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Anyone in there 2WW???

I am just starting my 2WW, any others????
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i'm 8DPO, good luck
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i am on my 2ww now after a fet in june 18 ,when is your beta.
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I'm at 4 DPO after a natural cycle!  If BFN will go on to IUI # 3 next cycle. Hopefully I won't need to and this is my month! Good luck everyone!!!!!!
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10 dpo here!
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I am 3 DPO after 1st IUI with FSH meds and Ovidrel to trigger... SOOOO Bloated!!!!
Baby Dust to All!!!!!!!
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I had my IUI on Friday 6/18- so I am just beginning my tww as well!

Wishing everyone Luck SSBD!
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I was wondering if you used FSH and HCG for your cycle? If so, are you bloated? or have had any cramping since the iui? Good luck to you!!!! When is you Dr. testing your HCG levels... Mine is 6/28/10...
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I had my IUI this morning - so just starting the 2ww.  Last cycle of clomid before moving on to injectibles.  Really hoping this will be my month.  
Good luck to us all!
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I am just 1DPO. I bet these 2 weeks will take forever!!! We are ttc naturally. Hoping we get a sticky little bean this time. Good luck to everyone. Keep me posted =)
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I'm 1DPO lol. SSBD. Hope it'll happen for you this month :)
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Wow I am so jealous that you are so far alongin your 2WW, and no sign of AF yet. I hope this is your month!!!
SSBD to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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