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Bbt tracking doubt

All temperatures taken on bed early morning
My temperature on
Day 10 35.9
Day 11 35.8
Day 12 35.9
Day 13 35.8
Day 14 36
Day 15 35.8
Day 16 36.2
Day 17 36.4
What do you think about these values?
Ovulation completed or not?how much temperature increase shows ovulation?if there is no visible spike of around 1 degree celcius then does that mean I don't ovulate?
I had a stomach cramp on left side on 16th day which lasted 15 seconds.Now I am having left leg thigh joint pain.is this my periods coming?I am very much worried.
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It's not really the values, but the trend.  The value may slightly shift.  I'd say that you ovulated around day 17 or are getting ready to.  Track over a couple of months and you will see the trend.  If you get your period this month, the temp will go down the lower range that you track at.  This is the normal trend.  35 (ish) all the way until you ovulate.  Then 36 (ish) (your temp is high 35 and low 36 so you'd look for high 36 and low 37 after ovulation).  Once you ovulate, you are the higher temp.  That lasts until your period comes and THEN it drops back to the high 35/ low 36 range again.  So, you aren't really able to see your period coming from what is happening now and it's more an indication that you have or are about to ovulate.  Which makes sense as most women ovulate around day 14 to 15 (and a few days after would not be unusual depending on how long your cycle is).  
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Thank you but I have read that sudden peaks indicate ovulation.but my pattern is somewhat increasing .2 degree each day.is it ok or it indicates any unhealthy ovulation or something like that.actually we are trying for pregnancy.last cycle we tried every other day bt I got my periods on day 26.before that my cycle was 40 plus days long for 2 months.i don't get a pattern that's why started bbt tracking.will having sex during and after implantation cause abortion?
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