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Any one on this forum TTC their first child ???

I was wondering if any of you are TTC their first child because I would love to share stories,advice, suggestions and ideas that could possibly help us all out. Any replies would be greatly appreciated : )
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Hi. I am TTC my first child. I am 28 yrs old and DH and I have been trying for about 3 years now. I have PCOS so the process has proven to be quiet challenging. I was told I don't ovulate and probably won't with out any help. My main issue right now is trying to get my AF started back on a regular basis. I feel like a 11 yr old waiting on her first AF..lol.
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We are in the same boat then because I too was diagnosed PCOS I'am CD15 and had an appt yesterday with me telling them that it is time for me to move on to something else like shots or something because this clomid and metformin doesnt seem to be in my favor. I hope the shots arent that exspensive because they dont offer good insurance plans that cover most of that stuff. Do you have any idea of the cost for gonal-f maybe? And I hope that I said and spelled that correctly!
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Hi.  I'm also ttc my first child. I'm 36 & dh just turned 39.  We're in our third year trying.  Dh's S/A is normal & I O on my own, but I guess the timing just hasn't worked in our favor yet...  My HSG exam revealed that I have a T-shaped uterus, but my RE assures me that it won't prevent me from conceiving.  So, all we can do is try, try again :)  Good luck, ladies!!!
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I am also TTC my first child.  I am 27 (28 in a cpl weeks).  DH is 33.  Have been ttc actively for 6 years now.  I have PCOS which is more regulated and under control now.  My dh has a 13 year old son.  My dh also has a low count which RE thinks tht ivf would be best for us.  Trying to save up the fiunds to do ivf in late summer/fall this year...Hope we can help you in any way as we are all in this together...thank goodness for medhelp and u guys...
Good luck to you
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Hello there!! When did you have your HSG done? If this is the process that I'm thinking of they use dye to get a good look inside and I have heard some say and I quote ( it clears away the old cobb webs so that you have a better chance of conceiving, how funny!! ) If thats it I want to try that next if it can help me. Has anybody's RE ever told them that they dont want to overstimulate their ovaries because of the risk of multiples? Well the way I'm feeling right now I want to take all the fertility meds that they can give me including shots!! I just dont care anymore if its a chance that I will have have multiples then hell so be it, and who are they to tell me how many kids to conceive at one time. I WILL TAKE EM' ALL !!! LOL
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I wish that I could get get IVF let alone save up for it : ( I have been having it a little hard lately but hopefully I might be able to try it in a couple of yrs if everything goes as planned and I dont conceive by then. I'am 27 yrs old I just had a birthday on the 2nd of march and my DH is 32 yrs old. Neither one of us has any children and I'am hoping this will be my yr because if I hear one more person ask when are you going to have kids I'm going to explode lol!! I havent told many that I have pcos so maybe if I told them they might stop asking me some much, I just feel like a freak sometimes knowing that I might not never have kids I dont want people to look at me or act different towards me if they new what was going on. But hopefully I get a BFP sooner or later I would love to have a baby in my belly I have never been preggo before and waiting on my turn!!! What type of meds is every one taking? Maybe I could get some new ideas to help me out.
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Hi there.  Yes, the HSG test is where they shoot dye into your tubes to see if they're clear & I have heard the same thing; that the 3 cycles after your HSG, you have a better chance of conceiving.  It didn't happen for me, but that doesn't mean it won't happen for you! :)  I had my HSG in October.  If you schedule yours & have questions, feel free to ask!  Actually, I was taking clomid before my HSG (prescribed by my Ob/gyn) & once it was revealed that I had a t-shaped uterus, my RE took me off all meds.  I actually was hoping for twins, but because of the shape of my uterus, multiples are a big risk for me.  My uterus won't grow as big as a normal uterus & so the babies can suffer as a result of that. Well, I'm spotting today (14dpo), so I expect AF later in the day.  I'm totally okay with it, though.  My dh has been working a hectic schedule & just switched to a new position.  So, we'll have more time to relax & ttc this time around ;-)
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we are also TTC our first. We are both 36. we've just found out about a possible low sperm count (the results vary wildly...). We are most likley going to require IVF. One more round of tests to confirm everything and then it begins.

anyone who has any words of wisdom right are now appreciated!
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I would look into Femara. Somes RE's are prescribing it more than Clomid these days. It has a shorter half life ( leaves the body faster) and does not thin out the uterine wall like Clomid. ALSO!!!!....FEMARE drops your estorgen levels before it brings it back up, which can cause cysts to shrink or colapse right before ovulation. I just started Femara this cycle (cd3-7) and i am now using opk's. Almost time to be intimate for me and DH. I have heard lots of happy endings with this new Fertiltiy drug!

That being said the makers of Femara have not approved it for fertility treatment, mostly because tests show that if taken WHILE preggo it will cause deformaties. BUT it leaves the body so quickly that taken before it will not. SO BE SURE and take HPT or blood test to make sure!!! RE's are prescribing this more and more each year.
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I have no idea on how much it cost. I tried searching for it online but I kept getting different prices. It depends on how much you will be taking. Try calling walmart (or whatever pharmacy you use) and they can tell you how much it is with out insurance. That way if you do have to pay out of pocket you will know how much you will need to come up with. But then again, if your insurance covers it then that will be a nice little surprise. I hope it works for you. Keep us posted..
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My DH and I are also trying to conceive. We are at the very beginning of this whole process. This month I had a lot of blood tests and also a pelvic ultrasound. I am currently on my 10th day of provera of 10 to jump start period. I have my 2nd doctors visit tomorrow to discuss results. She said at my first visit that IUI would be the way to go.  Nice to know there are some newbies here and ones for first child.
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you know there is a high success rate with Ivf so goodluck to you !! But I have a question though for you or anybody else that knows, how long does it take to get the IVF treatment after you...I guess the word is sign up for it? Do you get it right away?
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