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My fiance and I did IVF using a donor. We had our procedure done Dec. 10, so tomorrow is the day we found out if it worked.  I couldn't wait  so I did a hpt on day 8 and I was devastated bcuz it read negative. After reading other postings I found out it might be too early, so I continue to anxiously wait.
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Good luck, I really hope you get your BFP!!!!
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Good luck and baby dust!! Pls update when you find out   Thinking of,you!!
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Thank you for your comment.  I am really excited about finally finding out tomorrow, but nervous at the same time.
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I had my pregnancy test yesterday and waited all day for the results. I finally got the call on my way home from work. We are pregnant!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord for this wonderful blessing.
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Congrats!!! What a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Best Christmas gift ever.
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Congratulations!!! How exciting!!  Merry Christmas!!!
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Hi...I'm in the same boat.   So you did the HPT on the 8th day past your transfer?   Did they transfer 5-day or 3-day embryo?    What day did they do the blood test?   On the 9th day after the transfer?    

I couldn't wait either.  But I checked way earlier than you.  I checked on the 5th day after the transfer!..ha! ha!  I'm ready to throw in the towel?  

What was your hcg level on the blood test? I wonder why the HPT didn't pick it up as a positive?  What brand did you use?   I hope you don't mind sharing.  I'm on pins and needles waiting this out!
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Hi Yvette,
I was told by the nurse that day eight was way too early so your day five was not even going to read. She told me you might get a reading ok day ten, but only blood work would be the best outcome. I had a five day transfer and my blood test was done on day 11.
I think my nurse said my level was at a high 97. I am having another lab tomorrow to make sure I can get off my meds and not have to continue.
All I can tell you is to hang in there no matter how hard the wait is. I want to share my baby dust with you and wish you the best.
When is your test?
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