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Beta, estratrace, progesterone #'s after IVF

I just went through my first IVF and I had my pregnancy test yesterday. The doctor said I am pregnant, BUT my #'s are low & I will miscarry within 2 weeks. They put me on prometrium 200mg 2x's day, Estradiol 2mg 2x's day & progesterone suppository 200mg 4x's day. My estradiol was 36, progesterone 21 & beta 28. Does anyone know anything about this? The paperwork that came with medication said DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT. I started this medication yesterday & today I have reallly bad cramps & bleeding.  If anyone could give me any information about this, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.
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Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy.. I don't know why your doc will tell you that you will miscarry..was that your 1st beta? If so, your next beta should be double than that.. as long your hcg doubling up ..you're good..were you taking any progesterone after your retrieval? My Re put me on progesterone shots day after the retrieval..don;t worry about those med labels.. when was your transfer?
Just stay calm and relax ..i know it easier said than done..good luck
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Usually they test your beta every 48 hours to see how the number goes up.  28 is a low number but depending on how early you took the test it might not be.  It starts low and should double every 48 to72 hours.  I'm not familiar with estadiol but progesterone of 21 is considered average.  Mine was 20 but went down to 11 so dr put me on progesterone suppositories and it brought the number back up.  

best of luck to you
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Do you do a fresh IVF cycle?  If so your progestrone they like to see between 30-40 and I am not sure about your estradial level, i never new mine.  My first HCG beta test came back in the 50's.  That was two weeks after implantation.  I went through FET (frozen embryo transfer) on 10/11 and I am taking one 2ml shot IM daily and three progestrone supp 25mg each.  my first HCG level this time was 236 and within four days it went to 2258 then I started to bleed.  Now they are telling me that I was carrying multiples and one is miscarrying.  My beta HCG level went from 4019 on weds to 3018 on Friday and my progestrone went from 39.5 to 33.  

The level of progrestrone your DR has you on seems like alot.  I take estradial as well two tablets daily once in the morning and once at night.  How long after your implantation procedure did you have your test done?  I am praying for a successful pregnancy for you.
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I had my transfer on 10/22 & it was a fresh IVF cycle. This was my first pregnancy test. They told me yestesday, at this point, my beta should be between 40-50, my progesterone should be above 30. I have been taking progesterone suppository 200mg 2x's day since the day after the retrieval.
They just doubled that yesterday along with the estradiol & prometrium. I go back tomorrow morning for bloodwork again, but they said not to except any good levels. Also, I am cramping up & bleeding all day today (not sure if that it tmi, but need someone's opinion) pretty bad. My office is closed on Sunday's, but there is a emergency number they leave. I am not sure if I should call it.
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I understand how worried you are.  I have been bleeding since last tues pm.  Not alot but enough to stress me out, also I had cramping the first day then it went away.  Are you bleeding or just spotting?  How many pads have you gone through?  For a fresh cycle on 10/22 you should not be testing beta until 11/05.  Your numbers will be good.  My advice sit on the sofa with your legs elevated and do absolutely nothing. I can't believe your doctor is telling you not to expect good results.  You can't do anything except pray for good numbers.  I go for bloodwork tomorrow am.  should have results by mid morning.  Praying for high numbers.  Keep me posted and I will be praying for you.  
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When I did my iui my dr saw my numbers and said it is unlikely that this pregnancy will result in a baby... well she is now 5 yrs... my first beta was 21 and prog... 11 and now I ma 10 weeks don´t give up on your baby he could be really strong..
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transferred 2 embryos on 10/22. My pregnancy bloodwork was last Saturday. I got a callback saying my beta level was 28 & that was not good. I was told to come back the following Monday for beta bloodwork again & that it would probably drop. In the meantime, I started cramping later on that night (last Saturday night) & by Sunday morning I was bleeding & cramping the whole day. I called the emergency number at Cooper & was told to stop mediations & come back in for bloodwork on Monday morning. I went back in for bloodwork on Monday & my beta level was 26 (dropped 2 points). The dr said it was not good & to come back in for bloodwork on Saturday (which is today). I just got a callback & the dr said my beta level is 86 which is still not good. She said to come back in for bloodwork on Monday, but I am nervous because she said with levels that low, it could be endotopic. Does anyone know anything about this? I don't understand, if they inserted the embryos into the uterus, can they flow to the tube?
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With IVF anything is possible.  Have they done an ultrasound yet to determine if it is an etopic pregnancy or if one embryo did take?
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It could be an ectopic.
After they put the embryos in the uterus they can float back in the tube.
This is what happened to me.
When are you going to the clinic again?
If they think it can be ectopic they have to monitor you very closely.
Please keep us posted.
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They said according to my blood levels, it was ectopic. They did not want to wait until my levels got higher to check on U/S & risk anything happening to my tube.  The dr said even if it was not ectopic, the pregnancy would not be good because of my other blood levels.  I had to get a shot of medication to stop the pregnancy & I need to have my beta level checked every 3rd day to make sure it is working.  They want me to have another HSG done to check my left tube.  During my first HSG, I flipped out because it was so painful that they did not get a clear picture of my left tube.  My dr said that the picture they did get shows little inflammation & they want to recheck it.  I DO NOT want to get that done again.  They gave me valium that day, but it did not help me at all.  I don't know what to do.  I can have my FET in Jan/Feb & see what happens, but if the embryo is tubal again, then I need to have the HSG done again to check for problems or I can just deal with it now, have the HSG and go from there.  Hopefully, they can give me a higher dose of valium.  
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I had my 1st beta after my transfer today. It was 79 on day 11. They said it was low now I am worried. What should it be after the 2ww???
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In my very first IVF my beta was 55 after two weeks. Keep a positive outlook if your numbers continue to double that is a good sign.  
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This is my first cycle of IVF retrieval was done on 10/2 and transfer on 10/5. I started with progesterone shots day after retrieval.  On 10/18 HCG was 70, on 10/20 level was 120, though it didn't double doctor said it was good that it that 60% increase. On 10/22 level was 186 and on 10/24 level was 290. At this point doctor thought it must be ectopic and called me for an U/S(10/26) and another blood work.  In the u/s she did not find anything in the tubes.  HCG level was 480. Dr concluded that it was not viable pregnancy and asked me stop progesterone and asked me to get a blood work done on 10/29. I stopped taking prog shots on 10/26.  HCG level on 10/29 raised to 950 and dr asked me to come for another u/s.  She saw a tiny sac(10/30). She started me on progesterone again and asked me to come after a week. On 11/6 the sac was little bigger but hadn't grown according to Dr.  Doctor suggested that I stop teh progesterone and wait to miscarry. I said I wanted to wait. She asked me to come for another u/s following week. On 11/13 I went for an u/s and dr saw sac and yolk sac. But she said at that stage (7.5 weeks)  she should see a heart beat. She asked o to stop taking progesterone. But I did not stop. I want to try for couple more weeks. But I don't know till when I am supposed to take. Doctor said if I done bleed in few days I should call them and she will do a D&C.  My heart is not ready to give up so soon. I still believe that my baby will be fine. I have no bleeding or cramping. I don't know if I am doing the right thing or not. Can someone please tell me, normally how many weeks should we take progesterone supplement after embryo transfer?  Please help me....
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Please reply to my comments.. Thank you
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I'm sorry for what you are going through.
I have no experience to share about this kind of situation since I had a real ectopic back in february after my first IVF.
I just hope that your pregnancy will be ok and everything will turn out fine.

Also if you want people to respond to your post you have to post a new question.You go to the main pafe of the forum and you post a question.if you write on somebody else question chance that nobody will read it are very high.

Good luck!
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I am so sorry to hear about you. They say in IVF Ectopic is very rare. Don't worry, I pray that you deliver a healthy baby.
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will post a new question.
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Sorry, I did not have that kind of experience either.  I had 2 embryo's transferred & the first I miscarried at 3 weeks, the other I found out was tubal.  If either one stuck where they should have, my doctors office keeps you on progesterone for the first 3 months & also follows you through the first 3 months and then turns you back over to the OB office.

Hope everything works out for you.

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Thank you so much. Since I was not getting response here. I posted a new question.
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I had 2 transferred on 10/2...blood test on 10/13 showed a positive result with a beta of 56. Dr told me that was low...but that I should not be too concerned because it could be that the embryo did not implant as early as they thought. Blood test this morning and hoping for numbers to double. Dr told me that I should be "cautiously optimistic" So you go from a high of having a positive result to questioning your excitement. She had gone through all my number with me....all embryos were top grade and she said that I was in a 70% category of a successful pregnancy....but still the questions linger in your mind.

Has anyone else had a low first beta and had a successful pregnancy?
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when I had an iui, my first beta was 40 at 14dpiui. I gave birth to a healthy DS 9 months later.
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I know I am probably overthinking......I just need to wait for the call with the numbers....

ugggghhhh I thought I was done waiting with the dreaded 2ww
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