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Hi does anyone know much on what Betas should be 15po or 13dp2dt
Mine have came back at 349 and i just wanted to know if this was good or low or twins or not lol, I know it varies but if you share your own betas.....
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mine at 12 dpo was only 55, so yours is great :)
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sounds like your doing great,,, bet your countin down the days until your scan x
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I know what you mean, I've had one scan at 6w4d and its killing me not knowing if our little bean is still ok...it still feels too good to be true! I'm 8w 3d today, getting a privately paid scan a week tomorrow, I just can't relax though. Feel as though my symptoms are coming and going which panics me! However...i am still feeling slightly nauseous most days from late afternoon, and I'm struggling getting my usual 2 litres of fluids down. Water come the afternoon tastes yuk in my mouth lol. Tiredness isn't too bad most days, again I tend to feel quite sleepy by 3pm. Bb's still tender although I know this can be the progesterone, and got slightly darker veins on them, and slight cramps& bloating. I'm praying these are all still good signs!!!

How are you feeling?
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Oh thats good, i thought get the 2 ww out of the way and ill be fine but i just wanna see inside NOW lol, clinic wants me to wait 3 weeks for scan...... Due to lack of apts, Crazy as i paid private for the treatment, i should get it on time, i think im just going to see if i ca get seen on the nhs early pregnacy unit, they will repeat bloods and do scan , I HOPE,
How far are you now hun?  How you feeling ? I cant believe how shattered i feel and its soooo early, xx
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Hello stranger lol.

Well I haven't a clue really lol, but I know it's not low!  Mines at 10dp5dt was 216.  Then at 14dp5dt it was 1424.  And we have one tiny little jellybean....I did think there possibly may have been 2 in there, but the u/s showed just the one ;-)

I googled a beta score chart for mines, and I think it said anything from 5-499 for the first beta but didn't say on what date this was for, sorry.

I'm really pleased you got another BFP - one or two you must be thrilled :-)
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