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Anybody in two week wait

I had a FET today. 2 day3 embryos transferred. Officially in 2 week wait.
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I had my FET yesterday. 3 blasts transfered. This is my 4 ivf and last one, 2 failed and 1  chemical.Praying this one takes. What meds are you on?
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hi ladies.  I'm 1DPIUI.  This is my 5th IUI and 2nd round on injections. 3 rounds of clomid failed and thinned out my lining.

Sending baby dust to both of u:)
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I have my FET tomorrow so can just about join you in the 2ww .. very excited!  3rd IVF .. 1st failed, 2nd got a BFP and bub developed great but we lost it at 12 weeks .. have had a break of nearly 4 months before going for a frozen round .. hopefully this is the one!

I'm on estradiol tabs and now progesterone pessaries ... SSBD xx
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Jenny- Good luck to you. I hope this time it works for you. Right now I am on estrace 2mg twice a day, doxycycline,medrol(these two was just for 5 days will be over tomorrow),prenatal and progesterone in oil shots. What about you? Will keep you in my prayers.

esmie1012-Good luck to you. Was it a normal cycle you have IUI or with meds? Don't worry e everything will be fine.

tones99-All the best girl! How are the embryos doing? How many are you getting transferred? Don't stress too much. Everything will be fine. Take care.
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I have 2 blasts frozen but my clinic only transfers one at a time .. that's the policy in australia unless you've had many failed cycles .. they want to minimise the chance of multiples .. I don't mind as it means if this one doesn't work we still have one left to try .. just crossing my fingers that it thaws OK

feeling good today . .. just excited about tomorrow! good luck for you too!

good luck to the rest of you!  I hope you all have a speedy 2ww with a great result at the end!
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Hi all, I'm in the 2ww also. Had my trigger on 10/14 and 2 IUIs on 10/15 and 10/16.
Feel casual, apathetic and indifferent, as if I know its not going to work. Had 3 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVFs in this past year.
Good luck and SSBD to all of you...
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