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Asking for advise, has anyone done it this way?

     Ok everyone I have been doing some research and cant really find anything about this! I went and see my RE for the first time on 10/8. He put me on provera to start AF since i dont have them on my own, I have Endo, PCOS and pre cervical cancer. After i had taken provera I was told on CD2 start Birth control pills for five days.
     With PCOS I have a constant high Lh surge all month long, My hormones aren't even close to being where they need to be for a "normal" women!  I took the fifth pill today and have an appt on 10/28 with the RE to check all my levels again then from what I understood I will be starting Famara 11/2-11/6.

     Does this make since to anyone else or has anyone had to do a cycle like this? I freaking out and have begun to lose all hope..Everyone around me has become pregnant without even thinking about it or putting any effort into it. It's not right, not fair. Alot of us dont have time to wait around, it just hurts to see everyone else making a dream come true so easly, that i'm starting to think i'll never be able to even concieve one!
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i don't think your meds are unreasonable.
-  provera is to start your AF
-  birth control pills is to suppress your ovaries from ovulating and so there are no cysts that may get activated with the presence of LH.  by being on bcp, it will allow an even growth of ovarian follicles, and prevents a condition known as premature luteinization defined as the premature attempt by your body to ovulate.
-  femara or letrozole is a drug used to stimulate ovulation in women with PCOS.

i don't know if this is your 1st ivf but give it a chance to work and i'm sure if it doesn't work your re will try to tweak it.  as far as what you are taking though, i think they all make sense.

i hope this helps and good luck.
ssbd all over you :)
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