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Anyone had a successful ivf first cycle and then failed the 2nd cycle?

Hi, just hoping I can talk to women who were successful with their first ivf cycle and then failed with the 2nd cyle. I first did my first cycle in 2007 and welcomed a beautiful little boy in 2008. Did another fresh cycle this year (BFN Monday 29.08.11) AF came on the 13th day post ET, GRRRRR .  Now I'm booked to start ANOTHER FRESH CYCLE in October. I guess I'd love to hear from women who were successful with first cycle and whether they were successful with their second as well or how long did it take them to get another successful cycle.  Or even women who are looking at doing another ivf cycle in October 2011:-)
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oh my god, you are me , I had success in 08 = beautiful twin boys, just had my 2nd fet = bfn, am totally crushed, may have took for granted my bfp 1st go. but i we are going again, spoke to me clnic today and they want me to have a proper period then start, are you in england?  have you any emb in freezer or do you have to go all through it again?
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Hi tes645 I'm sorry about your bfn with your second fet. I think I took my 1st success for granted too. I was sooo confident that it would work again second time and when I got the bfn, no word can express how down I felt.  I'm from Australia.  My husband and I have to do another fresh cycle because we never had any frozen embryos.  I'm the same as you, I'm waiting for a proper period then start another fresh cycle. I hope this time they can freeze some. I pray to God this time it will work for you and it will work for me too:-)
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its such a tough experience, im happy we have some in the freezer although i cant help but worry about their viability. Australia eh? lovely , i always wonder about how different countries are with ivf and emb trans. i am only allowed to have 2 transferred here, and even that they are trying to reduce to 1. whereas in usa they can trans how ever many.
keep in tough and let me know how you get on. I got so ill with ohss when i done the full cycle, was in itu :( so i had to wait a while before i could have them transfered.

I hope you manage to get a safe and healthy stash retrieved, ha. but remember it only takes one good one x
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Hi tes645 it is indeed a very tough experience. After my BFN I was sort of depressed but looking at my son gave me hope you know, it worked the first time so surely it would work again. Maybe the second one was just not my time. You are so lucky you got some frozen embryos though so you don't have to go through the whole cycle each time.  In Australia we're only allowed to transfer 2 embryos and I believe its the regulations here too. However, my ET ONLY wants me to transfer 1 embryo only.  I am really looking forward to starting this cycle again, I will be 32yrs old in December and I hope and pray that I will be blessed with another child before I turn 35:-)  I am sooo happy to be connected with you on here you know, someone who has been lucky like me the first time and is trying again. Just good to know someone who is going through the same journey as me.  I hope we'll both be blessed this time around:-)
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hello ladies..well iam currently 4pt the wait is the worst.the first time in 09 i transfered 2 grade a and b embryos and resulted in my twin daughters, this time i only transfered 1 and was 6cf which i was told is fair..so i havent had the same confidence as i did with the twins due to the lower grade an number, but i did start with tender breasts..ns if that is anything but it gives a glimps of hope, caz like u girls if this dont work i have no frozen eggs so gotta start all over..ouch ns if my butt cn handle anymore shots..lol
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