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Are obese women allowed to undergo IVF?

Hi, I'm considering IVF treatment but I exceeded my BMI requirement for funding, I just wonder if private clinics accept obese women like me for treatment?  
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I don’t know. I was considered “overweight” when I froze my eggs in my 30s. But I was 150. And I’m 5”8. BMI doesn’t take everything into consideration.
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Hi.  Rats, they require a specific BMI to get funding?  Clinics will do IVF on obese women here (in states) although it is more difficult to conceive through fertility treatment (same with natural conception too, being optimal weight always makes it easier).  Here's an article on it. https://www.medicaldaily.com/ivf-more-complicated-obese-women-overweight-women-require-different-medication-doses-normal-weight  They require a bit more work to get the hormones right and being obese is a riskier in terms of full term pregnancy as well.  

So, I'm working on my BMI too. How far outside of the range are you? Would it make sense to work on this before undergoing IVF to give yourself the best chance of success?  I actually was underweight when I was trying to conceive before my first pregnancy.  (sigh, those days are long gone and now I'm the opposite). One of the recommendations from my doctor was to gain some weight to aid in conceiving.  So, maybe giving yourself a chance to get closer to your BMI target would make sense especially if it means funding verses no funding.  IVF is very expensive otherwise.  
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Yup they have requirements here in UK, a bunch of bullocks really.  But you're right, its best overall to lose weight.  The BMI requirement varies from clinic to clinic though.  But NHS is clear.  My BMI is over 35, I'm afraid. So, best to start losing some!
I hear ya!  I'm working on this myself.  Not to conceive but to be healthier.  There is a weight loss forum here.  We could hop over there and get some anonymous support for our plight!  :>)  I'll be your weight loss buddy!
Sure!  How do we go to the weight loss forum - search?
Here;s the weight loss forum: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Weight-Loss--Dieting/show/190

A full list of our communities can be found here: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/list
Thank you Kirstie - will hop on to it - but specialmom, Jan 3! :) do you have a particular link you want us to be on?  Anyway, I will take a look.
When it is our official date, Edwardssarah996, I'll send you a link!  Let's do it on weight loss and dieting forum!!  :>))))))
Specialmom!  I'm ready to start!  Quite late from our official date but, hmnn, lots of leftovers haha!  
I just sent you a message before seeing this!!  Me too.  Let's get it going!!!  Meet me tomorrow here and we'll start a thread to keep track! :>)))  We can do this!
specialmom I just saw this now so sorry - send me the link?
Okay my friend, Here is a link with a fresh thread for us to post on.  https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Exercise--Fitness/Join-us-to-meet-health-goals/show/3052711  I have not been doing great with the losing weight so am going to try to 'restart'.  How are you doing?
Still trying to lose weight.  Also I think I will be scheduled for surgery - to remove a blockage on my Fallopian tube.  Things just get better and better :(
Specialmom how are you with the weight loss thing?  May I post that I have lost a bit of weight.  I am nearing my goal now!
OHHHHH, awesome!!  What is your strategy?  Are you dieting?  Exercising? I've lost a few pounds, not near my goal though.  I have been walking about 3 to 4 miles most days of the week.  And I cut out pop and watch what I eat carefully.  One to two days a week I eat what I want.  I eat light all day until dinner where I eat a regular dinner with my family.  About once or twice a week, I eat light at dinner too.  It seems to really help cut down the calories and I can lose weight. What did you do, hon?  Would love to hear!!
Look up the plain old math on how to lose weight. My parents bought me a row machine, and I lost more weight than anyone on any diet. And kept it off. Still have a bit to go. Fingers crossed.
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