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Average Cost of IVF????

I dont know what everyone else has paid for IVF but my husband and I are in Houston, TX and we paid about $18,000 for one round of IVF, the drugs and genetic testing at Baylor.. this seems really high doesnt it?  Our insurance did not cover any of it.  Now are about to do this again and DH let me quit my job in order to focus on IVF and not having stress so now I feel very guilty!  We will probably have to take out a loan against our mortgage... anyway, just wondering what the average cost has been for others.. Also, read the news article that was on MSN today!  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/19100571/
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WOW, I can't imagine paying that much money out of pocket.  Luckly my dh insurance has amazing coverage for infertilty- too bad it's not manditory that all ins. companies have to offer this coverage.  I am so sorry for everything you have had to go through, both emotionally and financially.  I wanted to wish you the best of luck, I hope this next cycle is it for you and you won't have to worry about paying out of pocket again- except to get all of those cute baby things, of course.  Good luck to you, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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I just read an article today about IVF cost on MSN's home page. It says the national average is $15,000. Many women are going global to get it done due to our high costs in the US. One woman went to South Africa(I think it was South Africa). Her cost including all meds, retrieval, transfer, tests and hospital for 3 week stay $4000!!! I think we're getting robbed. She had a set of one yr old twins from the trip.
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We've done IVF twice.  Our insurance didn't cover a penny either - not even the progesterone suppositories.  Our RE charged $9000 plus about $3500 for meds.  This was about 1 1/2 years ago and this is a practice in downtown DC.  I got pregnant 1st time but m/c and we didn't have any leftover embryos.  I contacted my RE and negotiated a plan with him.  2nd round would be $6000 and if we had to do a 3rd, it would be $3000 (plus meds).  Luckily, 2nd round worked and am 38 wks today with a girl.  And we still have 2 frozen embryos.  If you have a good relationship, I would definitely approach the Dr.  It never hurts to ask and you may be pleasantly surprised.  $18,000 does sound a bit steep though.  Good luck.....
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I am doing my 3rd IVF now. First two were covered by my DH insurance. We had Cigna, but they have $20.000 lifetime limit for infertility coverage. We used it all. Now I am going through Kaiser IVF center and we payed $13.500. That covers everything including Meds, Assisted hatching and ICSI. I am in Northern California. Hope that helps. Good luck.
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When we were looking into it last year it was 13,000 for the whole enchilada including ICSI. I am in Washington State and this was at NW Center for Reproductive Sciences. Great place.
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I'm in Arizona, and I calculated it that for one cycle of IVF it would have been about $6000, plus for the meds.   The cost was only for the retrieval of the eggs, fertizing them and then putting them back.  

You said you live in TX, perhaps you could also talk to your husbands employee benefits department.  They were offered a policy due to state mandates in TX to cover infertility tx, but obviously in your case, did not get it for their employees.   Maybe you could talk to someone and then when your benefits get renewed, you might be able to get it.    This may stupid to suggest and more than likely a long shot, but it's worth asking for.  

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Although we are in TX my husbands company resides in Indiana!  Believe me, I already thought of that.  I also sent his benefits person a letter I found on-line about insuring people with IVF... so far I have not heard from them...
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I will be doing my first IVF in Sept.  My RE provided me a website to get repronex for 12.40 a vial and the procedure will cost 6700 plus ultrasounds and other drugs.  I am hoping that my insurance will pay for the ultrasounds.  18000 sounds extremely high.

Good Luck Conceiving!
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I live in SC. We paid  $13,525.00 for 1 cycle, included ICSI, assisted hatching, freezing,ultasounds,anesthesia everything except meds which cost about $2500.00. I know medical advancement cost alot but these amounts seem unfair when you hear what the cost is outside the US. We need to lobby that all insurance companies pay for fertility tx. After all its not like we chose to have this problem.
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I just finished first IVF that failed. We are going to try again but concerned about the $ issue. How did you go about asking your RE to reduce his fees? What did you say? I'm not very comfortable doing things like that but this is very important to us. We meet with him 6/25 to discuss next step. HELP!!!!!!!
Thanks! Debra
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Hi, I just read your post on your DH insurance covering a good part of your IVF treatment. May I ask which plan were you covered under? I am considering IVF.
Thank you in advance!
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I just read ur post. I live in Houston Texas and I will love to get the Dr's name please, over here it like 15 -25,000 dollars including the meds. please help me.

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Try looking up Attain IVF. I think it goes across many states. I live in Florida and I have no fertility coverage, bcbs IL. The ins is great as it covers everything else, diagnosis, labs, ultrasound, etc but not the actual ivf procedures. I looked up Attain and they provided a list of centers that participate in the program. IIt's like u get a discounted rate on a multi-pkg deal. We paid $21k for a deal that included 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles with ICSI.  

In our case, we conceived the very first time but lost the baby at 22 weeks, had no frozen embryos :-(... but thanks goodness we had this plan because we still got to try again, another fresh cycle and only had to pay for meds. We had twin boys and they are 14 months now.  Basically, you get to use your tries until you bring home baby.

So if I didn't lose the baby, I would've paid $21k for only one cycle, a def financial risk. But things happen so at least we had this option.  We are now considering doing an FET since we have one frozen embryo from the 2 nd cycle but we have to pay out of pocket for it. Which is not bad as those are only around $4k plus less expensive meds.

Good luck. This fertility businesd is so stressful not to mention expensive, which def adds to the stress...
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