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Being overweight at age 19, could I donate eggs?

I would love to be able to donate my eggs to families that may not be able to have children on their own. However, I am a bit overweight and I know some people deny eggs due to that reason. Everyone else in my family is extremely slender and I'm even working on getting my weight under control. Would it still be possible to donate?
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Best to check with a donor clinic but are you sure you want to do this?  This is your DNA just out there and as a young woman, that may be hard for you in the future.  
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Good of you dear. There are many people who are going through infertility problems. And this could be a way to help them. However, you should be certain of what you are going to do. Are you really comfortable donating the eggs? Or is it just a random idea you got recently. You are still young to say so. But still have the right to do what is best for you. Do you want to sell the eggs? or are you donating them for free? For any of these to be considered it will depend with your decision. Do you want to be an anonymous donate. This is when you donate eggs anonymously. The people who will take your eggs will not know you. You will also not know them. This is to prevent future misunderstanding. Maybe you want your child back. It is actually the best way to go. But if you are donating to a couple that you know. There are a lot of things to consider. If the couple will be comfortable with you. They have to know your history. If any past or hereditary disease. They have to be comfortable with your weight. Maybe know more about your family. Remember the kid that will be given birth will be u=yours genetically. This means it will take your characteristics. So the parents have to ensure they are not carrying a bad gene. But if the weight is not in your family. I think most couples will not have a problem with that. It might be your lifestyle that led you to put on much weight.
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there is a facebook page that is for egg donors sperm donors and the children born from said methods.  it can be a tough crowd, but I believe it can be very helpful.
if you are wanting to remain anonymous, just remember in this age of ancestry . com and other dna companies popping up , it will be hard to do so moving forward.  it is a wonderful gift for a family that cannot grow their family on their own, and when handled properly, is an amazing thing.
My children are a result of embryo donation, and i am forever grateful  
also, most clinics want under s certain bmi, you could call and check around
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