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Anticardiolipin Antibodies - Low Positive?

I have some questions for you all.  I'm 30 years old and have had two first trimester miscarriages within the last 8 months.  After the second miscarriage, I went through the recurrent pregnancy loss bloodwork panel and the only result that was abnormal was my anticariolipin antibody level, which was equivocal. Right after my miscarriage, my IgM level was 11 and my IgG level was 1.  I was retested again 6 weeks later and my IgM level was 12 and my IgG level was 0.  From what I understand, these levels are just slightly elevated above normal (Normal is 0 to 10, Equivocal is 11 to 15, Positive is 16 to 60, and strong positive is greater than 60) .  So here's my questions.... are these results so low that they probably would not cause miscarriages? For those of you with equivocal results, are you on heparin or aspirin therapy? And, do most doctors monitor ACA levels during subsequent pregnancies when a patient has elevated levels?

Thanks for your help!
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Hi there,

my elevated level (13) was picked up when I was 17 weeks pregnant with my youngest daughter. I hadn't a clus what the results meant, I was told it was elevated and a normal level was less then 11. I had been admitted to hospital with high liver enzymes- completely unrelated -possible infection- but whilst checking for why it was they picked up the elevated levels of anticardiolipin antibodies. I live in the UK and our doctors don't seem to do as much bloodwork as in the USA so I haven't got much of an idea of any other results but I have been taking 75mg of aspirin a day ever since. I know the results have episodic peaks & troughs and I was told lower results don't indicate much when you have tested with higher results (if that makes sense.) My daughter was fine and born normal delivery @ 38 weeks. I have since had one miscarriage (blighted ovum) at 7w 4 days resulting in a D&C last september but the doctors didn't seem to think that my miscarriage was related to the antibodies.

Best of Luck,


Ruth xx
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My RE did a recurrent pregnancy loss panel on after a m/c at 10wks. I'm 41 and it was my first pregnancy-so I did not have to have 3 m/cs before the blood work was done. Per my RE, I was told I have clotting issues and if I ever got pregnant again-I would need to use a low dose of heparin (lovenox-I think that is the correct spelling). Looking at my paper work "the impression" from the lab, it says that "Isolated low titer antiphospholipid antibodies may occur as an acute phase reactant, in persons with autoimmune conditions, or espisodically in otherwise healthy conditions. In most persons with clinical evidence of thrombosis or fetal loss, the presence of isolated low titer (low positive) antibodies is clinically significant". I have started taking a baby aspirin (81mg) on my own.

Good luck-hope this helps!
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Thanks to both of you for your responses.  I've started baby aspirin and will hope for the best next time! I'm going to ask my doctor about heparin, but so far she doesn't seem too concerned about the results since they are so low... I guess this just surprised me.

Best of luck to you both!
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I also have tested a low positive with the IgM anticardiolipin antibody. Mine was a 17, my IgG was fine. She had me retest and it was 16. She said that is in the catagory of inconclusive or low positive, in which she said nothing really needs to be done except a baby asprin a day. It kind of worries me, but I am trying to not think about it that much :)
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babysomeday- I'm a little worried about it too... but my doctor doesn't seem to be too concerned.  Sounds like we're both getting the same advice (baby aspirin), which is a good thing! Just curious - have you also had unexplained miscarriages? Best of luck to you!
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Yes, I have had 3, but I also have diminished ovarian reserve, I am only 30 and my ovaries are of a 40 year old. She said that is why I had the M/C. But I guess if she isn't concerned with the antibody than maybe I shouldn't be either, but it still worries me ...but I am a worry wart :)
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After 2 miscarriages, my anticardiolipin also came back an 11.  My Dr. is not concerned about this level as he considers it too low to be an issue, and pretty much normal, of course I am worried.  He is going to re-test my blood at the time of my next positive pregnancy test to make sure my hormone levels look good and will also check the anticardiolipin level again at that time.  He did not recommend  aspirin therapy, but thinks a progesterone supplement could help and is without side effects.  I can't decide if I should push to be retested prior to pregnancy for the anticardiolipin, as my Dr does not recommend this?    Maybe this would ease my mind?  But it sounds like my Dr agrees with yours that this level is not considered elevated.   I know we all just want to do all we can for a successful next pregnancy!  Are you starting your baby aspirin therapy immediately?  Are there any risks to early pregnancy while taking aspirin?  Thanks..  
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my levels are borderline and I am on aspiring therapy and will be on heparin if i ever get a positive.
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  I have had 3 first trimester miscarriages (6 to 7 weeks seems to be the number)
Two miscarriages happened before the age of 30, one at 40.  Finally after the third miscarriage  a genetic analysis was done showing an Anticardiolipin IgM of 17.  I have been on baby aspirin ever since and  have also gone thru 3 IVF cycles which have failed. Does anyone know of any correlation in between IVF failed cycles and Anticardiolipin Antigen.
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I have been on Coumadin since I was 22. I have had 2 pulmonary embolisms and 2 deep vein thrombosis. I found out 5 years after my first clot that I was born with anticardiolipin antibodies. I really don't know anything about it. I was told that when my children reach puberty that I should have them checked for it because it is hereditary. I am on Coumadin for life.
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