New PMS symptoms or pregnancy symptoms?  I am about 6 dpo.
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sorry.  there are NO symptoms that can predict pregnancy.
the longer you have been TTC, the more phantom symptoms your brain creates ....
you can't really test reliably until at least 10 dpo, so you will just have to wait.
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I believe everyone is different and some women do get "early pregnancy" symptoms.  
so it really varies.  PMS symptoms are somewhat identical to prego symptoms ao it's really hard to tell from one or the other.
The best thing to do is keep yourself busy in your 2ww and just let nature take it's course.  i even think testing 10dpo is too early as you can get a false negative.  It's always safer to wait until you missed your period.  This is coming from someone who was test happy for my last 3 cycles of IUI:)
hopefully this will be your month!  I am also 6dpo.
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Thank you for your response.  I know that many symptoms are similar....PMS vs pregnancy.  My body is regulating itself from going off of the pill after using it for about 10 years, so I expect new things all of the time. I am always hopefull I am pregnant but dont get too excited because I know how often things change as my body is regulating itself.  It is always nice to post how I am feeling and what I am going through though because someone else might understand.  Every little thing I learn from others will help me at some point, I believe.  I do not have any children yet and so this is all new to me.  esmie1012, thank you for being so kind.  I agree with you about waiting a while to test.  So many negatives in the past that I am willing to wait.  And since I was not ovulating when first coming off of the pill(ring) I have had meds that make things different also.  Many ups and downs.  I am getting more confident and educating myself and for the first time, this month, I had what seemed to be perfect timing.  Ovulation, good cervical fluid, and sex.  So, I am hopeful and will keep moving forward.  Thank you, and good luck to you if you are also TTC!!  Let me know how you are if you are trying.
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Hi Kelly,

I'm also ttc and am 7 days past iui.  This is my 3rd round of IUI with clomid/trigger.  The first 2 rounds, I was reading into all the little signs that I thought for sure was my ticket to my BFP.  But just to be let down to see that BFN!!!!
So this cycle, I'm taking a more relaxed 2ww.  No BBT or TRYING to wait for any possible prego signs ( easier said than done=P) And also no poas (peeing on a stick).
So I think we are on the same schedule this cycle.  I beta is on Sept. 8th.  1 more week.
Wishing you sticky baby dust and hopefully we get our BFP's=)

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