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April 2012 IVFers

I know there was a thread started for April 2012 IVFers but I'm not able to post there and wonder if others are having problems posting there as well. Anyone interested in starting a new thread here? Let's support one another on our IVF journeys! Good luck everyone!
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Good luck!  When is your next u/s???
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It's on Thursday and I will be having more bloodwork too. I'm already sick from the meds but I'll do whatever it takes to get our little one. I lost 5 lbs but I'm sure it will be gained right back. Is your cyst gone yet?
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Hey y'all... I will be part of this one as well... Cant get enough people to talk to :)
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I go in for my bloodwork this am, then start my first belly shots tomorrow morning.... Im so ready to get this started :)
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I hope your appointment goes well today. Let us know how it goes. I started stims on April 15th. Woke up this morning nauseated. I have a hair appointment early this morning hope I can make it thru without being sick. I'm not complaining. I'll do whatever it takes! Thank you for joining our thread:)
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Hi girls, and Ginger, I'm sorry again about the nausea. But you're right, we've proven to ourselves we are able to do whatever it takes, and will get there!

I'm on long protocol. I started the bcp on April 13 and start suprefact next week. After doing a few IUI cycles, it seems so weird to go 3 weeks + before stimming and being at the clinic all the time! I don't even have another u/s until May 8th - crazy.

Good, happy, healthy, luckiest of luck to us :)
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Ok well blood work done... now waiting on results to make sure I can start meds in the am...
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Good luck to you as well :) A mothers work never ends :)
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Just got the news... Bloodwork looked good so shots start tomorrow!!!! So happy to start this now! But dont want to be sick like I have heard it can do... But like everyone says, I will do what ever it takes!
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Welcome everyone I should of made this thread April/May2012 IVFers, please accept my apologies. I'm glad were homing together to support one another! It really does help.

Babytime you have to do your shots in the morning? My re has me do them at night. It's neat to learn the different protocols. I'm glad your blood work came back good. Did you have an ultrasound as well?

Helen72 Did you cyst go away? I'm hoping that sucker goes away soon so you can get started. Does your daughter understand that she may have a brother or sister coming soon? She is adorable by the way:)

I go see my re's colleague tomorrow and go to acupuncture. Do any of you ladies go to acupuncture for fertility? My re says the most important time for it is before and after embryo transfer.
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I start Suprefact on May 2nd & have my first U/S on May 17th.  I start FSH injections on May 19th.  This is my very 1st time trying IVF, so I don't know much about the process, but am I every ready to learn!! lol  

Goo luck to everyone!
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I will be doing 1 shot of Lupron in the am then 1 shot lupron,1 shot Gonol and 1 shot Menepur in the pm... aaaawwww.... but I will be mixing the Gonol and Menepur in the pm so it will only work out to be 1 shot am and 2 shots pm!  I did have an u/s and they said that all looked good!
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Hello and welcome!  This is my first IVF as well :) I start injections tomorrow and should be doing transfers the begining of May!!!!!
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Thanks for joining us Jenn! May 19th is my dh and my anniversary. Helen and I are on round 2.

It looks like there are several different protocols going on here good luck to us all :)
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Now that I have started my shots is it true I have to stop drinking coffee? I only have 1 cup a day but I dont want to do anything that will harm my chances.. Please help, and should I avoid anything eating or drinking at this stage????

Good Morning Y'all :)
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I have never done acupuncture. This helps?
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It's supposed to increase your chances. My re says the most important time is before and after embryo transfer. My acupuncturist is going to meet me the day of at my clinic.
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I think your supposed to cut back/ stop caffeine. I am off it right now. At the most ill drink a few sips of coke at dinner. I'm not a coffee drinker I'm a soda drinker which I know is really bad for you. Because of my pcos I'm supposed to cut out sugar from my diet. It kills me because I love fresh fruit. Oh well time to think of someone besides myself right now. I'm going to see my re today and acupuncturist. It's a 2 hr drive so I try to plan those visits the same day. They are a mile away from each other. Hope everyone has a good day !
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OK.. No more coffee, you are right think of baby! Drive safe, let us know how it goes today :)
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My scan revealed about 20 follies around the same size. ER will be we'd, thurs, fri next week. Go in for scan and more labs sat 4/21. Hope this is a good sign... My last cycle didn't move this fast. Does anyone know if this is good or bad? The only thing I've done differently is acupuncture and supplements.
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I just found the other thread and responded there :) I guess I've been writing in both, haha.
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I everyone I am new to this had my first IUI the 16th. Took clomid and trigger shot.  Very nervous and excited at the same time.
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Welcome! When do you test?? I hope it's your turn for a BFP:) is this your first try?
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Gosh I feel so nauseated, I almost threw up on the ride home tonight. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining just surprised this is all moving so quickly! I go see my re's colleague in the morning for a scan and labs. Follies measures around 10 yesterday.... Any guesses on their size tomorrow? I'm guessing 14.

How is everyone else doing???

Helen is your cyst gone yet?

Baby time let me know how you did with your shots this evening with the ice... Did it help??

Julie how are you doing on your meds?

Sweetjessa are you on your 2ww now?

Jenn how are you doing? Are you taking Bcp now?

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