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Anybody in two week wait

I had a FET today. 2 day3 embryos transferred. Officially in 2 week wait.
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I had my FET yesterday. 3 blasts transfered. This is my 4 ivf and last one, 2 failed and 1  chemical.Praying this one takes. What meds are you on?
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hi ladies.  I'm 1DPIUI.  This is my 5th IUI and 2nd round on injections. 3 rounds of clomid failed and thinned out my lining.

Sending baby dust to both of u:)
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I have my FET tomorrow so can just about join you in the 2ww .. very excited!  3rd IVF .. 1st failed, 2nd got a BFP and bub developed great but we lost it at 12 weeks .. have had a break of nearly 4 months before going for a frozen round .. hopefully this is the one!

I'm on estradiol tabs and now progesterone pessaries ... SSBD xx
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Jenny- Good luck to you. I hope this time it works for you. Right now I am on estrace 2mg twice a day, doxycycline,medrol(these two was just for 5 days will be over tomorrow),prenatal and progesterone in oil shots. What about you? Will keep you in my prayers.

esmie1012-Good luck to you. Was it a normal cycle you have IUI or with meds? Don't worry e everything will be fine.

tones99-All the best girl! How are the embryos doing? How many are you getting transferred? Don't stress too much. Everything will be fine. Take care.
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I have 2 blasts frozen but my clinic only transfers one at a time .. that's the policy in australia unless you've had many failed cycles .. they want to minimise the chance of multiples .. I don't mind as it means if this one doesn't work we still have one left to try .. just crossing my fingers that it thaws OK

feeling good today . .. just excited about tomorrow! good luck for you too!

good luck to the rest of you!  I hope you all have a speedy 2ww with a great result at the end!
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Hi all, I'm in the 2ww also. Had my trigger on 10/14 and 2 IUIs on 10/15 and 10/16.
Feel casual, apathetic and indifferent, as if I know its not going to work. Had 3 failed IUIs and 2 failed IVFs in this past year.
Good luck and SSBD to all of you...
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oh .. stay strong .. I have a friend who had to have IUI's as her husband is paraplegic and is now 13 weeks pg after 7 failed attempts .. I also have another friend who is 26 weeks pg on her 9th IVF so it can and will happen!!!  good luck to you x
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Thanks for the message. Yeah I know it will happen some time, I'm just tired of getting my hopes up and then having them dashed.
Best of luck and tons of sticky dust for your transfer...
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Maria2707: This cycle is medicated on menopur shots.  I had 1 leader follie and 3 smaller ones.  Tomorrow I start progesterone suppositories for the first time, so I'm not too sure how that will pan out...lol  I'm guessing it might be messy?  How are you feeling?

Tones99 - Best of luck to you today! I'm hoping to hear good news from you:)

Sammy_J - I totally understand how you feel.  When I started treatment, I honestly did not think I would get this far, being this is my 5th IUI.  But with everything, timing is essential so I just keep hoping my time will come.  I am sure yours will also.... keep the faith!

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I am almost done with my 2 week wait!  I transferred 2 blasts in my first frozen cycle on October 12th.  My beta is on Sat.  I of course took a pregnancy test today and was clearly a BFN.  Trying not to bet bummed.  The first test I did with my frest at 9dpt was a BFP!

I felt so much more with the fresh cycle, but was on so many more meds, plus going through the egg retrieval process is hard on the body.  We did end up pregnant with twins after putting two blasts in, then at week 6 we found out both my eggs had split and I had 2 sets of identicals, which shocked us to say the least.  Lost one set naturally at 7 weeks, then sadly the heartbeats stopped at week 10 and I had to have a D & C.

Hoping for the best this time.

I wish you all the best of luck!
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Hi, I am new to this but I have been reading for a few hours.

I just had my 1st IUI on Tuesday 10/19/2010 & have to 2 weeks to wait, I test on Nov. 2, 2010. I was on Clomid 150 mg and Gona-F pen at 225.  We have been trying for about 12 years. Right now I have lots of cramping and also something going on my tummy IDK what it is. My Follicels were at 19, 17, 16 and on each ovarie.

Can anyone please please help me what does that means, I am very scared cuz of the pain I have. Even when I pee it hurts. Its like if something is pusing my bladder.

Thanks... & Baby Dust 2 all.....
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I was told that frozen embies can take a little longer than fresh to implant so don't go by your last cycle .. I am so sorry for your loss ... it is such a hard thing to have to go through!!  I hope you get your BFP on Saturday!

I had my FET today and all seemed to go well .. thaw was fine and now just have to wait till 1 Nov for my beta .. I will most likely buckle and test sometime next week as I'm useless at waiting for anything!
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Thanks for the words of encouragement.  I didn't know that frozen embies can take longer to implant.  This site really helps when all you can think about is getting pregnant.  I know what you mean...I told myself "no hpt's until the beta'!  Rjght!  Glad to know there are others in the same situation.

Good luck on the first!  

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I am starting the 2ww today.  I will do beta on Nov. 2.  I had two really good size follicles and great lining on this natural cycle with vitamins and fertilaid.  I am doing weekly acupuncture. I am feeling good this cycle, appreciate your prayers!
Sending baby dust to all,
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H Risa;

Have a question, I started my 2ww yesterday 10/19/2010 and gave myself the tigger shot on Sunday 10/17/2010 and now I have real bad cramps & a pain in around my tummy, I also have POSC.

Please help!!
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I had a lot of cramps after my last fresh cycle .. I kept thinking it was my af on the way .. it turned out I was pg so not sure if it was uterus pain or pain from the ivf meds ... I know the progesterone cream gave me cramps as well

having PCOS wouldn't help either ... I hope it means a + result for you!
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Hi Girls!
    It's to nice see all of you in 2ww. I hope every one here gets a BFP and have healthy pregnancy.

tones99-good luck for today.

Cleto-we have the same test date..:) I might cave in and test before that. During my 2nd IVF fresh cycle I tested on 10th day post transfer and got a positive. This time it's a frozen transfer and might be little different. I have PCOS too.

Risa-I feel cramping is normal. I am feel crampy too and also has slight back pain. Good luck to you.

Giggys13-I am so sorry to hear about your loss in the fresh cycle. I pray that this works for you. As tones said may be FET is different.  9 days past transfer might be too early and also depends on when the embryos implanted too. Good luck dear. Keep us posted.

Sammy- don't lose hope, we will hear good news soon. Take care.

esmie-how are you taking the progesterone? Mine is shots...:) I am feeling crampy a lot. Goodluck to you don't worry too much. We can only try and give our best, but can't change what is destined. Take care.
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Cleto - I had IUI on 10/18 and I also had that pressure feeling for the last 2 days.  Since yesterday I am now having mild back cramps and tender breasts when touched. Crossing my fingers for you:)

Maria - Unfortunately, I have to take the progesterone vaginally, but so far no side effects:) My test date is the day before yours, I'm hoping we'll both have good news to share.

Giggys13 - So sorry about your loss... there are no words! I will be saying a little prayer for you that you will get your BFP this Saturday:)
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esmie- how many follicles did you have? I really hope we both get positive results. I am also feeling crampy. Since IUI is almost natural process I guess RE prescribed progesterone for backup and it's good. During my first IUI, I didn't take any progesterone. Only for IVF I did.
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Hi ladies,

I'm on day 6 of my TWW and am feeling cramps and back pain as well.  Like many of you I have PCOS, plus Endometreosis so I've been questioning the cramps and back pain.  I've been tired and don't have much of an appetite besides breakfast.  My RE has me alternating between progesterone injections and vaginal inserts in addition to Estrace, baby aspirin, and prenats.  This is my 3rd attempt at IVF, the first was 10yrs ago - failed; the second was in August but was cancelled due to OHSS; and this one made it to transfer.  We put 3 embies in and we're praying for a BFP on 10/27!  Good luck to all.
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Thank you all so much for taking ur time to be so heplful.  Today the cramps are less way less painful; still a little sore from my tummy ((IDK why)) and I am also taking the progesterone vaginally, so hopefully that will not take me back to having pain...

So if I had my IUI on Oct. 19, 2010 how many days do am I or cuz IDK if I am to count that day that I had my IUI done.

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maria -  I had one leader egg and 3 smaller ones.  They upped my dose the last 4 days prior to IUI to try to get the smaller eggs to catch up.... so we'll see what I have cookin=P

cleto - you count the day after IUI as 1DIUI.
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I had an IUI today. I had only one dominant follicle as of Monday. And many small ones. Hopefully one or the other has caught up with that one. I am testing on 4th nov. Not expecting much since I had only one follicle.
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esmie- good luck to you. I feel very tired and was feeling light headed today after standing in front of the stove for a while. Can't say why though. May be the medications. Take care.
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