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Back from appt

Now I am officially a wreck, lol. Had the draw done and they will call around noon with the beta #. I go Monday for a repeat. Then, in 2 wks I go for 1st u/s. Then 2 wks later 2nd u/s and they will start weaning off of meds and release me to my ob. I am pacing the floor already. Been up since 2:30 again. I'll be happy when I can rest a little and enjoy this.
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I cant wait to hear the #'s. GL :)
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TIck Tock Tick Tock, Did you tell them you were preggo??? HA HA HA!!
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I can't wait to hear the GREAT news!!!  We are ALL pacing with you! :)  As kellym said...you did tell them you were pregnant, right!!! :)  Good luck and can't wait for your next post around noon!!!
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GOOD LUCK!!!!!!  I love you're attitude... thats what counts!
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Ugh... lost my first post...

Did you tell the dr office that there were 100+ women waiting for these results... Waiting for an answer to one of our prayers... Maybe if they knew, they would put a rush on it, lol...

Love ya!!!
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LMAOROF, I spilled my guts to them. I told them how many and how often I have tested. I even had the most recent 2 sticks with me for show and tell *blush*. So, I sat there like a blithering idiot. Telling them about all my deepest fears of mc, no hb, etc. At least it seemed like they were laughing with me, not at me. The jury is still out.

I had 10 things written on a list and I actually got all 10 of them answered/handled. Unlike most visits, I get there then forget. This feels like an eternity. I can't imagine how I will make it through til Monday. I guess if the # is really good, it will help a little.

Zevasmom-What time is dh appt?  Dad's? I've been talking to the man upstairs a lot lately. He's been answering a lot, too. I hope he answers these one's, too.
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Hang in there .... I'm sure you will have good hcg!!!    Then once you post we can see if hcg is high enough for twins!!  LOL!
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You'd think that we are all preggers, too - LOL!  My heart is beating so fast just THINKING about your next post!! I can't wait!! You've been a good friend through this cyberspace and I know I speak for many when I say that I am so glad that your turn is finally here!!!  What an incredible inspiration you are!!
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Hang in there Tina.  This is your moment!!!  I'm sure everything will be just fine and before you know it, you'll be sharing with us the baby's movement and how big your belly will get.

I can't think of anyone who deserves this more :)
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Thanks ladies. Now I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face over the sweet comments. I told you, I am a definite wreck :)
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Well, they called. I don't know. I don't feel great about this anymore. It's 40. Only 40. I really expected to see a higher #. I am going to try to keep a positive outlook. But, with a bfp on Monday, I really think it should be higher by now. Geeze, I have a knot in my stomach. Monday is so far away for retest.
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Listen, you have to start somehwere and those test can detect even 5 or a little greater.  So, don't stress.  Bless your heart.  I am praying for you- it will be ok.  40 is a good number!!!
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Oh honey - I'm sure it's fine!  Remember, you got a BFP with a test that detects as low as a level of 6 I believe?  That is if you used the FRER, which I think is what I saw in the picture.  Tests are way sensitive these days.  Plus, I can't tell you how many stories I've read of women starting out with lower numbers and then skyrocketing into healthy, normal pregnancies!  It is still VERY early, and I think that 40 is a great number!  Try to hang in there! :o)
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Tina, Mine was 41 with Blake! That was 14dpo, Hope this makes you feel a little better :) What did they say about it? Anything?
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Tina, there could be soooooo many things going on... Could be that more than one first implanted, but aren't sticking (like when I was pregnant with Zeva)... Could be a late implanter... I think that it is still good... I tested at 76 when I was pregnant with Zeva and a twin, then lost the twin... So, I am thinking, 40 is okay for a singleton!!!!!  Chin up!  We're still praying for you!
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40 is a great number!  What did they say about the # when they called you?  Did you move your beta test up to an earlier date too, I can't recall?  I still think your number is a great start.  You can make it to Monday....we are all here for you!  Stay positive!!
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What I meant was, more that one implanted, but now one is sticking - not that none are sticking, sorry!

I believe you are pregnant with one wonderful baby!!!
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No, they just gave the same answer I always give. "It's not the # that matters, it is what it does that matters."  Like I said, Monday is sooooo far away. Now I'll be poas all weekend. Looking, staring, analyzing. I have had heartburn for 4 days and I don't have it today :(  I just don't have a good feeling......
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I didn't have any "symptoms" with Z.  I never got heartburn, never nauseous, no real food cravings... I wouldn't slam dunk a pregnancy on having, or not having, "symptoms"... Got to think positive!  
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Here's the scenerio as I think it is playing out:

Mon = 10
Wed = 20
Fri = 40

Sounds like doubling numbers every 48 hours to me!  Remember, when you tested Monday you were testing very very early!
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Oh, Tina...I wish you wouldn't have to worry about this all weekend, but I agree with the others, 40 is good number. Sending you some extra SSBD to help the little one(s) get nice and snug in there!

How many days past transfer are you again?
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Tina, I was I think 11 or 12 DPO my 5 day transfer and my beta was only 43, I got twins right now,, stay calm, I am praying hard for you, I truly believe god is not cruel, and would not give you this and then take it away. You will be fine my friend,  
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Hi Heather-9dp 5day transfer = 14dpo. I know 40 isn't the end of the world. It IS early. Just with getting a bfp on Monday, I really expected a higher #.

I know I can't make it til Monday. I went online and ordered a quantative beta and paid for it myself. I am getting it done at 8am. I think I get the result back noonish. I just need to know if it is going up or down. I can't go through the whole weekend with this weighing on me. I am a very patient person. But, not with this, lol.
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Thank you for that info!  Kellie & Noel's made me feel better. But, yours makes me feel better still!  I just want this so bad. This is probably a last chance for us. I really need it to be there :)
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