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Anyone had something similar?

Hi I’m 22 years old and just before Christmas I was rushed into hospital and into emergency surgery, I had a 7cm cyst on my right ovary that had caused my ovary and tube to twist three and a half times on it’s self, the time it took for an ambulance and to get to hospital(an hour and a bit away) then to be assessed and then put under it had cut off the blood supply and my ovary and tube was necrotic so it had to be taken out, then mid January I had pains on my left side they found a 3.4cm cyst on my left ovary sent me home to monitor, 2.5 weeks ago went back in as pain was worse and the cyst had grown above 5cm so they thought be best to remove the cyst to prevent a torsion and they said it went very well. Went and seen my first surgeon who’s a fertility specialist on Tuesday and didn’t know about second surgery and seemed livid! She did a scan and because in second surgery they tightened ligaments to prevent twisting she found it hard to scan but my AFC count is low. My husband and I were thinking of trying in summer to allow my body and mind to heal, I’m now petrified we won’t get pregnant and that IVF might not work. Can I increase my AFC? I’m just so upset and back to work tonight (ambulance technician) but I’m scared I cry when my friends at work start asking me about how things are. Any help would be great
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Oh my gosh! That's a lot to ho throug. Your fertility doctor probably wanted tone in loop. With only one tube left, your in a position to need to beverycareful. In all honesty, I'd work with the fertility doctor sooner rather than later. That specialty is excellent at making things happen. Even women with what seems impossible situations go on to have babies and yours is not an impossible situation! Have faith and hope!! We're here for you!!
Yeah I think so and she was more like we’ll each surgery kills eggs, not I’m scared that removing the cyst had killed some but I feel I had no choice. Well my husband is getting semen analysis done in a couple weeks, and she wants to see us in eight months time, as if we start trying in summer that means we’ll be trying for 3-4 months before seeing her again and if I’m not pregnant by the time I see her then she’ll be starting tests and starting the process of ivf. I’ve been put on the pill to stop me from getting cysts until I’m all healed and the I’ve to come off in summer to try. I’m also worried about the process of ivf, I work 12 hour shifts but sometimes I can be extended to 14 and a half hours if we’re called will shift work make it hard for ivf?
Shift work can be hard but shifts change. You can always consider changing your schedule. I've worked nights before and it's really hard on you even when it doesn't seem that way during. I knew how exhausted I was after. I gained weight, was making mistakes on dumb things. Anyway, that's my way of saying work your shifts for as long as you can but maybe look for a change at some pout. Ivf works for most people!!  Don't forget that! You'll get your baby! Were you diagnosed with pcos?
That’s part of the problem. Only every few weeks do I get to work 8:30 - 16:00. All the other time it’s seven to seven, all there is is shifts. So what’s the process of ivf like I know how they do it but for me like to I have to take anything and how often do I have appointments?
No I haven’t. They said it’s not lots of little cysts. It’s normal cycle cysts that just didn’t burst. I don’t have any other symptoms
It's just odd that you had 2 back to back cysts. I have had one that passed naturally but when you got the second, I'd consider that a lot. Maybe not, but I'd ask about it. What Med are you on to shores cysts?

Shift work is tough and it will be hard thru ttc but also once you have a baby. Do you have any other job options?
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